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In One Word

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MammaMia posted 8/5/2014 14:45 PM

Post Dday: if you can describe your WS in one word, what would that be?

My answer: Liar!!!

gimmeshelter posted 8/5/2014 14:54 PM

"Scared Sh#$less" would describe the look on her face right after discovery. She though she had it safely tucked away in her past. The cover up and lies was her self preservation kicking in. It was truly disgusting....

TheIrishGirl posted 8/5/2014 15:00 PM


sparkysable posted 8/5/2014 15:25 PM


BtraydWife posted 8/5/2014 15:26 PM

I'm going to have to go with LIAR as well. That's who he was and how he behaved.

GabyBaby posted 8/5/2014 15:33 PM

XWH: Unworthy (of my time, thoughts, energy)
WH: Remorseful

tearingaway posted 8/5/2014 15:58 PM


totalheartbreak posted 8/5/2014 16:00 PM


HurtingandLost posted 8/5/2014 16:02 PM


Rebreather posted 8/5/2014 16:02 PM


7 years later: sweetheart

SunshineSoul posted 8/5/2014 16:04 PM


If I could choose a second, it would be lost.

[This message edited by SunshineSoul at 4:05 PM, August 5th (Tuesday)]

Ostrich80 posted 8/5/2014 16:04 PM


imarriedmymother posted 8/5/2014 17:10 PM


stunnedmullet posted 8/5/2014 17:14 PM


whattheh posted 8/5/2014 17:17 PM

Right after dDay it would have been "imposter".

Chinadoll30 posted 8/5/2014 17:18 PM

Split. He was 2 different people.

luluphoenix posted 8/5/2014 17:47 PM

On D-day: Loser
7 months out: Broken

rachelc posted 8/5/2014 17:57 PM


painfulpast posted 8/5/2014 18:00 PM

on DDay? Asshole

Now, over 3.5 years out? improved

Gr8Lady posted 8/5/2014 18:45 PM


End of story

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