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Mods please...

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Cookie7088 posted 8/28/2014 22:09 PM

Please remove title of "Indian Giver".

It is completely unacceptable and inappropriate!

yewtree posted 8/28/2014 23:44 PM

The phrase is a colloquialism that IS OFFENSIVE to people of Native American descent. Others that are offensive are Indian time, Pow Pow, squaw, redskin, bottom of the totem pole, and others.

I'm saddened by your refusal to change the title of the thread. But you are right, I won't post there again because the op needs to be supported.
I do implore you to respect your members of Native American descent and change the title. Because the Internet does not support the Native American community's reaction to the use of this phrase, does not lessen the sting that is felt when it is used.
Thank you for all you do DS and other Mods

Chicky posted 8/28/2014 23:59 PM

As someone of African American, Native American, and Mexican descent, I can honestly say that none of the many, MANY politically incorrect, racist, insensitive, offensive, ______ fill in the blank, "words" that many use bother me. #1 reason - my parents taught me that I am somebody and while folks may say and do things with the intent to hurt and shame, they cannot do that to me if I don't allow it.

Do I like that the Florida Seminoles do a "war chant" to hype up the crowd?

Do I like that the Washington "Redskins" are called such?

Do I like that the rap culture finds nothing wrong with using the "N" word as a noun, verb, and adjective?

Do I like that certain assumptions are made about how Mexican people came to this country?

I could go on but my answer to all would be a resounding HELL NO! I used to chalk it up to ignorance, but that's just as judgmental as as they are being. But I can't change people. I can only control how I let their thoughts, views, and opinions affect ME.

I saw that thread and I responded to the BW who was obviously in pain. To be honest, I thought nothing of the title until it was pointed out by others. I'm still not affected by it because as I said earlier, I learned from an early age that I am ultimately unique regardless of what others may say or think.

Lowlow posted 8/29/2014 00:26 AM

Mods, please consider renaming this post. I am an expert on ethnic relations (and I'm not kidding) and even though you have found a convenient dictionary definition to support your views, it doesn't take away the fact that this is a PROFOunDLy racist statement. I'm sure that the poster does not intend it that way, but the other posters are correct, it is equivalent to some of the most hurtful racist words that can be used against any group of people and it contributes to the maintenance of stereotyping and bigotry. Given the problems in your country and mine that are related to racism and the fact that politics are supposedly not tolerated on this site, I'm begging the mods to reconsider for two reasons

First, the original poster didn't mean to be racist, and it is distracting to her real problem.

Second, And more importantly, it alienates a significant number of people here who truly need our help. The thread title is not upsetting, it is racist. Dismissing the title as simply upsetting is also racist and demeaning to everyone.

[This message edited by Lowlow at 1:07 AM, August 29th (Friday)]

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