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Iphone battery question

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Guinness23 posted 7/27/2014 21:35 PM

I have the Iphone 4s. Since 2011. I have been using this wonderful device and I LOVE..LOVE..LOVE IT. The battery has lasted until 3 days ago. I woke up at 2am after knowing my phone was at around 65% to find it dead as a door nail. Since, I have to CONSTANTLY recharge it. Plus, it gets really hot a lot.

As I said, I LOVE this phone. I want it or an upgrade to the new phone but have very little money. I can not STAND the thought of a "refurbished" one. To me, that just sounds like someone else cleaned up used car....and I KNOW first hand what those can entail!

My question is does anyone have experience with this and what are my options. I have been with AT&t since 2011. Does membership like this qualify me for a significant discount off a new phone? I hear the battery replacement cost is around $80. It would behoove me then to just put more money into a new phone then to pour money into a very old model.


Thank you..

heartbroken_kk posted 7/28/2014 02:49 AM

it's probably just a dying battery and your phone is fine.

I bought a new battery for my Android at a local Batteries Plus store and I think it was $35 or something.

Pentup posted 7/28/2014 06:07 AM

I would think you are due for an upgrade that should be about free if you are staying with the same carrier, give them a call.

Myname posted 7/28/2014 07:44 AM

Rechargeable batteries have a certain number of charges before they die. They will do as you described, all of a sudden don't hold their charge anymore.

I think most if not all cell phone providers offer "free" upgrades when you sign a 2 year contract with them. Some companies will charge an activation fee or something like that, so it will cost you $30 or so for the "free" phone.

If you've been with AT&T that long and you are happy with them then why not sign the contract.

Too_Trusting posted 7/28/2014 08:24 AM


I just upgraded my OLD iphone 3s with AT&T to a 5c for $49. NOW, I went online and purchased the "certified like new", and I could NOT be happier. I had to sign a new 2 yr. contract, but planned to stay with AT&T anyway. If you want to buy a brand spankin new one, I believe the cost is $99. To me (on a VERY tight budget), the $50 savings was worth it.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 5c and cannot tell any difference between the "certified like new" and new phone. But IMHO, if the battery replacement is gonna cost $80, why not just upgrade for $50?

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gahurts posted 7/28/2014 08:47 AM


When I got my i-Phone I wanted the 4s because that is what I had from work and all my charger cords matched. The 5s and 5c had to change styles just to force us to buy more stuff.

Best buy had the 4S brand new for only $1 with a 2 year contract. If you've had this phone since 2011, you should be able to get a replacement without spending any money, or at least only a small nominal amount. I know I really liked keeping the same phone. They transferred everything directly over without issue too.

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tushnurse posted 7/28/2014 09:37 AM

Like others said it sounds like you need a new battery. But since the I phones are a sealed unit you have to go to the apple store and get it done. PIA and you can't just walk in you need an appointment. I ended up switching to Galaxy because of this issue. Apple knows how to make money and they do.

I thought my iPhone was the shit when I switched from blackberry but found it likely to crash and freeze up as it got older. It would also do some glitchy stuff with contacts. Losing them and switching pics around.

But you are probably due for an upgrade depending on your contract. If that's the case you may just be ready for a whole new iPhone with very little cost.

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