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Dang. Still handsome.

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Harriet posted 8/2/2014 21:27 PM

I have been doing so well the last few days - really feeling indifferent . I'm really happy about it, but I'm waiting for the shoe to drop because it always seems to.

I spent some time with ex today (we're sending our daughter off on a big trip) and for the first time in a long time, I looked at him. I usually avoid him. I gave him a good long stare...and damn if he isn't still one of the most handsome men I have ever met .

Still don't want him, as I know how broken he is. And I'm still feeling fine. In the past, I usually have hard days the day after I spend time with him, but I am hoping that my indifference holds steady.

I will check in tomorrow. I'm far more sad about saying goodbye to my DD for a month, but I'm excited and proud of her, too.

nekorb posted 8/2/2014 21:39 PM

You know, I can see that a painting is pretty but know that it isn't my taste and wouldn't go in my house at ALL. That doesn't mean the picture isn't nice.

Too bad your painting had a HOle in it....

Harriet posted 8/2/2014 21:42 PM

A HOrrible HOle.

norabird posted 8/2/2014 23:13 PM


Pass posted 8/2/2014 23:45 PM

I recently said something along this line on here about The Princess. The response I received (can't remember from whom) was like this: "She may still have some outer beauty, but her inside is rotting."

Totally true. You can do better than that arsehole.

deena posted 8/2/2014 23:54 PM



persevere posted 8/3/2014 00:01 AM

My XWH looks like Clark Kent, it was something we always joked about. But it doesn't make him Superman. Looks really mean nothing. Conduct defines people far more than looks.

SBB posted 8/3/2014 01:48 AM

One of the benefits of marrying a guy with a face like a foot is I don't have this problem.

I've also worked with complete fuckwits who happen to be very aesthetically attractive - it was confusing having them be brain sewerage AND eye candy at the same time.

betrayedpregnant posted 8/3/2014 03:07 AM

STRICTLY SUPERFICIALLY SPEAKING, I know how you feel. My STBX used to be on magazine covers, greeting cards, TV commercials, huge murals at the department store, clothing catalogue, magazine articles, runway shows, cosmopolitan calendar, travel brochures, newspaper ads, coffee table books, even museum! I mean when I first saw him, I was so choked up I couldn't even speak.
In fact, this is the only thing bad about splitting up with him. He treated me in the most cruel way that I have to admit if he were ugly, it would be much easier to get over him. I should have known that someone who looks insanely good and has a golden heart and is faithful is probably too good to be true.
Again, just thinking superficially.... I KNOW HE'S ROTTEN INSIDE . I wish i knew before 11 years though. I guess cheaters will cheat whether they look like a demigod or a foot

nekorb posted 8/3/2014 06:12 AM

For me, no matter how good the package looks, once I see that the inside is for shit, I can't really see the outside as attractive anymore. It's weird, sort of - almost like I don't see the exterior anymore.

Betrayed - all I could think of when I read your post was how much it must suck to have to look at that cheating fucker's face everywhere you go and without warning. Talk about triggers....

Better today Harriet?

Harriet posted 8/4/2014 00:43 AM

I am really exceptionally pleased with myself. After such a terrible time triggering a few weeks ago (and after some pretty shabby treatment) I think I have turned a corner in my healing.

I hardly thought about him at all today even though he came by to get our son, and when he texted me, crickets just seemed natural.

I cannot tell you how wonderful this indifference feels. I thought I would never get here. I thought people said it just to encourage me.

I am going to try to not get too cocky, though. I know there may be triggers in the future that will get me down, but I just feel so good about where I am emotionally right now.

Thanks for comments and hugs!

Betrayedpregnant - I think I would have dumped him long before, as well, but, superficial though it is, the darn package was so appealing. I actually told myself several times that he was too good to be true and so I must be the luckiest woman alive. HA!

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