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Whine- allergies

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ThoughtIKnewYa posted 8/18/2014 20:40 PM

I have severe allergies and they have been kicking my butt since we moved to the country! There's a HUGE corn field right behind our house and I never knew I was allergic to corn, until now. When the pollen came up, even my dog got sick!! Anyway, my allergies cost me my hearing when I was little (it was surgically restored)and now I have an earache. WAH! I was using Auro-Dry and it stayed in on one side. Not good. Must have a perforation. I'm using NasaCort and Zyrtec, but may need extra help, BUT Waywardson recently changed jobs and our insurance isn't there, yet!

So, yeah, I know this is just one big whine.

MovingUpward posted 8/18/2014 20:49 PM

(((Tiky))) I hope the insurance comes quickly.

FaithFool posted 8/18/2014 20:58 PM

I never knew I was allergic to corn, until now.

Even my dog got sick.

It may not be the corn you're allergic to, but the insecticide it's producing from a genetically modified crop.

Sorry you're suffering. You couldn't pay me enough to live in an area growing this stuff.

metamorphisis posted 8/18/2014 21:01 PM

I'm sorry to hear that. My son(10) is getting his butt kicked as well. I suspected mild allergies when he was little but since last year I am positive as it got much worse. It's only late summer and fall but he was sent home from school a few times last year because he couldn't stop sneezing. We had it somewhat under control with Claritin but this season (which just started about a week ago) it seems to just keep him from being completely miserable.

I hope you find some relief while you wait for insurance. We are just waiting to get in for an appointment where we will likely end up waiting a few more weeks for a referral to an allergist.

metamorphisis posted 8/18/2014 21:04 PM

And FF makes a good point. My parents live beside a field. Some years it's corn, others it's soy. 2 years ago my brothers were throwing a ball around and it ended up in the field. My one brother went into the corn to get it and came out itchy. Within MINUTES he had blisters forming on his exposed skin from the pesticides. My parents only drink bottled water now and nobody goes near those fields.

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ThoughtIKnewYa posted 8/18/2014 21:06 PM

Thanks, Moo! I think it'll be effective in about 8 hours.

Thank, FF! THAT is scary, but it actually explains a LOT. See, I grew up on a farm and I had allergy issues, but I have NEVER seen anything like what I've seen since this corn threw out pollen! MANY of my garden plants mutated- it was FREAKY! We all got sick, even our poor little dog got sick and had to go to the vet. Last year, it was a field of alfalfa or something very similar and we had just moved here, so this is our first time experiencing this. I really appreciate you sharing that article- it's corn for fuel and I'm sure it's GM! We were considering moving into the city to be closer to H's work because he currently has an hour plus commute each way, but that explanation will make it easier for DD to understand yet another reason we need to move.

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 8/18/2014 21:30 PM

Wow, meta, I'm so sorry about your son. It's miserable! I hope the allergist can help! I know mine did, but it was a bit of a struggle getting there. I'm not sure if they still do the under-the-skin tests, but that's what I had and I reacted to EVERYTHING. They put me on shots until I reacted to the shots and things HAD been a lot better- until now.

Jrazz posted 8/19/2014 01:03 AM

Singulair has made the difference like night and day for my daughter, and several close friends. Something worth talking to the doctor about.

Pentup posted 8/19/2014 01:35 AM

Same here with the singulair.eta, though I had to add claritan ba ck in this week too.

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Jrazz posted 8/19/2014 02:33 AM

Oh yes. Vrazz is on Singulair and Zyrtec during high pollen windows. (Spring and parts of summer - grass!)

tushnurse posted 8/19/2014 07:34 AM


Go to a take care clinic, even without insurance basic visits are reasonable, and if it's an ear infection antibiotics are affordable.

Speaking of Corn and Corn allergies, my roommate for 3 years in college was from a very small town in Iowa, and her home was literally in the center of miles of corn fields. I could never find it in the summer, in the winter no problem you could see it miles away, summer.......I'd drive by it every time.

Alex CR posted 8/20/2014 05:26 AM

Seems like a bad year for allergies all around. There are a couple of things we do that help besides using Allegra when we need it.

Keeping windows closed, especially during the early morning hours so pollens moist with dew don't come into the house.

Sinus washes.....I've always hated those bulbs and neti pots, so we just use saline wash bottles in the shower....two squirts to clean out the nasal passages while you're already getting wet and you wash out a lot of the pollen that gets caught there. Also, when our daughters were young, we rinsed their hair before they went to bed...allergist recommended that after they were waking up with rashes on their face. Seems the pollen gets on your hair (and your dog and cats too!) and when you go to bed at night you end up rubbing pollen on your pillow which ends up on your face and in your nose and mouth, etc. Pollen also gets on your shoes and tracks through the house, especially on carpet.

As to the dog and cats, wiping them down with a dryer sheet when they come inside helps catch a lot of the pollen.

And finally here in the northeast there is always that fall frost to look forward to.....

NaiveAgain posted 8/20/2014 06:51 AM


Singulair has made the difference like night and day for my daughter,
I am going to be starting that also because I only get fair relief from Zyrtec or Claritin D.

Allergies are so much more prevalent now than when I was growing up; that corn story makes sense. (And is scary!)

Allergies are terrible and more than annoying. I got extremely sick last winter from them, ending up with chronic sinusitis that progressed into chronic bronchitis (had bronchitis about 8 or 9 times last winter, ending up on continuous antibiotics and steroids, and gained 40 pounds from the steroids and from being so sick I couldn't get off the couch, which then caused high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. All because of the allergies. They aren't a harmless annoyance.....)

I hope the singular makes a difference.

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 8/21/2014 18:17 PM

I switched to Claritin and that seems to be working MUCH better for me than the Zyrtec! Whew! I'm still on the NasaCort, but I'll probably have my Dr. switch me to Flonase because that works better for me, too.

Now, I have some strange muscle thing going on. It's probably an MS thing, so I just need to wait out the heat of the summer. COME ON FALL!!!

Alex CR posted 8/21/2014 18:36 PM

Strange....Zyrtec works for one of our kids.....Claritin never helped any of us, even when it was a prescription. But Allegra does the trick for me and another kid.....within 20 minutes of taking it, all my symptoms stop. Strange how medications affect us all so differently even when we're from the same gene pool.

Guess you keep trying things until you find a 'winning' combination......'cause as someone else said allergies are NOT a harmless annoyance!

purplejacket4 posted 8/21/2014 23:00 PM

I had to do a double take that I didn't write this but then I remember it's cotton here not corn.

First double your dose of OTC antihistamine. Often the OTC dose is 1/2 the rx dose. I personally take claritan twice daily. Then use your nasocort. Most urgent care docs wouldn't bat an eye at prescribing Singulair for you (generic) or astelin nasal spray (unfortunately NOT generic). If you don't have HEPA filters think about getting them. If it's still uncontrollable move or go to an allergist for shots.

tushnurse posted 8/22/2014 08:06 AM

Ok this thread has bounced around all week, and I have to ask if I am the only one who read this as
Wine- allergies.....
Thinking two things, Oh man that would suck to be allergic to wine, and I wonder if they are using wine to treat allergies.....

Anyway resume your Friday.

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 8/22/2014 08:15 AM

As soon as I had H look at the article FF posted, we decided to move. I have several auto-immune conditions and it's just not worth playing with it- especially the MS.

For the last two days, I'm experiencing severe pain upon trying to walk in the AM. It loosens up after a bit and I'm fine, but I have NO IDEA what that's about. It's like I worked out really hard and my glutes are sore. They are 'locking up' on me when I try to take a step. Now, I'd be proud of myself if I'd been working out really hard, but that's not the case. I looked it up on some MS forums and most people related it to Magnesium. I had been taking Mag, but I ran out and have been lazy about getting more until- yesterday. I'm taking it now!

It's good to know I can take the Claritin twice a day!! I'll start that today.

It's amazing how all different types of meds work differently on different people. I see that in my own family, too! I chose the Claritin because it works for my dad and we seem to have similar responses to meds.

Alex CR posted 8/22/2014 13:09 PM

Allergic to wine.....OH NO!!!! Although there are people bothered by the sulfites but if you leave the wine exposed to air, the sulfites dissipate. So if you decant, you can drink it.

Now, using wine to treat allergies...I like that one! I'd volunteer for that clinical trial! LOL

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 8/22/2014 13:11 PM

Wine- allergies

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