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Started the 180

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ohiocarrie535 posted 8/19/2014 14:10 PM

After crying, pleading and fighting for some emotional intimacy from my FWH for 1 1/2 years I have decided to do the 180. I am just 2 days in and this is SO hard. He seems totally unfazed by my pulling back. It hurts so much. I really feel like I should just start making plans for divorce now. When I mentioned divorce vs dissolution to him he didn't seem upset at the idea. But I'm so tired of pouring my heart out to him and getting nothing back but silence.

Skan posted 8/19/2014 16:26 PM

The only person that you can change, is you. If it's been 1.5 years and your WH has withheld his heart and emotions from you all of this time, then I hope that the 180 can give you the detachment to decide exactly what you want and need, and the determination to seek that. It sounds like your bucket of emotions have all been poured out, and your WH has done nothing to help you start to re-fill that bucket. If you've run dry, then it is probably time to see a lawyer and seek that next step. (((hugs)))

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