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Nitemares /sleeping meds

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Hatemyhusband posted 7/25/2014 04:57 AM

1- do u take anything for sleeping aid? And for how long have u been on it?
2- how often do u have nitemare?

I'm 8 months post DD. I used to wake screaming, shaking, crying. Tried ambien, Lunesta, trazodol. Finally seroquel and Ativan together helped me sleep thru the nite. I still hae vivid nitemares but sleep thru them. (Since 3 mo in). I stooped Seroquwl gradually w same results on Ativan only.

Shrink states it's PTSD and gave me some blood pressure meds used to treat people who are Veterans. He told me nitemare sleep is what's making me exhausted each day and I need restful sleep

I'm so over this sleep issue. I just want my life back :-(

devasted30 posted 7/25/2014 07:40 AM

I know what you mean. We have something here in Canada called, Gravol. It's used mainly for car sickness, air sickness etc. One of the side effects is, it puts you to sleep. I tried everything to get a good nights sleep and the only thing that worked was Gravol. It's available over the counter and it's not addicting. I try not to take it, but occassionally, I just have to get more then my usual 3 hours and this does it for me. Only side effect, I want to sleep for 10 -12 hours and a lot of the time, I just can't.

rachelc posted 7/25/2014 07:44 AM

I take Clonozopan (sp) but I don't think it's a sleep aid? I'm not sure...for general anxiety maybe. I take a half a pill before bed if I've had a tough day, maybe twice a week. It allows me to sleep through the night.

The nightmares can be awful. I'm so sorry!

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