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Things that every WS needs to know

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hopefulforlife posted 2/3/2012 01:10 AM

Bump... for all new people.

I wish I had read this earlier... I wish I had understood all this earlier...

BaxtersBFF posted 2/5/2012 08:21 AM

bump for JudgedByMyCover

GullibleGirl posted 2/21/2012 14:57 PM

Bumped for Lud22. Hope this helps!

hurting7897 posted 2/21/2012 23:17 PM

WOW!!!! I can't say "thank you" enough for this amazing post!! I printed it out to show my WS. It's only been 3 weeks since I discovered his ONC and subsequent betrayal, and I find him getting annoyed that I'm not "over it" yet. He's remorseful, he says over and over how sorry he is, etc., but just yesterday I looked at his phone records and found out he lied about the texts to and from the OW. He was furious with me. Reading this makes me realize why we're not getting anywhere. He may be sorry, he may be wanting R more than anything, but he's not doing enough to rebuild my trust.

Thank you so so much again. You have truly helped me so much.

BrokenLadyInMs posted 2/28/2012 16:08 PM

Hurting7897, I hear where you are coming from. Sounds like he IS sorry - sorry he got caught.

I know the feeling. Hang in there, today's dust and tomorrow is on the way.

silverhopes posted 3/7/2012 18:01 PM


Fathful123 posted 3/8/2012 22:01 PM

Thank you! My FWH is away on a business trip. I just emailed it to him and asked him to read it before he comes home.
This hits on sooo many areas. Very good.

Nightfall posted 3/12/2012 10:18 AM

Made me cry :( Thanks for this, have sent it on to WH.

hardlessons posted 3/12/2012 20:17 PM

Thanks for reposting this. It is helping to let me know what/how to respond and do. I recognize the steps my wife tried with me. Hopefully she is more receptive than i was.

BaxtersBFF posted 3/12/2012 21:10 PM


GullibleGirl posted 3/16/2012 12:39 PM

Bumped for Hugemistake.

klynn posted 3/16/2012 21:14 PM

Thank you! This made me cry...good tears. You "get" it!

SisterMilkshake posted 4/2/2012 18:17 PM

bumped for BUSYBEE1975.

stilllovingher posted 4/13/2012 19:36 PM

back to the top

hardlessons posted 5/17/2012 21:30 PM

Bump it up.

This was/is invaluable to a new WS IMO

La Traviata posted 5/18/2012 10:34 AM

I just printed it out and annotated it with lots of underlining and arrows and exclamation points. I changed the title to "GUIDE TO THE CARE AND FEEDING OF YOUR NEW TRAVIATA"

I see WH on Sunday and I will give it to him then. I think he'll like it since it addresses a lot of his "why is she doing/feeling/saying this?" frustrations.

NorthernGirl888 posted 5/18/2012 10:50 AM

thanks for this post.

SisterMilkshake posted 5/30/2012 08:17 AM

bumped for NobleCause

La Traviata posted 5/31/2012 16:19 PM

This went over GREAT with WH. It's improved our communication so much. In fact, his therapist asked me to print off a copy for him so he could share it with other patients. He's doing the apologies regularly and it really does help. I think it would be useful to put it in the Healing Library.

mesoSTUPID posted 5/31/2012 21:13 PM

Thank you to everyone who continued to BUMP this. I sent it to my WH because he's been asking for more information. This is I feel the best piece of this forum I could ever send him for us.

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