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BS's Please Read Before Posting

SI Staff posted 7/16/2007 18:23 PM

The WS forum was established for the WS here at SI to work through their issues.

It is their forum.

We mods have daily struggles to keep the BS posting in this forum within the forum guidelines.
Please review the following before you post in this forum.

1. BS may never post on a stop sign post. Doing so will result in being removed from this forum permanently.

2. BS should check the WS FAQ in the Healing Library. If you still have a question for WS's, please post it on BS Questions for WS's in the I Can Relate forum.

3.If a WS wants BS input they will uncheck the default stop sign which will indicate BS are welcome to post.

4. BS posting in this forum need to remember to post respectfully. There will be no use of derogatory words in this forum. Any BS post that is attacking or flaming will result in that BS being removed permanently from this forum.

5. Do not blame the staff for enforcing the rules.

Please remember that this forum is here to give the WS a place to work through their feelings and respect that they need the space to do that.

SI Staff

[This message edited by kdny at 5:58 PM, December 16th (Tuesday)]

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