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Support Through Prayer- Part 2

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SI Staff posted 2/3/2010 14:48 PM

This thread is for both BS/WS. This thread is not intended for religious debating.

crushed again posted 2/3/2010 14:59 PM

Again I am asking for prayer about my 'family'. Please pray that my WH would choose truly RRing our M and not D. I also pray that God would put it in his heart to be sincerely remorseful over what he has done to our DS and myself. I feel I'll never be fully healed w/out that.
I also pray for wisdom and strength and to know that only the Lord is in control. I pray my WH will come to know this also.
My biggest prayer request is that God would wrap HIS healing arms around each and everyone here on S.I.

Newtwood posted 2/5/2010 18:17 PM

Asking for prayers for strength.

On Tue. night I was taken to the hospital for 72 hrs. I just got home-they let me out early due to the pending snowstorm here.

Just need a big, big, hug.

Thriving posted 2/5/2010 19:44 PM

(((((newt))))) I hope you're feeling better. Please take it easy and rest.

HPrynne posted 5/13/2010 12:08 PM

A little background. My affair started during a deployment a few years ago. My husband and I have been both working really hard to keep our marriage together. I just deployed again and have started journaling as a way to learn how to see myself, express myself, just overall be a better person.
This morning after journaling, I felt it was something I needed to share with my husband. This is what I wrote and emailed to him and below that is his reply. Even though we are thousands of miles apart, I am so glad to see that we are able to keep the lines of communication open.
I wasn’t sure whether to post this in “Wayward” or “Reconciliation” but because of the religious aspect, I thought it best to post it in the “Support through Prayer” thread. I hope this helps other people as much as it has helped me!

> Dear BS,
> I was journaling this morning and one of the readings was about our how our family (parents and siblings) shapes and molds us. The journal question was along the lines (or so I thought) of being thankful for our family experiences and how they made us who we are today.
> I started reflecting on this and found myself getting angry. I should thank my serial adulterous father, my mother who didn't fight for custody of us and my brothers who molested me?
> But I reread the paragraph and saw that the question was more about how God shapes and molds us.
> So then I thought, God shaped and molded me to be like my father? And to not have stronger maternal instincts? That sucks!
> But then I realized something more and my head felt full and my fingers started tingling. Seriously, this happened.
> I realized that things in our life do not make us stronger -- WE make ourselves stronger! I know you've heard the statement, "Our affair made our marriage stronger." Bullshit! It's God and the husband and wife who can make it stronger. Improper actions don't do that!
> And I really feel like I found God ever since we started going to church. Now I can truly understand that now that I have a personal relationship with God, I am able to see how he continues to shape and mold me -- into my goal of being the best wife and mother you all deserve.
> That's what I wrote in my journal today. I know you and I have the power, with God in our lives, to make our marriage strong. I love you for being with me today and will keep pursuing a better life with God and you and the children.
> Love Always,

His reply?
I'm glad you feel this way. I told you you seemed different in a better way this past year.


Darkness Falls posted 5/16/2010 18:43 PM

I'm glad this thread is here.

I have a couple of prayer requests, for anyone listening/willing to pray.

1.) Please pray for my STBX/BH:

- that God will lift him up and heal him and help him recover, and sustain him through this devastating crisis that I caused through my selfishness.
- that, if it's God's will, his heart will be turned toward forgiveness of my actions.
- that he may someday change his mind...and that even if he doesn't, that he finds peace in his life.

2.) Please pray for me:

- that I learn from this painful lesson and change for the better
- that I can make it on my own: financially & emotionally
- that through the closing of this door, God in His mercy sees fit to open a window

Thank you. Peace and healing through God's grace to you all.

Littlegirllost posted 5/17/2010 08:06 AM


I have prayed with you and I send you my prayers.

HPrynne posted 5/17/2010 11:42 AM

HB0903 -- you are both in my prayers. God bless you both!

thegreatwife posted 5/30/2010 20:16 PM

Please pray for me so that I may find the strength I need for this week ahead.
WH called to tell me he broke it off with OW and is a mess and of no help to me right now. DS graduates and I will be throwing a BBQ for 70 by myself without help from anyone at all. Usually my WH and I have done everyting together and by ourselves because we have been quite the team.
Please also pray that I find joy in all my DS senior events this week. It will be bittersweet for so many obvious reasons.
Please also pray for my health - I am suffering from gastritis from all the stress.

GeauxTigers posted 5/30/2010 21:17 PM

I am asking for prayers for my wife. She has suffered from chronic depression for decades, and the aftermath of her recent affair has her as lost as I've ever seen her. I'm scared.

Please pray that she finds her path to peace and joy.

Thank you.

JoyH posted 5/30/2010 21:31 PM

A simple prayer that I had posted on my bathroom mirror for the early months after our dday. It came from a drug rehab program, but fit my needs at the time.

Recovery Prayer

Dear Lord,

Sometimes bitter memories paralyze me.

I get so focused on those unpleasant moments in my life that moving forward seems impossible.

Help me to leave behind these negative images.

Please give me your love and strength to change those memories from bitter and resented times to simply a moment from the past.

Please help me to focus forward.

Let me realize that the delightful memories of today and tomorrow will bless me with peace of mind.


bellamomma posted 6/26/2010 19:20 PM

My WH and I are S. He says he wants a D. I've been reading a lot of scripture, praying and seeking Godly counsel. I really believe God wants me to stand and believe for R.
DDay for me was just under 2 wks ago, June 14th. I found explicit emails between WH and OW.
Bit of Background: My husband was in full time ministry for about 5 years, and has been in church most of his life. Until the A, I was the only person he had ever been with. During our marriage we had 5 miscarriages and a lot of circumstances and financial issues that come with ministry.
The A has been going on for a year. He was let go from the church in January. The OW worked at the church. I notified the church leadership, the OW was fired and WH confronted. Aparently she was not very repentant, but her BH has really stepped up and set some boundaries for her. WH aparently broke down in tears and expressed extreme repentance.
I gave him space, to be sensitive to when he was ready to discuss things. He hadn't said anything to me, but didn't express anger. Then just yesturday, he called me and threatened me about our finances and future, and threatened to do things that I don't think he even legally do. He is all of a sudden so angry with me. Right after DDay, he had waivered on the D thing, and was expressing hope for our M. However, yesturday he was talking about D again. I know God has it in control. I know God can do miracles. Please pray that WH comes to true repentance, comes back to God, and returns to the marriage. Please pray that God give me wisdom to know what I need to do. I also need a financial miracle.
Also if anyone has any insight from a biblical perspective that would be great! Thank you!

Beth posted 7/4/2010 21:34 PM

Please pray for my family, especially my daughter and 20 month old granddaughter. My son in law was verbally and emotionally abuse and she kicked him out a few months ago. For a while it looked like their marriage might be able to be ended amicably but the last few weeks he has become increasingly hostile and manipulative.
He appears to be attempting to build a case to have custody of my granddaughter, which would be a tragedy as he is a narcissist, a sociopath, is a poor father and untreated ptsd. The whole situation is a nightmare and is tearing us up. My daughter was a faithful wife and is and excellent mom, but he has been lying and waging psychological warfare- he was trained for this in the military. I believe he is viewing this as a battle campaign, not as what is best for his child.
Please pray for their protection and for the courts to see through his manipulations and lies.
Thank you

lied2 posted 7/13/2010 19:26 PM

I am asking for prayer for my son. He is away at camp and having a really hard time.

let it be me posted 8/27/2010 07:23 AM

Thought for the day (Day 1)

"You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You"

~ Isaiah 26:3

Come, Holy Spirit, Come... Reside in my heart so that from the overflow of my heart I will speak Your truth.....

let it be me posted 8/30/2010 07:06 AM

Thought for the Day (Day 2)

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

~Romans 15:13

Today, again, Spirit I call to you and tear open my wounded heart to let you in. Help me to 'captivate my thought(s) until they serve Christ'......

let it be me posted 9/1/2010 09:38 AM

Thought for the Day (Day 3)

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."

Deuteronomy 31:6

I am NOT alone. I may not have what I want; however, I will always have what I need. True love, pure love, God's love. EVEN I DON'T DESERVE THIS LOVE for I have sinned against God and others, as well. Yet God gave grace through Christ that I may always reconcile myself back to God and continue my walk with Him as I transform more and more into an image of the Love that God has shown me through the sacrifices and love of Christ.

Today I will focus to captivate my thoughts until they serve Christ.

Asking for forgiveness from God and anyone I sin against, repenting and allowing God to take that and make it something beautiful!


I can do this and 'all things through Christ who strengthens me'.

Happy Wednesday!

HPrynne posted 9/15/2010 13:17 PM

Something my BH passed on to me:
Commend your past to God's mercy;
Commend your future to God's providence;
Consecrate your prest to God's love.

I love what this means but I'm working on trying to figure out how to commend my past to God's mercy.

crushed again posted 9/22/2010 15:57 PM

Since I feel too ashamed to put this on the 'prayer list' at Church I'm posting it here.
Please pray for DS & I. DS is having awful depression due to the fact that WH is not home. He is also doing awful in school this year. He wants me to give WH another chance. I don't know if I can. Please pray that the Lord will show me what to do. I guess I'm asking for prayers of grace & strength. I am praying that God would really open Wh's eyes to all the devastation his selfishness has caused. Until then I don't believe I can give DS what he wants most.
I am starting to lose faith more & more each day. I need prayer on that also.
Thank-you all.

HPrynne posted 9/27/2010 20:38 PM

Crushed Again,
I just saw your prayer request. I have started praying for you and your DS. I hope things are looking better for you this week.

Crushed1 posted 9/27/2010 23:15 PM

Having some feelings like something isn't right here lately. Please pray for me and my family. If there is something going on I pray it will come to light now.

Oldest son is in a battle for his 3 y/o daughter. The xso is causing misery and stress with her lies. He has gone back to college and is struggling with all of this going on.

Your prayers and good thoughts are deeply needed and greatly appreciated.

I will remember each of you in my prayers.

Blessings all.

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