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Its always fun....

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HurtingandLost posted 8/14/2014 13:42 PM

When the STBX throws an empty hug or kiss my way and says she loves me and how she wants to give "us" a shot after S/D. And then the phone bill shows a dozen texts back and forth with OM moments before / after these empty gestures. Going no contact in two weeks will be a relief.

Forged1 posted 8/14/2014 13:48 PM

The oral flatulence is truly amazing, isn't it? Just when you think that nothing that you hear will ever surprise you, they go one better!! I thought I was all out of 'WTFs' at one point, but man, was I ever wrong on that one.

to be honest, it'd be genuinely friggin' hilarious if it wasn't for, y'know, the unfortunate fact that we're still married to 'em.

LoveHerStill posted 8/14/2014 15:03 PM

It really is just ridiculous. Its like they regressed back to middle school. I'm your friend. No wait, I hate you now. No wait, I'll be your friend later. Just wait,

Ummm no, no we won't! Buh Bye!

hopefulmom44 posted 8/14/2014 15:29 PM

Hurtin-What was your response to his 'let's get back together' statement? My question is, what possessed them to think one way and act another simultaneously? I don't think I will ever understand their mentality.

ISurrender posted 8/14/2014 15:44 PM

Won't it be a relief when the urge to play detective to figure out the real truth goes away? I can only imagine the feeling of calm that occurs when the urge to check her cell phone records, trying to see who she's texting, divining her whereabouts at lunch, smelling for tail-tell signs of cigarette smoke, etc., just stops.

The energy and toll it takes to avoid being made a continual fool is exhausting. I hope your relief comes soon as the NC starts - I have a long way to go until I have that.

Futurefear posted 8/14/2014 16:08 PM

Unreal that they think they can just jerk us around after crushing our hearts.
I am looking forward to being able to breathe again. I am looking forward to the day when he no longer matters to me just like I no longer matter to him...

justme1264 posted 8/14/2014 16:18 PM

YUP!!! I know this story all toooooo well. Just last December (before DD) and while we were separated but working on getting back together my then wife was saying all kinds of sweet things to me, calling me, even video messaging me while we were in two separate parts of the state spending xmas with our own families. oh wait, that's not right!!! I was spending xmas with family and she was screwing her coworker and at his family's house! What a piece of work she is. And she even allowed me to take her to a romantic get away when I came back in town. She actually made me think she loved me. I bet that's who she was texting that night while we were in the hotel suite. That's right...almost forgot that fact.

Or the time after DD and all the false Rs she would come tell me all kinds of things while still talking to the OM. Amazing..these kinds of people are real pieces of work. You think people mature with age...guess not.

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