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thinking about my foo

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DrJekyll posted 8/21/2014 19:41 PM

Father - MH
Mother - NPD MH
Maternal Grandmother - NPD
Moms brother - NPD
Moms sister - CoD
Oldest brother - MH
Next oldest brother - BS suicide
Next older brother - NPD MH
Friend - BS suicide
Friend - SA
Cousin - MH

My God, these are the people that I grew up with. This is part of the nightmare of my life. The more I think about my FOO. The more pissed I get. just needed to get my thoughts out. There are many times I feel like I never stood a chance. But I am better than that now. I will put an and to that cycle. I will raise my kids with love and honor.

yearsofpain25 posted 8/21/2014 20:08 PM

Hey DocJ. Right there with ya. Infuriating. Not that I'm trying to compare, but i think we have more in common than I thought. If you don't mind, here's my FOO:

Mother - MH, NPD, 2 suicide attempts
Father - MH
Brother - suicide at 17yo

All on mother's side:
Aunt - CoD
Cousin - WH
Uncle - suspected WSO, suicide in early 20s
Grandmother - WW (multiple As) NPD?, Huntington's
Grandmother's Brother - suspected WH, Huntington's
Great grandfather - WH (multiple As), NPD?, suicide 40s

eta - added my mother's suicide attempts

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trip3 posted 8/21/2014 20:13 PM

I'm confused by all the acronyms.

DrJekyll posted 8/21/2014 20:18 PM

My BS just reminded me.

Maternal grandfather teen boy predator pedophile
Maternal greatgrandfather teen girl predator pedophile
Paternal grandmother we multiple A. Dc from many donors

What a freaking mess

DrJekyll posted 8/21/2014 20:21 PM

MH mad hatter both BS and WS
NPD Narcissistic personality disorder
CoD Co Dependant

yearsofpain25 posted 8/21/2014 20:25 PM

Going forward, we break the chain.

DrJekyll posted 8/21/2014 20:30 PM


An irony in it all. I have the lineage of 2 kings. I surely do not feel very royal right now. Except maybe a royal pain in the ass.

Thanks so much for sharing. It is always great to know you are not alone in this battle.

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 8/21/2014 20:57 PM

Father - Closeted until his 60s
Mother - NPD BS homicide/suicide attempt upon learning about dad
Maternal Grandmother - NPD
Moms sister - MH Bi-Polar one suicide attempt
Maternal Grandfather- suicide when I was one
Dad's sister- WS Histrionic NPD Borderline
Sister- Borderline PD Bi-polar multiple suicide attempts WS


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