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Best friend keeps texting

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BrokenDoe posted 7/23/2014 20:51 PM

BFF OR FORMER I guess. Will text me start a conversation then quit talking. I am pissed at her. I hate her. They only sexted but I was there for her when her husband cheated on her and this is how she pays me back. I get upset thinking if she would have told me then I could have confronted him before he started craigslist.

How can a friend betray you like that. Now she's all like she was a victim and she was vulnerable. Your vulnerable I am nine months pregnant with a cheaters baby!!!

How do I ever get over this?

Edit. My stories on my profile with more detail.

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brkn_heartd posted 7/23/2014 21:02 PM

It will get better, I promise. Block her from your phone. Then you will not get messages. You are right, she knew what she was doing. Stay strong and keep the toxic people out of your life.

Do you have another person(s) in your support system? If so, you need to tap into them, use them for strength. They will help you get through this. Right now, eat, drink and take care of your self and your unborn baby.

Sending you support.

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Deanna posted 7/23/2014 22:03 PM

Don't give her the satisfaction of a response. My husband had an affair with my new BFF. How can they do this? They see something they want and they go after it. Cut her out of your life.

Gemini71 posted 7/23/2014 22:45 PM

I'm almost a year ahead of you on my timeline. My Dipshit STBHX slept with my BFF since 4th grade. It was the last straw after finding out he was doing the Craig's List thing. And yes, I had comforted her through her own husband cheating. I wasn't pregnant at the time. We had been married 18 years with 3 kids.

It does get better!

I cut xBFF out of my life completely. I discovered which of my friends were really there for me and have developed better relationships with them. I don't miss her at all anymore.

I'm in the process of divorcing Dipshit. He was diagnosed SA (Sex Addict) and is seeing a therapist and CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist). He probably would have liked to R. But even though I was a SAHM, I couldn't stay in that situation, for my own, and my kids' well-being. It took 10 months, but my heart has finally caught up with my head. I don't want him back anymore.

I won't lie, this past year has been rough. I was diagnosed with MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) and briefly hospitalized. We signed our house over to the bank because we couldn't afford it and Dipshit's new apartment. Dipshit was arrested for sexing with a minor, and he lost his job because he failed a drug test. The kids and I are living with my parents and living on Food Stamps and what little of his Unemployment Dipshit sends us. But it is still a whole lot better than the weeks immediately after D-Day living in limbo.

The biggest thing that has gotten me through this is my kids. As I posted on FB today: My kids are the reason I wake up each morning, the reason I breath... and why my hair is falling out, my house is a mess and I'm crazy. I know it's hard with a little one and another on the way. Those pregnancy hormones sure can't help the emotional rollercoaster we all go through.

I recommend therapeutic ice cream, and leaning on the friends and family you can count on. I don't know what kind of RL support you have, but take advantage of it while you can.


BtraydWife posted 7/23/2014 23:14 PM

Block her. She is not a friend. Friends don't sext with your husband. Her reaction to you finding out is more revolting than the sexting. You are justified to no longer have her in your life. She is trouble.

Hrtbrken1 posted 7/24/2014 10:44 AM

Block her. Sexting is still cheating, and they both chose to do this. She's trying to make herself feel better, at a cost to you. She was never your friend in the first place if she could do this to you. If she continues trying to contact you, let her know you'll file a RO. Just focus on that baby coming.

BlueBlueEyes posted 7/24/2014 10:50 AM

Great advice above. She wasn't a friend. Now she doesn't like consequences??? Just too bad. Block and move on. True friends are hard to find but worth a million lousy ones!

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