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Crappy Parenting

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HurtingandLost posted 8/4/2014 18:41 PM

Guess the kids gave STBX another day full of the joys of motherhood. She checked out of parenting them for over half of their lives and now finds everyday parenting difficult.

Came back from having her truck serviced and is hyperventilating, blood pressure through the roof. Took a bath then ran out the door to "sit in the hot tub at the Y", but not before a frantic search for her phone.

WW Truth Translation; Bad day facing the consequences of selfish behavior so running off to meet OM and escape. For her own health and the well being of the kids I sure hope (for the millionth time) that she gets some much needed psychiatric and medical help for her issues.

Acer0112 posted 8/4/2014 19:24 PM

It's true - a lot of them can't deal being an adult with real stresses and life with families - which is one of the main reasons for the affairs I believe - to escape reality.

WH 'escapes' every moment he can but OW lives out of town - so it's on the phone texting or talking or whenever he can arrange a trip or she comes here. I noticed as soon as he leaves the house he calls her - almost like a 'take me away' moment.

My kids don't know about OW yet - so I wonder how he 'hides' that - but who I am kidding - he hid her from me for 3-4 months - so what's new.

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