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Attention Members

SI Staff posted 8/15/2007 13:29 PM

Due to numerous complaints over the last two months, we have revamped the Dating forum to reflect a more positive impact for our members and the site.
We realize that we cannot control when intimate relationships are developed.

However, this is not a dating site, this is an infidelity/recovery site. There are other struggles and hurdles to overcome once back in the single world again besides sex.

The sexual inuendos and extremely graphic sex talk has raised a lot of worries for many concerned members. They donít feel comfortable anymore posting about their situations.

These changes came with over two months of the Moderators talking and doing the best to find a solution that is healthy for all involved. The Dating forum wasnít created for how it was currently being used.

We hope you find the new forum and description something you all can abide by and continue to grow and heal in.

Also, please see the new Guideline that has been implemented.

SI Staff

KSA2 posted 2/21/2009 13:57 PM

*bump* Please review

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