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Support Through Prayer- Part 2

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nealos posted 11/20/2012 09:06 AM

God please help me make it through today.

Missymomma posted 11/20/2012 09:12 AM

I do believe in the power of prayer. Don't know if anyone is reading this thread, it seems quite old. Please pray for a member whose SA husband raped and beat her. Please pray for her recovery and safety.

Ready_to_run posted 11/20/2012 11:39 AM

A prayer going out here, Missy.

Lord please be with this woman in her time of need and let her know that she did nothing to deserve this. Watch over her and keep her safe. SA is such an insidious addiction and excruciatingly painful for the victims. Please help her husband to do whatever it takes to get the help that he needs. Let your will be done, lord, we trust you to make all wrongs right. Amen.

Darkness Falls posted 11/21/2012 15:04 PM

Prayers for all who need them...

Lord, we ask You for Your blessings and help for everyone who needs You. Please wrap all who cry for You in Your arms. Amen.

For Thanksgiving:

"Give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever." Psalm 107.1

putonahappyface posted 11/27/2012 12:57 PM

Sending up a prayer for everyone who needs a boost today! And asking for prayers that God will send either a CSAT or a great IC to my WH. He is looking & trying so hard, & anyone remotely qualified is gone or fully booked. And I could use some IC too... Thanks, & Blessings to all!

nealos posted 12/12/2012 22:52 PM

Thank you for willingness. I know from my past that I do not have what it takes to do this alone. Thank you thank you thank you.

nealos posted 12/26/2012 09:30 AM

god, I feel disconnected. I know it's my fault. I pray that I recognize your will when you show it to me, and I pray that you remain present in my daily choices.

god, also be with J. If she's sad like I am, I pray that you comfort her. I pray for her happiness-- that has to be your will, right?

putonahappyface posted 12/26/2012 21:31 PM

Nealos~ I just happened to read most of your story/posts in the Wayward forum started by Missing. I can't post there, but I just wanted to tell you that I admire your strength & courage. I'm rooting for you, & I do believe you'll beat this addiction & find peace, joy & happiness again.

My WH's story is so very similar to yours, with a few exceptions. He's on day 42 of his sobriety & 12 step program. He shares your determination to break the chains of his porn addiction, so I find myself cheering for you the same as I am for him. I'm sorry for your sadness. I would just encourage you to focus solely on your recovery & your happiness. Keep working the steps, reading & posting.

I wish my H would write things out the way you do, but it's just not his thing. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your words have helped someone. Reading them in some way helped me to understand the struggle, the addiction. And when you described the good people at your 12 step mtg, I thought to myself that my H could be one of those people! He IS a good man; you both are. God's forgiveness & grace is available to both of you. Best of luck to you on your journey of healing & recovery. I'll keep you in my prayers. (((Nealos)))

nealos posted 1/1/2013 12:50 PM

please grant me the courage to stay sober another day.
please grant me the willingness and strength to reach out to when I don't want to.
please be with J and help her today.

AFrayedKnot posted 1/1/2013 14:12 PM

God thank you for everything that has happened in my life. I would not be who I am if I had not been where I had been.

Please help others here find that acceptance, faith, and peace that you have given me.

Please help me not to forget that every minute is a miracle.

shocked4 posted 1/21/2013 13:49 PM

I have not been here for a while, but for the first few months I spent hours upon hours on here. It was exptremely helpful. To find out I was not alone was so comforting. I turned to God out of so much pain. The Lord has taken me on an incredible journey. I do not want to offend anyone. I will say I have been blogging about my experience. In no way do I benefit if anybody reads it. It is from a Christian perspective. I just want to offer it if anyone may find it helpful. The site is free and has an amazing community of believers.

I continue to pray all your wounds be healed and the Lord gives You his strength and guidance.

Fidelia posted 2/6/2013 09:31 AM

Please be praying for us. I'm scared that I want this more than WH. But most of all I'm scared because WH (former preacher) seems to have lost all faith in God as part of the discovery of the affairs.

I'm so lonely at church each Sunday, wanting him back sitting beside me. I just want him to know how much God loves him.

AFrayedKnot posted 2/6/2013 10:19 AM

Hugs and prayers sent

AFrayedKnot posted 2/6/2013 10:19 AM

Hugs and prayers sent

Fidelia posted 2/10/2013 00:31 AM

Thank you.

I've had a rough week emotionally, feeling near the end of my tether. Please be praying for us.

SweetheartVixen posted 2/12/2013 04:01 AM

I will pray for you all and hope it is returned back to me also. Ive had an emotionally draining week with severe wmotional abuse which was done to me.

phoenix_vs posted 2/17/2013 09:00 AM

Answered prayer: My alcoholic WBF hit bottom three weeks ago. He's been there many times, this time, I had hit bottom, too. He didn't know I have been praying for him for a long time, praying that God will help him become the person He wants him to be. We've been together for ten years, but I was starting to look for a place to move. I couldn't take it anymore.

Long story short, there was a crisis, following which he has stopped drinking, and kept saying "I feel released, like I'm out of prison, I've never felt like this the other times I stopped drinking." It was then I knew that God had delivered him and broken the chains that have bound him for so long. He isn't out of the woods yet, he went for so long without eating that he has lost the ability to walk. He has numerous health problems related to alcohol abuse.

Me, I am exhausted. I pray for God to protect his newly cleansed spirit, and to help him heal, and sometimes I say, "please help him, because I don't feel like it, and I know that You care way more than I do right now."

Even though emotionally, I need to heal as much as he does, I rejoice and thank God for His deliverance. Truly a miracle of answered prayer.

I hope this story of God's power and grace encourages you to keep praying boldly. Take care of yourself, and let God deal with him (or her).

Blessings to all.

nealos posted 3/2/2013 19:52 PM

thank you, god

sparklingwater posted 4/10/2013 04:23 AM

I would like to thank god that my faith has been renewed through this tough time. I am truly humbled to be able to give all of my situation over to him, and allow him to have total control of my life. I have felt at breaking point but he has gently reminded me that he has never left me, but is instead holding me in his arms.

He has blessed me with unexpected finances and miracles. I have learnt that he works in totally unexpected ways, and that when I can't see a way out, he has it all in control.

Thanks be to god for his never ending love.

[This message edited by sparklingwater at 4:25 AM, April 10th (Wednesday)]

torn2bits posted 4/13/2013 23:04 PM

After watching the movie Fireproof, there is a parasite in my marriage.

Please pray that the blood of Jesus Christ can prevent satan from overcoming my marriage.

Oh heavenly Father, there are many here who want to do your Will, I pray that you may work in their lives to heal and show them your wisdom. We are waiting on you Lord. Reveal your path for their lives. In Jesus Christ's name. Amen.

girlsbird posted 4/15/2013 22:44 PM


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