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any affair fiction books

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philly172 posted 12/10/2008 16:40 PM

I need a good read.. an empowering read.. I'm looking for a fiction book that deals with infidelity & the BW getting even, getting over etc.. Is there such a book?

cantlivewithouth posted 12/10/2008 19:29 PM

I just read one called Fourplay. It's really good. If you want you can PM me your address and I'll send it to you. I just put it up on so I'm looking to share it with the next person.

wifehad5 posted 12/10/2008 20:26 PM

I've just read the second of two really good books by one of my favorite authors that deal with infidelity. The first I read before I knew I was a BH. The moral issues kept me up for nights

The followup is new, and deals with the couple getting back together after 10 years apart.

The author is Nelson Demille. The first book is The Gold Coast, and the followup is The Gate House.

The first one isn't very empowering, but by the end of the second, the good guy comes out ahead

Soldiersgirl posted 12/11/2008 03:15 AM

I just read a really amazing one called My Husbands Sweethearts. I cried through a big part of it.

janeway posted 12/11/2008 07:44 AM

I think Revenge of a/the Middle Aged Woman -- it came out +/- ten years ago? Not too intense, but thoughtful, and hilarious at points.

Let us know if you find a good one!

scared&stronger posted 12/11/2008 09:17 AM

Anything by Olivia Goldsmith. She even has one with a little voodoo involved.

nimbyone posted 12/11/2008 12:38 PM

I loved "A Ship Made of Paper" -- it isn't empowering so much as a great case against an affair. Compelling.

April101 posted 12/31/2008 19:39 PM

I'm currently reading 'Quickie' by James Patterson. It's not exactly an empowering book but more of a bizarre tale of Affair regret. In this case the woman has a 'revenge' affair and her husband murders the OM and it turns out the OM was married with 3 kids which the woman didn't know. Really fast paced read, but I haven't finished the book yet, so don't give away the ending anybody.

roadlesstraveled posted 12/31/2008 23:00 PM

Try the book "Black Olives" by Martha Tod Dudman. It's a quick read but very well-written. I read a ton of books (both fiction and non-fiction) after my xh affair, but this book helped me the most. It really goes through all the emotions that we (as BS's) experience.

layla22 posted 1/1/2009 18:08 PM

I loved Quickie.

Olivia Goldsmith wrote First Wives Club, which is actually a pretty good funny movie too (catch Sarah Jessica Parker as the young ho!)

April101 posted 1/8/2009 21:37 PM

I just finished 'Switcheroo' by Olivia Goldsmith. Excellent book. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed! Yes, it did have to do with infidelity, yet it really was very humerous. Alot of triggering, but so well written. So many of the feelings conveyed in this book I said to myself 'yup, that was us'. Yet, it really a good read. I'm a romantic at heart and found it really sad to read romance novels after my H's A. This one, however, I really enjoyed. Now, I'm going to try to find other books by this author. I have never read her books before.

jean posted 1/17/2009 00:35 AM

Try "The Politicians Wife" written by "Paula Milne".

Also made into a very good TV serial.

Although British, I believe it is being made into an an American version , starring "Felicity Huffman".

It will "hit the spot" it meets your criteria

healingheart posted 1/19/2009 08:00 AM

Im reading "Lessons In heartbreak" by Cathy Kelly at the moment.Im only halfway through but its a quick read, explores infidelity through both eyes (one Irish girl having an affair with a married man whilst working in New York, one Irish woman whose husband has an affair with her best friend and the two women cross)

Its definatly about affairs and infidelity and how it affects all parties but I dont know how it ends yet,I think it will be empowering by the way its written so far.

sadnews posted 1/19/2009 09:43 AM

During the time when my WH was actively having an A (and I was still in denial, trusting that he'd "never do something like that"), I read a book called "Outtakes from a Marriage" by Ann Leary.

The book is a fictional account, written in the first person, of a wife's discovery of her husband's infidelity. Needless to say, I regularly had anxiety attacks while reading this book, because it hit so close to home.

Ann Leary is the wife of comedian Denis Leary, and she's a very funny, insightful author. I enjoyed the book, despite the subject matter.

I recommend the book, but I warn that it might be a very painful read for most BS.

Edited because I got the name of the book wrong!

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broken11 posted 4/12/2009 12:39 PM

I really enjoyed Straight up and Dirty by Stephanie Klein. It's a memoir about her life after discovering her husband's affair.

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hurtinginseattle posted 4/12/2009 17:43 PM

Thanks for the tip about "Straight Up and Dirty", it's on my hold list at the library effective now.

"Happiness Sold Separately" was a little light but then that was exactly what I could handle at the time.

Also, "Happens Every Day" is non-fiction that I'm waiting for. Not sure how empowering it's going to be.

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broken11 posted 4/13/2009 11:14 AM

Glad you put it on hold. She also wrote a memoir called Moose about her times in fat camp. That was a good read too.

Thanks for the other recommendations. I'm going to the library this afternoon to see what Olivia Goldsmith books they have.

broken11 posted 4/15/2009 06:41 AM

another one i enjoyed was Watermelon, by Marian Keys. It's a chick lit book about a woman whose H leaves her for another woman right she gives birth to her baby. Even though the topic is tough one it's a light hearted read.

hurtbs posted 4/16/2009 21:26 PM

Under the Tuscan Sun

Very lifetime movie-y - it's about a woman whose Husband has a midlife crisis, leaves her for a *much* younger woman, she buys a villa in Tuscany, regains her power, etc.

Not so unique, very predictable, but 'feel good-y'

gemini_june_20 posted 4/16/2009 22:27 PM

There is a Lifetime movie that I LOVE. I know it is not a book. And it might even be based on a true story? This woman helps her close friend investigate/spy on the friends WH. She buys equipment, does research and takes photos of her friends' WH with the OW. She thinks her own marriage is safe. Then she starts to suspect her own H. She employs the same PI techniques all herself and gets a video of her WH and an OW in a hotel room. She sets it up so that when her WH comes home, he walks into his house where the video is playing. SHe goes on to divorce him and starts her own PI practice, becomes very successful delivering conferences to help others. She took a negative situation and turned it into a positive by moving on and building her own life and business. I loved it! (And secretly I've always wanted to beceome a PI!)

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