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If you get lost you can always be found

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LA44 posted 8/18/2014 19:20 PM

Just heard that song again by Philip Phillips and that one line got to me.

That's it for now.

blakesteele posted 8/18/2014 20:44 PM

When you reach the end of have arrived at the spot where God can begin to work within you.

Heard that today on the radio.


LA44 posted 8/18/2014 20:55 PM

Peace my friend.

Mac4 posted 8/18/2014 22:14 PM

LA44, I heard Chris Isaak on the radio tonight on the drive to work, Somebody's Crying:

"So please, return the love you took from me.
Or please, let me know if it can't be me...

Give me a sign let me know we're through
if you don't love me like I love you"

not quite as positive, but was really surprised by how much the lyrics got to me on that one.

918Mama posted 8/19/2014 00:20 AM

FWH used to play that song for me when he was trying to convince me to R.

We just went to see him last month, in full R. That song is so special to me.

P.S...if you have a chance to see him in person, GO! He's an awesome performer!!!

BtraydWife posted 8/19/2014 00:28 AM

I really like that song.

Just know you're not alone

Hopeful74 posted 8/19/2014 00:42 AM

'Though my heart will never be the same, I keep telling myself I'll be ok. Cuz even on my weakest days, I'm getting a little bit stronger.'

Sara Evans

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notanavrageangel posted 8/19/2014 14:32 PM

My WH dedicated this song to me the other day. Made me tear up.

"Who I am with you is who I really want to be
You're so good for me
And when I'm holdin' you, it feels like I've got the world in my hands
Yeah, a better man is who I am with you"

-Chris Young "Who I am with you"

Sunrising posted 8/19/2014 15:23 PM

What a lovely song to be dedicated to you notyouraverageangel

rachelc posted 8/19/2014 15:49 PM

True love by Pink

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