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Found some caulk; remind me what it means

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thebighurt posted 8/14/2014 16:58 PM

I'm replacing bumpers on my cabinets. I climbed my step stool to do the laundry cabinets and from that vantage point I could tell there was something on top in the recessed area that I could just see but not identify. When I picked it up, it was a tube of caulk.

I remember the discussion about finding tubes of caulk and it means something about the mental state of xpos. I never looked then because he took his tool cabinet and I thought all that kind of stuff went with it.

After finding this tube, I went looking where I knew he had stored some things in totes on some shelves and found more tubes: caulk, construction grade adhesives, and insulating foam tubes.

Remind me what this means....... I remember thinking it would be funny if I had found some.

justme1264 posted 8/14/2014 17:11 PM

just regular caulk? I have no idea what that means... sure it isn't just left over caulk someone forgot to grab when working on the area? It could have been used to repair nearly anything. You got my curiosity!

caregiver9000 posted 8/14/2014 17:20 PM

This was a joke diagnostic tool we used in the NPD forum because some of us had exes that collected caulk guns.

Disposable empty dried up useless caulk guns in storage. Why? Because it belonged to the N and therefore it was "valuable" and they don't throw stuff away because, well who knows.

Half used caulk guns dried up and useless but not thrown away. Why? Who knows, maybe it would have been used if there was another project before it dried and became unusable?

There were so many caulk guns that were nothing but trash and it just became a symbol of the useless collection of N's things. He would buy caulk at every project never looking to see if there was caulk at home, or in the truck or available to him. He must have needed the new caulk smell or more likely the convenience.

It was a silly joke but at the time it was a way to claim the humor in what was a tragedy of sorting through the mess. And the phallic symbol of it didn't escape us either.

I think it was NPD (I can relate forum) thread 8? a long time ago that was!!

thebighurt posted 8/14/2014 17:28 PM

Thanks, CG. I remember it was done tongue in cheek, but couldn't remember what it 'meant' to the ex. Should have known it was NPD!

I see many NPD traits in xpos, but that wasn't one of them. He threw away *every.thing*, even if he *knew* it could and would be used again. He would just go and buy new. Told me to do the same. So, that makes it even crazier that I found these now.

southsidecali posted 8/14/2014 18:14 PM

Yep on the NPDs having lots of caulk guns or caulk.

One of their characteristics is pass aggressive/ unfinished projects. They tend to leave things have done therefore end up with lots of duplicates.

We had so many staple gun/ staples, duct tape ROLLS, caulk & adhesive stuff... Always half assed projects with lots of extra supplies.

It was few years back that I remember on the npd thread.

thebighurt posted 8/14/2014 18:54 PM

Yeah, must have read that back when I was checking that out because friends told me they were sure it fit him. A number of the characteristics do, but I didn't think that one did.

Thanks, southsidecali.

thebighurt posted 8/14/2014 18:54 PM


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Kajem posted 8/14/2014 19:39 PM


CG got it right!!!

Unofficial diagnostic tool the tribe uses for NPD.

kg201 posted 8/14/2014 20:16 PM

Thank God! I'm not NPD. Caulking stuff in the house is absolutely the worst home improvement job ever. I hate it. Hate it. Even more than squirrels.

risingfromashes posted 8/14/2014 20:31 PM

OMG! I must have missed the caulk gun-npd post. There were a lot of them when I cleaned out the house. Not to mention the numerous hammers and screwdrivers!

He spent more time in Home Depot looking for the tools he lost than he did at home. Metaphor maybe?

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