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The Life Boat

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Shattered-Heart posted 5/15/2011 19:14 PM

Thank you so much for sharing this. I have shared it with my WS and can only hope he uses it. You are so right about exhausted, blown apart and adrift. I agree with others this would be nice to see in the library, I just happened across it here hoping to find some insight and 'Why' from the other side of the fence, so to speak. Thank you.

GeauxTigers posted 5/15/2011 20:23 PM

One of the first threads I remember from when I joined SI. Words and techniques just as true today. Well done, Wincings! Hope you and WAL are doing well.

wincings_sparkle posted 6/12/2011 09:20 AM

Bumping for a friend.

wincings_sparkle posted 7/15/2011 23:07 PM

You will get there, just keep working one stinky fish at a time.

Amazonia posted 7/17/2011 16:29 PM

Another BS here... this helps me to see that some WSs can be repentant. What hope for their BSs! I wish my WH would come to this kind of understanding.

To all of you who are working through your muck and your mud, keep working! You are amazing and I hope you are able to find reconciliation with your BS!

brokenheartedrn posted 7/17/2011 17:11 PM

Thank you for posting this.
Maybe my wh will understand this analogy.

Burl posted 7/17/2011 17:51 PM

Thank you

DeeplyRemorseful posted 7/18/2011 12:06 PM

Wow!!! Absolutely the BEST simply put, inspirational analogy I've ever read. My H/ BS has awesome analogies. This one was absolutely perfect. Think I'll share this with him tonight when we are home together. LOVE IT!!! Thank you.:)

wincings_sparkle posted 9/27/2011 22:29 PM

Bump for friend.

keepinghope posted 9/27/2011 22:48 PM

This is exactly what I needed to read tonight. I was about to go to bed and decided to log on real quick and see if there were any new posts up. Thank you for bumping this up on the thread list.

MrsSprky99 posted 9/29/2011 08:15 AM

This is an awesome analogy WS....thank you so much for giving us BS's hope!!!

fromthisdayfwd posted 10/2/2011 19:45 PM


wincings_sparkle posted 10/18/2011 20:25 PM

For friend.

BaxtersBFF posted 11/12/2011 05:13 AM

bump for some newbies.

helpemegetoverit posted 11/12/2011 06:31 AM

Wow, how have I never seen this?? Excellent analogy. Brilliant really. I love that it really pushes the fact that it is ALL our fault....too many BS take took much blame for '50% of the marital problems.

This should be required reading for BS and WS. Thanks for bumping, not sure how I have missed it in the past. I don't read every post but do normally read if they are bumps

SilverSprings posted 11/12/2011 14:34 PM

Well done!

lostsuol posted 11/16/2011 01:08 AM

This need to stay on the 1st page! Thanks WS.

ShatteredOpal posted 11/20/2011 22:39 PM

Boat analogies will work beautifully with my situation. WH himself used the image of realizing that he may have torpedoed our marriage. Boats have been central to our relationship.

wincings_sparkle posted 2/15/2012 18:52 PM

Requested Bump for friend hope it helps.

heartstabber posted 2/22/2012 07:48 AM

I also like this analogy - it really hits home. We need to heal ourselves in order to help heal our BS.

My H sent me this link and the first time I read it I cried. The muck & mud. Forgiving myself... That is a very difficult task, but it is such an important part in helping my BS heal.

Thanks wincings_sparkle

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