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Anyone Subpeona Hook Up Website for Evidence?

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MakingMyFuture posted 8/11/2014 03:42 AM

Has anyone successfully gotten used an attorney/subpoena to get member, IP information from one of these crappy/slimy sites in their divorce proceedings or from any other legal action?

blakesteele posted 8/11/2014 04:00 AM

In MO adultery carries no weight in D proceedings. Not sure what state you are in, but if texts and illicit emails are no ammunition for D proceedings, not sure memberships on Ashley Madison would do much of anything.

Just my thoughts...not a lawyer, though the opinion I expressed here was one expressed by a lawyer. I also work with a guy whose wife showed up to the D proceedings with her AP. My friend "gets" to see his kids 1 weekend a month and is out maximum child support to his wife....who is currently not working and is living a lifestyle her now ex husband is supporting. And she was the wayward one who is a known party girl. She wont marry the AP because if she does her child support will be reduced. There's a special room in hell for non-repentent folks lik her.

Oh...but me texting OM IS illegal...felony harrassment charge. That info was supplied to me by a very kind but stern sheriff, whose wife cheated on him!


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MakingMyFuture posted 8/11/2014 04:07 AM

I'm pretty certain it won't play into mine, but I'm guessing some folks have pre-nuptual agreements and/or live in a state where adultery does play into divorce proceedings. Hoping to hear from some of those folks.

And I won't get into the content of the photos and the impact that may have on custody....scum scum scum.

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