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emotions on part of wh - Do others see stunted

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stunnedin12 posted 8/14/2014 20:04 PM

emotions in almost all areas of your wayward spouses? Wh, while knee deep in his affair, had an abundance of REAL anger, disgust, and the fake over the top happy crap all directed toward ME. With everyone else or every other event thing he was neutral.

Today I sent him a picture and text letting him know that in his zeal to kill the weeds, the perinneals had been sprayed and we were going to lose probably half of the ground cover. His reply. "ah"

AH??? He kills a gardening area we have worked on for 16+ years and "AH" is all he has? I'm not asking for tears, but really?

Then I get to thinking that he is pretty monotone in all areas. I was mildly ranting the other night about a foster situation (we have not been caring for children since the sh*t hit the fan) and his reply was along the lines of, "oh well". OH WELL??? A child is in need and OH WELL is the best he has?

Is it him? Is it more of a wayward response that deep emotions/feelings/desires/thoughts are scary so he avoids them? Or does he really just not give a rat's *ss about anything?

I do see happiness and frustration sometimes. But regret? Nope. We've gone round and round on if he had ever sat in a hotel room knee deep in snot regretting what he had done. He tells me he did cry.

Maybe I shouldn't garden anymore. It gives me too much time to think.

Over-all, I am seeing progress. Not everything is hunky-dory, but progress so I am still ok staying and trying.

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