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His Mindset

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choosehappy86 posted 7/30/2014 13:30 PM

I was basically wasting time thinking about the mindset of my cheater husband. Just to give quick background he had inappropriate conversations with women online/phone and eventually physically cheated with one of them and still engaged into talking to other women online though he claimed he loved me and the other woman he physically cheated with....

I guess he expected me to deal with it why he "tried" to get over it without real follow through. But I wouldnt stand for it which is why I am separated from him now. So that pissed him off

So what now? What women in her right mind will accept it? No woman with self respect. And he knows that which was why he got so mad that I told the other woman the ugly truth. That he was not divorced like he told her, that he was working it out with me while still talking to her like his loving girlfriend, and that he was talking to a whole bunch of women online at the same time. Broke their little fantasy monogamous boyfriend girlfriend world all up lol. He was so angry it was pathetic.

So I imagine after I left that he has concocted some story that I am some crazy divorced wife trying to break up his new life with his beloved girlfriend and convince this girl that he has been faithful and that I made all of it up. but come on if she takes him back this will always be in the back of her mind and unless she is the type who really does not care about a cheating man she will eventually nag him about talking to women online too which will put her in the very position I was in before I left....

so what exactly does he try to accomplish in doing this? does he go from girl to girl making her think she is the one and only while hiding his online addiction until she finds out and kicks him to the curb and he has to find another fool that is oblivious or that accepts it???

I know trying to make sense of his crazy is pointless but was just mindlessly wondering...

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