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My heart vs my head

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dana1234 posted 7/31/2014 17:32 PM

I'm never going to get over my husband's affair! But I still love him😞 I feel strongly that the only justice is for him to loose me and the kids?? I have such a war going on inside of me 24/7 and I'm just so tired.....

million tears posted 7/31/2014 17:52 PM

I felt the same way. I loved my WH but at the same time I wanted to punish him. If your WH is truly remorseful he will punish himself. Maybe try a separation first so you can have breathing room and can decide what you really want.

Chinadoll30 posted 7/31/2014 19:04 PM

I talk about this war with my therapist a lot. What has helped me is not to focus on what he deserves. We all know what he deserves. A bathtub full of razor blades and full of lemon juice. But me? I deserve happiness. I deserve devotion. I deserve to fulfill my dreams. And currently he's in them. It could change at any time, but it helps me to focus on what I want, not what he deserves.

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