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so that's how WH allowed himself

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Merida posted 7/29/2014 17:47 PM

kind of rough day today... anyhow, thought I would share and find out if anyone else has had kind of intuitions, worries or premonition kind of dreams

I started the convo with WH this AM since he noticed I was taking these probiotic supplements and I shared how I've been researching about how metabolism can be affected by one's healthy flora... (sorry if tmi) and that it was related to how I'd dreamed awhile ago I just kind of "always knew", well I had a fear from a dream, where I would die of a cancer of the stomach, intestinal something. I just had a sense there was something wrong with my gut and it left me feeling so helpless when I woke up from that dream.

So I was rather surprised that he remembered when I had shared that with him those so many years ago and then WH remembered a dream he had - said in that same range of 10 years ago - that I think was his subconscious allowing himself the OK to cheat.

He said he dreamed he died from someone poisoning him...

He can't remember who put out the poison milk, but he knew he was focusing on not drinking the milk and that he knew it was poisoned. Then he drank it "in a moment of forgetfulness" and he died. When he woke up his whole body was all cramped up, his toes curled and such and all of his muscles just felt tense and sore.

I asked how did he know he died and he said he just knew...

I said, wow = our dreams came true

and he simply said, yah, guess so

Anyone else have any similar premonitions? Cause I now think it's really weird that both of us died = me by lack of radar-sense to turn towards him and him by going wayward

just one of those reading-too-much into things kind of day

so yah wish my spidey sense hadn't died

solus sto posted 7/29/2014 18:42 PM

I'm not following how dying in a dream translated to permission to cheat, but stranger rationales have been used. My stbx had a very real brush with death--of the sort that would make most take stock of what was important in life and retool. He was already wayward (but I didn't know). His illness-which has ongoing issues for which, for many years, I made HUGE accommodations for him, instead made him even more entitled-- he developed far more of an I-deserve-it attitude.

So I can see how it happens. But not based on a dream. How did your husband describe the rationale? Or is this a conclusion you reached on your own? If the latter, be careful. You can't do the work for him.

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