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First wedding anniversary since DDay

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38years posted 8/6/2014 19:19 PM

Our 39th wedding anniversary is Saturday, and I feel mostly numb about it. My emotions are so mixed. At times, I'd like to acknowledge it. Other times, it's just another day of trying to heal from the nightmare my WH brought into our lives. Does anyone have any similar experience?

OakStreet posted 8/6/2014 19:48 PM


I just posted about this in the third week of July. I called WH while I was out of town and said, "We have nothing to celebrate, so no cards, no gifts."

Others said that they "changed" celebration dates, but I think that's hard too. We were so happy on that date.

Hell, I've subtracted two years off our marriage....making my son 'illegitimate' - not really, I HATE that term!

Sorry you are going through this.

JimmyB posted 8/7/2014 09:00 AM


I'm sorry you feel that way, it sucks! I am feeling the same as my 2nd anniversary after the last DD is coming up. I was hopeful last year, this year I don't even want to think about it.

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