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Helpful Books for WSes

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NPDMagnet posted 2/28/2012 23:22 PM

Have not started it yet but it was highly recommended to me by my OMA (technically my BFF's mom but my "Other Mother" & "Other Grandmother" to my son).

She has been a practicing psychologist for over 40 years:

Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne W. Dyer

BaxtersBFF posted 3/12/2012 21:11 PM


Fallen posted 4/2/2012 18:09 PM

For Openbook.

Fallen posted 6/14/2012 14:12 PM

nealos posted 6/15/2012 09:33 AM

Different "genre" of book-- I personally had experienced intimacy problems because porn was a part of my life, and I found these books helpful. I'm sharing in case anyone else is curious about it too. I don't pretend to know how everyone got to this site.

The Porn Trap: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Problems Caused by Pornography

Porn Nation: Conquering America's #1 Addiction

BaxtersBFF posted 9/11/2012 20:27 PM


heartstabber posted 9/12/2012 07:53 AM

Thanks for the bump. Lot's of good information - many books and websites I wasn't aware of.

BaxtersBFF posted 11/8/2012 06:31 AM


BaxtersBFF posted 12/9/2012 10:48 AM

Bump for sohowamI.

BaxtersBFF posted 12/28/2012 22:50 PM


cinnamongurl posted 12/28/2012 22:59 PM

Thank you so much for this thread!! Such a wealth of information. I look forward to reading many of these. I picked up 'NOT just friends' today, and also ordered 'sexual detours' online. Thanks again!

BaxtersBFF posted 1/20/2013 08:15 AM


knightsbff posted 1/21/2013 08:56 AM

A few more I didn't see on the list that have been important for me:

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen - Very old and old fashioned but very good. It's short so read it all then decide what you think.

The Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W. Kimble - very religious but priceless for anyone of any Christian faith.

The Self-Centered Marriage by Hal Runkle, I took his instructor course in Scream Free Parenting for my job and couldn't believe how much of it was applicable to my sitch. Check out the Scream Free website. Amazing stuff.

The Mindfulness Solution: everyday practices for everyday problems, by Ronald Siegel. Helps me to deal.

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authenticnow posted 1/26/2013 21:47 PM


uncertainone posted 2/10/2013 18:18 PM


Deeply Scared posted 2/10/2013 18:52 PM

Edited: Oh my already bumped it!

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SandAway posted 3/15/2013 13:16 PM


BaxtersBFF posted 4/7/2013 08:22 AM


Darkness Falls posted 5/19/2013 19:51 PM


sickandtired630 posted 6/26/2013 15:15 PM

bumping for later.

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