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Beyond pissed!!!

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shatteredheart12 posted 7/23/2014 14:26 PM

I am so mad right now, and I REFUSE to break NC with my jackass of a WH

So here I am, venting here in my safe place!!!!

Here's the latest bunch of bullshit I am facing. On May 12th, I text WH and told him that maintenance needed to be done on the truck, his truck that always wanted but I have, while he has the car with him, living with OW and toting her fat ass around in. I told him that he needed to pay for it, after all he makes more in a week then I make in a month!!! Its only fair in my opinion, but of course he text back and says I don't need that done now

I replied and told him that I did, that truck was over the KMS for the maintenance and needed to be done ASAP, no reply and no money. That was May 12

May 24th, truck rolls over on 100,000 kms

I finally have enough money to get the maintenance done on June 24, cost me over $200, that's fine, I had enough to cover it

While doing the maintenance they discovered a problem, a costly problem!!!!

Now here's the punchline of the whole story, this problem is gonna cost $2300 to repair, front differential needs to be replaced, for those that know about vehicle. All I know is I don't have that kind of money

And because truck is over 100,000 kms, warranty doesn't cover it. Soooooo if the jackass had just given me the $200 to pay for the maintenance on May 12, this would have been able to still be covered under the warranty

But instead of having to pay $200, it will now cost him $2300, what an idiot. This man is beyond help at this point, OW has his mind and life so fucked up that he is going bald before his time and aged at least 10 years since he met her

This stupid idiot could have just given me the money and it would have been in time to cover the repair under warranty but no, dumbass has to say no, well sucks to be him now.

I even called head office of the company to see if they could make an exception, after all, it was only 2523 kms over, but no, even though we have purchased 3 vehicles from them in the last 10 years, grrrrrrr

Now my dilemma, do I break NC and call that son of a bitch or do I just pay for it myself and when its done and in October when the stickers are out, get him to sign over ownership to me, cause come October, the truck will be paid of, lol Perfect timing eh????

I am so mad, I really don't want to call, I am that stubborn now that I want to do this by myself and say fuck you to him, like my daughter did that weekend at the park, to him and that slut of a homewrecking whore


Sorry for the major rant and thank you to those who have read to this point. Venting here is a great way to get out the frustrations of dealing with an idiot WH

norabird posted 7/23/2014 15:11 PM

How truly annoying. I'm sorry shattered, you've been heard.

JanaGreen posted 7/24/2014 09:47 AM

That is SO frustrating. I'm sorry.

shatteredheart12 posted 7/24/2014 19:51 PM

so I caved, sent him a text explaining about the truck and how much it would cost, asked if he could transfer the money for it into a joint account we set up.................NO FUCKING REPLY

I am giving him ONE WEEK to reply, then I will take matters into my own hands and that son of a bitch will regret it

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