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t/j on Triggered by High Profile Case

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Gemini71 posted 7/30/2014 20:57 PM

I am having the opposite trigger on a case here in Illinois. A man is accused of killing his wife after arguing with her about texts she was sending to another man she was having a 'relationship' with. So the BS is accused of killing the WS.

It triggered me because "there but for the grace of God would I have gone." About three months after D-day, my depression worsened to the point of a near psychotic break. I started thinking about killing Dipshit and then myself. Luckily I recognized my thinking was disordered and checked myself into the psych hospital. (I'm much better now.)

Basically, it really pisses me off how people tend to underestimate the emotional fall out of infidelity. I imagine it is one of the most common motives for tragedies like these.

MegM posted 7/30/2014 22:18 PM

Dear Gemini

I am sorry if my post caused any more hurt for you.

I am so sorry for the degree of pain and depth of despair this opened under your feet. Thank god for 'grace' and also your insight that you needed help and treatment.

The trauma is real.

I am very grateful to our doctor and MC who were both wonderful and recognizing and validating that I had suffered a "life threatening" trauma. They were amazing, confronting and comforting regarding a number of times I acted out violently. They confronted my behavior but helped me to understand what was going on in my brain and nervous system that left me feeling like I literally had to fight for my life. Posters here on SI also confronted and supported me to break the cycle I felt trapped in.

I wish more people could get help sooner. I am so sorry for your pain but very glad you have SI and feel much better.


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