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The Life Boat

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wincings_sparkle posted 5/28/2010 22:31 PM

Thank you GT.

GT is close to WT. An explanation is always welcome.

Crossbow posted 5/29/2010 02:08 AM

Excellent analogy. Thank you for writing and sharing this. Excellent.

lost_in_toronto posted 6/24/2010 19:55 PM

bump. because this is awesome!

stillinshockx2 posted 6/25/2010 11:16 AM

BW here. I would give anything if my WH would use this analogy to get us to R, and during R. But 13 weeks after DDay #2, I don't think he will. I want to send it to him, but it would just be begging and chasing. And he is too angry, too defensive to see that it would apply to the work he has to do. He would turn it around and accuse me of failing to do it.

AREYOUKIDDINGME? posted 6/28/2010 10:46 AM

BS here. Thank you for writing this. I am going to try and get my WH to read it. Keep bumping for others.

Lost68 posted 7/3/2010 09:14 AM


wincings_sparkle posted 7/18/2010 10:45 AM

Bump for new members.

tryingtofindaway posted 7/19/2010 01:51 AM

What's crazy is that the little lifeboat is more loaded with stuff than the big ship that got destroyed. I'm thankful for the analogy because it fits excactly what I am feeling since I came clean and sunk that ship.

wincings_sparkle posted 7/19/2010 11:27 AM

What's crazy is that the little lifeboat is more loaded with stuff than the big ship that got destroyed.

Well, you could look at it as the ship was to big, it created a massive distance because there was to much room for a WS to hide in. When you are in the life boat, it pares it down to the basics. All you have is your spouse, you and your own crap that you have to clean up. All you have to think about is your spouses survival and your own survival. You and all of your crap were on the ship... you just had it all hidden in different compartments and never took the time to throw it overboard.

Coming clean didn't sink the ship, the Affair did. Coming clean gives you a chance to survive in the life boat.

tryingtofindaway posted 7/19/2010 11:53 AM

Thank you wincings. That makes perfect sense. I may not of noticed how much was on the big ship, but I damn sure knew where everything was hidden and even better where I could hide.

I'm glad it's gone the big ship and all it's hiding places. Even if we make it back to shore so she can walk the opposite way I am thankful all those cubby holes are gone.

HurtinginHell posted 7/21/2010 01:16 AM

Printed it off. Excellent post, a very accurate analogy.

wincings_sparkle posted 8/1/2010 12:07 PM

Bump for newbies

wincings_sparkle posted 9/3/2010 23:30 PM


HUFI-PUFI posted 10/28/2010 07:15 AM

bumpity bump bump for another classic post. Hard earned wisdom should always be shared.

Just plain wrong posted 10/29/2010 20:40 PM

Wow wincings it is amazing how something so simple can seem so difficult until it is put in the proper perspective. That was pretty damn cool.

Just plain wrong posted 10/29/2010 20:40 PM

[This message edited by Just plain wrong at 7:18 PM, November 3rd (Wednesday)]

tablehasturned posted 10/29/2010 22:51 PM

Wow, thanks again HUFI, another great bump. And wincings....OMG!! I am so glad there are eloquent writers, thinkers and posters in the world like you ... such an inspiration. Thank you.

So sad that I am tangled up in all this seaweed. My one hope now is just to get my BH safely to the shore so he can get out of the boat with his dignity and faith that not everyone will treat him so badly as I have. And maybe on that shore, I can finally rinse off in a nice cool rain shower of the new better me.

Lost68 posted 11/12/2010 14:47 PM


Lost68 posted 1/2/2011 12:32 PM


KickedintheGut posted 1/4/2011 13:42 PM

bumping because I just came across it and am hoping my WH will start reading on SI.

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