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Gift to myself/no ring

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RightTrack posted 7/23/2014 23:58 PM

My remorseful and now Mr. Wonderful WS took his brother ring shopping (trading in our rings for something new for BIL). He came back from the trip with brochures and ideas for the next ring he wants to get me but I can't imagine ever wanting another.

It was a little over two years ago that I threw my ring off the deck, not expecting WS to spend hours looking for it. I now like my naked finger, it is a reminder of the promise I've made to myself: That I'm not staying with this guy because we're married, because he already wrecked the commitment. I am only staying with him because I want to and I think right now it is the best thing for me and our kids. I've promised myself not to put up with any more crap.

This is a small symbol, I think of the other things I could do, like getting a divorce on paper but still living together (saving a few thou at tax time!), getting the house in condition to sell, changing my name back.

Things are going well now BUT I never imagined I would stay with someone who acted like such an ass for so long and cheated. I need to remind myself that I'm not staying again.

Ostrich80 posted 7/24/2014 00:30 AM

I don't wear mine either. My WS isn't a R Mr wonderful.. I understand why your not, maybe some day you will decide but he's lucky you gave him a chance to prove himself so I say its your call on the ring. My naked finger is a reminder that I won't be M much longer, my ring means nothing to me now plus he doesn't wear his.

Love25 posted 7/24/2014 09:47 AM

I don't wear my ring anymore, we are working on reconciling but at times, it is like why bother. The rings didn't mean a thing. I think I would wear a brand new one though. Now, my husband on the other hand won't let go of his, I begged him to take it off after dday, I wanted to smash it with a hammer. We talked about getting him a new one but I had a special ring made for him, he can't seem to part with it. It is strange, I no longer care that he wore it with other woman, I actually don't think about her anymore. Just think about how screwed up he was/is and how I contributed to the break down of our marriage before affair.

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