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100 steps back in our marriage. Heartbroken today.

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tired girl posted 8/17/2014 14:34 PM

Right now I am just too upset to go into details. At this point I believe I am staying. But HL knows that my mind is not made up. Up and down all night with nightmares. He crossed major boundaries at his job. I am devastated. He is going back to IC. I will be back later.

confused615 posted 8/17/2014 14:38 PM

I'm so sorry to hear this.

Sending you strength and hugs.


rachelc posted 8/17/2014 15:59 PM

((Tired girl)) tears for you. I am so sorry. I wish there was something I could do.

Allornothing posted 8/17/2014 16:02 PM


Jrazz posted 8/17/2014 16:07 PM

Ohhhh honey no. I'm just so sorry.

We're here for you. (((tg)))

jo2love posted 8/17/2014 16:09 PM


SisterMilkshake posted 8/17/2014 16:09 PM

Oh, tg, nothing but hugs. ((((((((tg))))))))

Skan posted 8/17/2014 16:28 PM

(((hugs))) I'm so very sorry.

sisoon posted 8/17/2014 16:41 PM


ThoughtIKnewYa posted 8/17/2014 16:48 PM


I'm sorry, that's really awful!! I have to say I'm a bit stunned by this, so I can't imagine how you must feel!

Teach8 posted 8/17/2014 16:53 PM

(((TG))). I am so sorry. I know just how you feel. After 2 years of R my wh chose to delete texts on his phone. I'm heartbroken too. So so sorry!! You aren't alone.

5454real posted 8/17/2014 17:03 PM

Crap, I am sending you all the strength I can.


gonnabe2016 posted 8/17/2014 17:08 PM


BlueinStLou posted 8/17/2014 17:57 PM

So sorry. (((TG)))

Strength to you. I wish I had better words of wisdom.

tired girl posted 8/17/2014 18:02 PM

Hl decided to walk right up to the line that I had established in our M and stick a toe if not a whole foot over that line. I am sick today, I can't stop crying. I thought we were over this. I guess not. I don't consider him to have cheated, but it was as close as I care to get. I shook for two hours after getting up this morning. I just don't know. I want to stay, but I don't know if I have it in me again.

rachelc posted 8/17/2014 18:14 PM

Did he come to you with this info? Did he realize what he had done and express remorse/decide on IC himself? I'm so sorry.
The nightmares and and shaking mean you're traumatized and I'm so sad you're living with that again...

solus sto posted 8/17/2014 18:15 PM


NoMorDeceit posted 8/17/2014 19:19 PM

((((TG)))) I'm sorry.

I understand about boundary violations. It sucks.

Hang in there. Maybe this will be the "key" to him getting it and getting those boundaries iron-clad...kwim?

I am glad he is going back to IC.

karmahappens posted 8/17/2014 20:06 PM

I am so sorry.

Take the time you need to decide. Be good to yourself , your growth hasn't been wasted, the work you have done will help you through this.

brkn_heartd posted 8/17/2014 20:09 PM

((TG)) Sending you support. I understand the boundary push....I have been there. I also struggled with my next steps when it happened. Only you can decide how you should handle it. Take your time.

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