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And another date

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Williesmom posted 8/9/2014 17:54 PM

This was for breakfast. He is a former minister, which is so not me.

But he was nice, and he found me charming ( because I am so very charming ).

Anyway, he isn't interested in marrying, which is fine with me.

So, once again, we shall see.

nowiknow23 posted 8/9/2014 18:08 PM

persevere posted 8/9/2014 18:48 PM

Glad you enjoyed it.

travels posted 8/9/2014 20:38 PM

Kajem posted 8/9/2014 21:59 PM

jo2love posted 8/10/2014 09:06 AM

meaniemouse posted 8/10/2014 09:09 AM

No matter how many of these stories I hear, I still love 'em! Hurray for you!

Sad in AZ posted 8/10/2014 09:21 AM

better4me posted 8/10/2014 16:11 PM

You are so very, very charming!!!

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