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User Topic: Long Term Affair... Part 18
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Default  Posted: 8:49 PM, June 12th (Saturday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

I posted this in Reconciliation today - but it sums up how I'm feeling, so I thought I'd post it here, just because I tried to explain it to my husband again (my bad in doing it while he was at work) and I found myself just talking to my self, so here it is:

I was trying to be positive about my upcoming anniversary but all I keep thinking is that there is nothing to celebrate: to me, an anniversary is a time to remember your wedding day - a day when you were so in love with your spouse that you promised to love & be faithful to that person for the rest of your life.
It just makes me sad thinking about it.
Yes - technically we are together & working on staying together- but I just don't see any reason to celebrate a wedding anniversary.
I just finished telling my husband that I do not want to acknowledge it in any way - no cards, no gifts, no going out.
He had the balls to make a light-hearted joke in response - which really pissed me off, but I let it go.
I continued the conversation with him today by asking what he was expecting on our anniversary & he said he thought that if we were trying to work it out that we would do something to celebrate - like go out or something- but that anniversaries are for the women and if I don't want to celebrate it that it's not a "big deal". Which - I know I tend to scrutinize his words - but this was a pretty crappy choice of words.

Anyone have anything to share?

[This message edited by Allgoodnamesgone at 8:52 PM, June 12th (Saturday)]

Me- BS
DDay- 8/26/09
Separated after failed R effort.

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Default  Posted: 11:25 PM, June 12th (Saturday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

m3: love the new names you christened your kids with...i will try to keep them straight....but absolutely no promises...have lots of trouble keeping the ones i gave birth to straight...even the dogs name gets in on the act..

about your being suicidal in the past...i am so so glad that you didn't act on it, or if you did, you didn't succeed....suicide is a bit of sore spot with me...had an uncle who was only about 3 years or so older then me, anyways he was 25, i as 22 at the time...and he did kill himself...i was close to him, or as close as he would allow...i was much closer to his brother my other uncle who was only a year older than me...anyways, the guilt that goes with this for every member of the family is huge...i eventually made peace with it, my other uncle and 2 of my aunts who were also in the same age bracket...have never been the of them is somewhat cracked to boot....all because of his suicide....

question: when you were suicidal, was it ever diagnosed as to what the cause was...?...

and as much as you can take the blame for 50% of what went wrong in your marriage, his cheating his 100% his...there are always other ways to cope...and never is cheating a productive way to cope and deal...

as to whether or not you were banned from wayward...have no clue...did you vent or something in there, did you get a pm from the mods??? them and ask...

honest: yay, happy about you on your way to your masters...did you register for classes yet?

i love the picture tryn made for you...

I'm just still trying to get my head around everything.

me too!!!

I have to set him and myself free.

yes, yes and yes

i am taking my life back, one step at a time!!!!!

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Default  Posted: 11:47 PM, June 12th (Saturday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

hit submit too soon again...shhh, don't tell dip..he'll pick on my prematurepostulation again..


maybe for now you should stop drinking all together....just a thought...and most certainly if drinking, take NO MEDS OF ANY KIND....dangerous thing to do!!!

about your wifes hangin out:

i do this too, i like hangin with my kids and their freinds, being freindly but still being a parent...but my kids are all still teens...maybe this is her way of staying connected to them...the flirting she does with the boys..well that may need to be curtailed...if the shoe was on the other foot and middle aged man was flirting the way she was flirting with younger people, the middle aged man would be put on the carpet...

i also think you should talk to her about this..

I am feeling torn again about not telling my SIL about FWW and BIL phone sex when I discovered it just before dday't know what to say about this one...

your unanswered question: without her saying the words, she answered the question...and for you i think letting it be would probably be best.....of course i don't think this is something i would be able to do...but then again i am not reconcilling...

allgood: i think when a relationship starts when you are as young as you and your husband were, to mature at the same rate, well its just not going to hope in those relationships that the couple grows together as opposed to general though most woman are more mature then men...most women are more practical when it comes to making life, when its about money...relationships always change because the people in them always change...times changes, circumstances change....i would think that the key would be to find common ground...separate from all of this crap and separate from your kids....start from there and work on it a bit at a time..and tak to each other about what each of expects from the other, and what each of you would like to see from each other...and what common goals do you share...what do you each dream about for your far as your anniversary is still an important day, more so because you are trying to reconcile...honor the day and you should honor each may not be what it once was, but that doesn't mean that you cannot find new meaning in it for yourselves...and like me and so many of us, it really is the day that you started your family, so if that helps look at it that way...

fun: i think you too should slow down the liquor...i could understand if you have one glass of whatever when you come long as you don't NEED long as its one and it doesn't escalate from there....if the one drink helps in taking the edge off, then i say go for long as it doesn't become a need...and then i think you should have at least 2 days during the week or weekend that you abstain.....just to help keep you on the straight and narrow with it...

the flirtiness has to go though...

so how do you feel about things after speaking to the 'c'...???


i am taking my life back, one step at a time!!!!!

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Default  Posted: 12:40 AM, June 13th (Sunday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

Well, he is graduated. Summa cum Laude with a 4.7 on a 4.0 scale. National Honor Society, Music Award, does not drink, lectures friends who smoke pot, and is in by curfew. Clearly, as FWW and SD#1 have said, I was not a good parent or he would have been successful.

We got home tonight and I went to change clothes and started beating on a pillow on the bed. She came in as asked what was up and I told her. She was with OM the entire HS time. Freshman year FWW was with OM#1, sophomore – senior year till dday with OM#2. That entire time I was listening to her tell me how I was not a good parent. How I did not even care to go see him in band at football games, but anytime I said I was coming along, she made it clear I was not wanted, and I was enough of an ass to listen to her. This was something she and DS#2 did, I would not like it, I needed to do something else, etc, etc.

While I was changing clothes, I pointed out she was in the kitchen entertaining DDs, DD boyfriend, and SIL. All of whom knew of A’s while they were going on. She walked out of the room and did not talk to me for the next hour. To make things worse, I broke out a bottle of sparkling wine for everyone to toast the last four years and all of our memories. FWW clearly got the sentiment implied and left the room.

Later she wanted to talk and wanted to know if I can be mad why she can’t be defensive. You know, she is right. She can be defensive and minimize as much as she wants, I just do not want to be a part of it. Also found out that yesterday she poured most of the booze and my ambient down the sink. Never mind that she was the one last night passed out drunk with Flexerol.

We are not good for each other. There is a reason we did not get along for 20 years.

FWW 60
M 1990, dday 10-5-09

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Default  Posted: 12:56 AM, June 13th (Sunday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage


Ok, first the hug, now the lecture

1. You MUST stop mixing the alcohol and meds!!!! Period amen!!!

2. Take it easy on yourself. You have a very very rough weekend with a lot of triggers and NO SUPPORT for yourself!!! You are faced with people who you feel are not fully in your corner, even though logically you understand they were in a hard place. But emotionally, you still feel betrayed.

Are there any friends or family members on YOUR side of the family that you can invite over for tomorrow? You have so much attacking your emotions now without a break.

Keep venting here, journal as much as you can, but DO NOT engage with WW right now when both of you have been drinking. IT will not go anywhere right now.


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Default  Posted: 12:58 AM, June 13th (Sunday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

ats: you may not want to hear this...but her pouring thebooze down the sink with the ambien was a good thing...granted my gut tells me it wasn't for the right reasons...i think she thinks its the booze and the meds talking, but i know and you know its your hurt heart...

those years are gone ats, there is nothing you can do to bring them back...and you have the present and the you want to spend it like this...or do you want to enjoy what you fucked up as things is is in the past....and i know only too well how the past does like to rear its ugly head...but its up to you to put it back in place...and calmly and rationally tell your wife what you need....i get the impression that you are not telling her what you need feel better...and you really just need for her to acknowledge it so that you can move on....and yes it sucks that the bs needs to work so hard at as one of the other members likes to say...unfucking the donkey....

hang in there not give up yet...never decide anything when your emotions are raw...


i am taking my life back, one step at a time!!!!!

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Default  Posted: 1:02 AM, June 13th (Sunday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

hey honest: we cross-posted again...gotta get dip on that for a new word..

i am taking my life back, one step at a time!!!!!

Posts: 5994 | Registered: Feb 2009 | From: looking for my rainbow
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Default  Posted: 1:06 AM, June 13th (Sunday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

miracle: yes, we have done that quite a few times these past few days.

But, Atsen, are you listening?? Hang in there!!!

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Lost Heart2
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Default  Posted: 3:21 AM, June 13th (Sunday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

and on some level, he did have a right to take those choices from me. If you know someone well enough to know they're going to make a stupid choice and if your child is involved, well, what would you do?

Without knowing what it is exactly that was going on with you at that time, my answer to that would be to get that person help – anyway I can, esp if I am the only rationally functioning adult in the house.

M3, I think it’s fantastic that you are reviewing your life and your actions – that takes a lot of guts in the aftermath of dday. However, my concern is that you are “romanticizing” your XH’s and WH’s actions. Taking on responsibility for your own, (WHERE IT IS DUE) is one thing; taking on someone’s’ actions is quite another. Don’t gang up on yourself, M3. Don’t accept poor behavior from someone who loves you as being your fault. Ok, you weren’t the best M and W – does that really justify XH’s and WH’s behavior? I don’t think so. Btw, did you ask him why he didn’t dump him then? What led you to believe that it was altruism on his part?

Not long after DDay I was sitting on the couch with WH and I turned to him and said "Well, that's it. Between the two of us we've now officially done pretty much everything you can do wrong in a marriage, and we're still sitting here next to each other and we're still making love -- that's got to be worth a lot."

It is and would be both your starting points. You will both go on to heal yourselves and each other. Someone here once describes it as raking down the whole rotten house and then starting fresh with a new foundation. You can salvage the parts which were solid and working in the old house, but the most impt bit is the new foundation. From what you say, that’s where you and your H are heading and its going to be awesome for us witnessing this! All the best.


Sometimes I wonder if I am getting stuck in "victim mode" in my healing. I don't want to explore that far into what I did to add to the events that led up to the affair. I think I'm afraid to, because the way I am, I would end up taking the full blame as usual, which is not true.

But you are a victim. And IMO, treat your self that way for a little longer. When a person is in a car crash and has their body parts amputated and suffering from head trauma etc – would you have that person check out of hosp without a care plan and support? No. Ditto you. Now if it is 5 or 10 years from now and you are still claiming victim status, that is quite another thing. Right now, Honest, with everything going on , you are still a victim who is trying to heal herself. There is nothing wrong with that, ok? We, who are so quick to want to nurture everything and everyone, expect so much less for ourselves. I remember my first IC calling me a victim, when she was diagnosing PTSD, and that p’d me off bigtime!. I was still in my polite (“Honest” lol) phase and told her calmly that I am NOT a victim, if anything H was. LOL. I fought the victim label cos I saw it as a failing on my side, esp when H would sneer that I acted like such a victim/martyr whenever I showed hurt at something he said/did. A lot of hard work went into getting me to accept that victim label (haha) and I finally did so on the proviso that I wouldn’t have it forever. And it also began the process of me learning how to finally love and care for myself.

I have to set him and myself free

Start with yourself Sweetie. (((((((Honest)))))))))

First the good – I am so sorry that you had to relive that. However, (and I know this sounds sadistic) but maybe we have to relive some moments to make our peace with them, KWIM? Or to allow our souls to do a good clearing out of toxins.

Now the bad – Why the h did you watch that movie? If you knew that it had a A them and or as soon as you realised that you were going to be triggered – why on earth punish yourself like that? Why put yourself through that trauma – it almost feels like self abuse? Grrrrr

Now the good again – (((((Miracle))))))
Sorry you hurt, my friend.

Wow. I don’t know quite what to say.
Your W continues to show poor boundaries. She continues to behave in a manner which makes you feel that you are being manipulated. The people who knew about the A continue to behave as they did before IN YOUR HOUSE! And you continue to carry your W’s burden (her secret with BIL). And all this AFTER she said that she was going to support you during a tough weekend. No wonder you are self medicating with drugs and alcohol! It must feel like the twilight zone there.

Ats, I am going to say something now which is going to sound sexist and paternalistic (but I would do so even if you were a woman), so there.

This is your home. You are the man of the house. Lay down the law dammit. Set your boundaries on unacceptable behaviour (and this includes yourself). It sounds like your W is pushing you and I would question her motives. She has prob painted a picture of you over the years to her support team to justify her A – you getting drunk just reinforces that. Dont do that to yourself, Ats. You are better than that. And your DS deserves better memories to commemorate his achievement(and for your own sake, stay the heck away from any A questions this weekend - you have enough on your plate ).

Btw,Congratulations on DS!!! And all the best for the rest of the weekend.




Dday#1 02.06.06
Dday#2 28.11.06

Mind what you love. Mind how you are loved.

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Default  Posted: 5:16 AM, June 13th (Sunday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

Boy o boy...

Ats: Do you think this was just a particularly bad weekend, fllled with triggers, and is really a departure from how the rest of the R has been going? I know with myself, if I trigger, or I start to get depressed(er) I have to really force myself to remember the good stuff that has been happening since DDay, otherwise it just spirals out of control & becomes something way bigger than it should.
Just a thought.
I can feel your pain & I am really sorry. I agree with what everyone is saying about the alcohol & meds. I definitely drink more than I did before DDay, but because I have little kids I really can't let it go too far - (and before anyone gets concerned I'm talking about 2 drinks after the kids go to bed about 1x/wk) but if that wasn't the situation, I certainly see the draw in self-medicating.
But, in the end, you are only delaying/masking the problem.
I also agree that a frank discussion should be had with your wife as to her flirty behavior. My H is a big flirt too - I haven't seen it in years because we do not go out in settings where it would be likely to occur- but I've called him out on it & I would not hesitate to go ape-shit on him if I saw it again. (I have a lot of repressed hostility. Lol. That's why I love my kick-boxing class - seriously - is there something you can do like run, bike, etc. where you can just go get our all of your frustration & clear your head?)
And, I forget - are you in mc?

Miracle: it is good to hear from you. I hope you are doing better. And - in response to LostHeart's question, I assume you finished watching the movie because your children were present & you needed to keep up appearances. Am I right? If so, man , you are strong - I would've feigned illness & left the room.
I want to sincerely thank you for your response to my anniversary related question. I didn't originally post the question here because the most frequent posters are usually in just as much pain as I am, but you really gave me a nice way to think about it that doesn't feel like a total sham - about starting our family. I like that.
I am still pissed tho that my H is not able to provide me with any meaningful dialogues about these things. It just reeks of false R to me - but I'm trying to remember that he was never like this - never emotionally supportive - you should've seen him when our dog died. I don't know if any of you are dog lovers, but omg - I was devastated. I didn't think I was going to be able to stop crying the day it happened. The drive home from dropping the dog off at the place, I just looked out the window & cried. It was all my H could do to hold my hand. It felt so awkward. This was just a few months before the A started so we had already drifted apart. (Course I was unaware of this as the 1 woman in the 1 woman show doesn't get much time for reflecting upon things).
But, anyhoo, thank you.

M3: I agree with the others. The self-reflection is great - as is self-blame because it helps us feel in control. While you made some excellent points - I do think you are taking on too much blame here. As you know, there are always more constructive ways to deal with any problem than have an A. I know in my h's case he came to the conclusion that nothing was going to change our relationship & gave up. (I can get the giving up, but first there has to be some attempt to fix the problem. Complete horseshit.)

Me- BS
DDay- 8/26/09
Separated after failed R effort.

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Default  Posted: 7:47 AM, June 13th (Sunday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

Wow, I certainly have been wallowing in it, haven't I? DS was not around for any of this, after the ceremony he and friends went to a movie, dinner and sleepover with friends. At the ceremony we were all one big happy family for pictures and congratulations. His cookout/party during the day went fine.

Yes, I hear everyone on the alcohol intake and I have cut way back. Friday was just a few beers with supper, Saturday a few beers during the cookout, and a rum and coke and half glass of wine for the toast after the ceremony. I have no plans, nor budget to soon replace what FWW poured down the sink. She told me that is what they did when their mother got drunk, they poured her booze down the sink or thinned it with water.

I feel like this weekend has been an epiphany about FWW rather than just a bad patch. I am tired of being told I am having feelings at inappropriate times. I am tired of being told it is embarrassing to have me upset. I am tired of her first response always being defensiveness.

My parents were here yesterday and will be around the next two days. I did vent with my dad yesterday as plans shifted and changed throughout the day, but they are kind of overwhelmed by it all.

The day starts back up with family coming by around 10. At 8, I tried to wake FWW to see if she still wanted to talk. She said she wanted to sleep. So I am getting a coffee, getting dressed, picking up some form yesterday and will start to get the boat ready. FWW and I will be separated today as I do the boat think with one group, and she does shopping and beach with the non-boaters. Assuming plans do not change again.

Tonight the girls and boyfriend head home. FWIW, I believe my issues have been low key and just between FWW and I. SD#1, as usual, is getting the attention for being the problem child and difficult one.

FWW and I have argued and talked about so many things over the last 8 months, I no longer know what it is I want or need for now. How do I tell her I want an adult partner? How can I expect her to change 50 years of FOO issues in 6 months or a year?

I am beginning to question R. It is beginning to look and feel more like BS learning to accommodate WS. Yes, I know there are people here on SI who say they have made it, but they all seem so very far out. Where are the people who are 2 – 3 years out, but are making it? I thought Tryn was one, but now am not so sure. Old dipstick, do you consider yourself R’d? How long did it take, are you happy with your relationship now?

Maybe the lights are coming on and I am seeing how difficult and long this hallway is to get to R, and I am worried that getting their with FWW will be more like getting DS safely through HS than a journey of mutual growth and love. I am drawn to the exit doors to try a different room with another or no relationship. I have always been comfortable with my own companionship maybe that is where I need to go.

I am wallowing and rambling again, no need to reply. I appreciate the advice so far. I really did scare myself enough with the drinking that I am putting the vodka, tequila, and rum aside for now. And I will take another piece of advice, and take a 5 mile bicycle ride before everyone is up and going.


FWW 60
M 1990, dday 10-5-09

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Default  Posted: 10:00 AM, June 13th (Sunday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

Has anyone else had this issue?

NoFun - I'm just back from vacation and trying to catch up on all the posts - I may need another day or two especially since my H is around and looking over my shoulder when I'm on the computer but I wanted to let you know that my H also has this problem and it started back around the time he began his A. Of course, I had no idea that he was in the A so I was very sympathetic and tried not to make him feel bad. At the time, Viagra hadn't come out yet but there was this injectible that helped but it made me feel so bad and when he would have to use it, it made me feel really bad for him and for me. When Viagra came out, he never suggested to use it with me but kept using the injectible. Later, when I discovered the A, I went on a search for anything I could find and low and behold I found numerous "stashes" of Viagra in his closet, in his workshop and in his office. I was so pissed but also in a weird way, happy to see that he couldn't perform for her without it either. He had been telling me for years that it was because I was "too sterile" - this was his reason for his ED problem. Excuse me but I like feeling clean and fresh especially with (tmi) oral sex.
Anyway, he admitted that he always needed it with her too so I now know it wasn't me but probably something to do with guilt and his age.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hope you don't think this is because of you or because of thoughts of the OW. They needed it with them too. Believe me, when I saw his stash of Viagra and realized he was well stocked there was a part of me that felt vindicated because he was always trying to blame me for his problem. Finding the stash I knew with 100% certainty that it was and always has been his problem.
Feel free to PM me if you want to ask anything more personal.

D-day - 12/23/05 LTA - 8 years.
"Love's a matter of trust and I just want to believe in us." M McBride

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Default  Posted: 10:25 AM, June 13th (Sunday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

ats: you are not wallowing my friend, you are "feeling" are feeling the pain of doesn't go away over nite, it doesn't go away without time, alot of time...and alot of work to go along with it...

i think right now because you are in a trigger filled, stress filled and time constraint enviroment you have not had time to process all that you need to to get through this kind of event without feeling those triggers knew before the weekend was here that it would be filled to the brim with these triggers and stress inducers...and you decided to sefe medicate with alcohol and ambien....which in turn seems to have triggered your wife....she shared something with you that was probably painful for her...

She told me that is what they did when their mother got drunk, they poured her booze down the sink or thinned it with water.

wow...this is sad to me...and she shared it with you, part of reconcilling is sharing that which is painful, and she shared with you instead of finding another outlet for her own pain...which is part of what got you here in the first place i am thinking...

ats and allgood: your ws's are broken people who do not have the skills needed to cope, to communicate affectively and the manual on how to make you feel better...and as much as it sucks that you have to show them, that is exactly what you must all marriages or i should say in all relationships there needs to be give and take, and both parties need to communicate what their needs are to the other person...and sometimes allgood this requires you to spell it out because when it comes to this stuff they are just incapable, almost to a stupid their own way both of your ws's are working on it, not your way, not the right way, not even a way that is working the way they think it should...but they are trying...and they both think that they are trying really hard...and i get the impression that they feel like their backs are up against a wall, and that is because it really is...and they do not know how to cope with it..coping is not what they do best, coping in healthy ways is not what they do, its how they got into this mess in the first place...coping is a skill, and its one that needs to be learned, ats you are not coping well now either...turning to drink and meds at the same time is a dangerous coping skill that needs to be adjusted..there is nothing wrong with taking meds when you need them, mixing them with alcohol is unacceptable for you or anyone for the matter..the consequences can be deadly... is ultimately what we all must learn to do, coping with all this new reality....and it sucks that this was heaped upon us, but it was and nothing is going to change we learn to accept it and cope with it.....

allgood: tell you ws exactly what you want from him for your anniversary...don't dress it down either...because if he does what you initially told him which was to ignore it basically...this will end up crushing you yet again...your ws needs you to spell it out for him...he's seem to have needed this from the getgo...and then always complied...yes it would be nice if he could figure it out on his own...but we already know that this is not in his realm of reality...if you tell him what you need and he complies...isn't that whats important...he cannot change into this other persona overnite, and he might not ever change where he will instinctively know what to do....he just may not be accept this part of him and just tell him what you need or want or desire...then its in his hands whether or not he can comply.....plant those seeds...

lh2 and allgood: the movie...i have been doing just fine with affair scenes in movies, hell i still watch my soap opera...someone is always cheating on someone....that was not what bothered was that one scene that the husband attempted to make his wife a "hole" that got to me...that is the biggest hurt i have suffered in this mess...knowing i was a hole in such a disgusting way....i know i was a hole for most of my marriage, but i never felt like one for all of that....that one nite where i was hysterically crying was no mistake, i was the ultimate hole...i was not a human being to him with feelings, i was the "hole", that nite i knew i was a hole, that nite changed me...that entire event changed me......i lost of peice of who i was that when seeing this scene in the movie, it brought it right back to life....i kept my cool, was completely seething within...and most of what happened next in the movie was a blur....i couldn't concentrate on the rest of the didn't help that the movie just got worse from that point on and really stupid....before that scene though it was kind of funny, even though you knew there would be something going on with the husband and the ow....the cast was amazing...but the movie sadly was not....and aside from that i won't hide from stuff like this..infideltiy is everywhere, can't hide from it, cant' avoid it...and i would rather face it head on and conquer it....i am not so raw anymore....still have not wrapped my head around all that had happened, i don't know if i ever will....there is just so much stuff....but i choose to move on, i choose to be me again....and me...well, she doesn't hide...

lh2: how are you my friend? are you commemorating your daughter with your kids?...(((lh2)))

i am taking my life back, one step at a time!!!!!

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Default  Posted: 5:42 PM, June 13th (Sunday), 2010View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

atsenaotie... I am now 21 months out. My wife is not perfect nor do I ever expect her to be in the future. But today, she is an ideal partner. She is loving me. She does all the desirables and I do too... In my grief, I am at the sadness and acceptance.. It has not been easy for me.. I share where I am today so you too can get there with work. why nobody makes an effort to attend Retrouvaille? It was a worth it!

At 8 months out, I too wanted to leave... But look at me today. This horrible thing that has happened to me... and it still hurts sometimes... but with that, I have someone that is loving me in a very good manor.

Today, I am no longer afraid to leave my W.... If I am not treated with nothing ohter desirables, I am leaving... I commit to the same for my W.. I am doing the same... 100% desirables...

All learn at Retrouvaille.

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hey everybody I know I have been out for awhile ... but I have been lurking and reading ...

I did not take notes so I am not gonna post replys to anyone ... at this time ... I will try and keep up with the thread and post replys tho ...

sorry I have not been around ... no good excuse just been pre-occupied ...

anyway you all have been in my thoughts and prayers ...


I am fiercely independent and I won’t apologize for it. I'd rather be single than settled.

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Today I took SD#2, her boyfriend, youngest son and my folks out fishing on the boat (just 1 beer). It was really good to be out on the water. FWW slept all day. When we all got back, she was pointedly ignoring me while she and the "kids" all searched for funny YouTube videos. When SD#1&2 and boyfriend left to go home an hour or so later, FWW told me she was going to spend the night with SIL at the hotel. She said there was nothing to talk about; I said it all last night. I was not happy and did not want her, so why talk. Despite the risks and effort I have made for the last 8 months in trying to heal us, what I heard is FWW telling me: “You are not worth fighting, or taking a risk for.”

I was not at my best; I threw my wedding band at her and told her to stay for the week. She and SIL could have fun carousing for guys; maybe both give BIL a call.

My folks were here this evening to talk about DS#2's upcoming trip with them. They could tell I was hurting. We talked, and as I explained the situation to them, I really felt like I am done. I feel like I have been leading and dragging FWW along. She continues to gaslight herself and others.

I am off work tomorrow and it is tempting to see if I can get an appointment with the attorney. Filing is not the same as divorcing, and I could at least get things started. There is still time to take up the offer from my employer for free housing for myself and DS#2, he would actually be closer to his school next year.

I have almost 20 more years to work to retire; 25 – 30 more healthy years are not unreasonable. I can start over. If 25% of people are involved in affairs, then the odds are that if there is a next time I will find one of the 75% who are not. Lord knows that I now know what to look for.

FWW has done tremendous self-discovery, and is a better person, but is still a person who lied to me for years, has had 4 affairs (one involving her BIL) and a couple ONS (that I know of) in her life. It is just that for me it does not feel like she will ever be able to do enough. I feel awful for what this will do to the boys in the short term, but I was only willing to R for the kids, not just stay together.

I am not sure where I am on Tryn’s chart, my self-esteem is actually better than ever. One of the odd dynamics coming out of all of our counseling is that I now understand that I was nowhere near so bad a person as I had been lead (willing?) to believe, and FWW is nowhere near so good a person as she had believed.

Today, I am no longer afraid to leave my W.... If I am not treated with nothing other desirables, I am leaving... I commit to the same for my W.. I am doing the same... 100% desirables...

If I apply this statement, Trynhard would be leaving her too.
your ws's are broken people who do not have the skills needed to cope, to communicate affectively and the manual on how to make you feel better...and as much as it sucks that you have to show them, that is exactly what you must do.

I have come to appreciate just how true this is, and I am trying to be a good example. But as they say, you can lead a horse to water…

FWW 60
M 1990, dday 10-5-09

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atsenaotie... Maybe your W just does not know how to have a healthy relationship?

But also, you yourself, must also understand how to be a good partner...

While I was changing clothes, I pointed out she was in the kitchen entertaining DDs, DD boyfriend, and SIL. All of whom knew of A’s while they were going on.
This was not too desirable either...

You have yet to pardon your W... you will never get back what you lost... Never. And a good relationship does not make statements that hurt your partner. It really is about today... now...

And yes, if you cannot pardon, cannot forgive.... Then I agree, you must D... your happiness depends on this.

And that chart.. self esteem, Performance to me means healthy brain... and yes, you will find another woman... another partner... we all have different investments with our relationships... For me, not sharing time with future grandkid, my son and daughter means much to everything we built togather is meaningful. But the main thing is this... my W wanted and is trying hard. For her I think she stayed with me out of fear, but now we, enjoy each other. I changed too..

Good luck to you ats... I am sorry you are in so much hurt and pain... 8 months is still so fresh... I know it all too well... I also know with change comes happiness too.

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These are acts of kindness or things you can do that are forgiving.

First… forgiveness is a choice… It is not a feeling… You can make your brain do these things…

1) Make the choice to forgive
2) Make the deliberate and irrevocable choice not to tell anyone what they did.
3) Be pleasant to them should you be around them
4) If conversation ensues, say that which would set them free from guilt
5) Let them feel good about themselves
6) Protect them from their greatest fears
7) Keep it up today, tomorrow, this year and next
8) Pray for them

See each and every one of us can do all these things. It takes some brain strength and you may fail occasionally. But you get good at it in a very short time.

Studies that show what people in healthy marriages do:

- Shared Spirituality
- Have a support system of other couples who strongly believe in Marriage
- Frequently Affirm each other
- Spend quality and quantity time together
-Communicate and Listen easily and well
- Approach conflict constructively as a learning experience
- Have a mutually satisfying sexual relationship
- Are open to change
- Have s sense of commitment and faithfulness to one another
- Have unity based on shared values and goals
- Have a sense of Play and humor
- Have a deep sense of Trust
- continue to experience Forgiveness
- Value service to each other

These are Desire Builders

- Affirmation
- Positive attitude
- “Present and Future” Focused
- Communication
- Cooperative attitude
- Forgiveness
- Affection
- Positive “self Talk”
- Change
- Reliability
- Romance
- Prayer

These are Desire destroyers
- Criticism
- Withdrawal
- Negative attitude
- Continueing Negative behaviors
- No communication
- No reliance on God or lack of spirituality
- Holding a grudge’
- Name calling
- Negative “self talk”
- Disrespect
- “Must win” Attitude
- Living the past

When you first meet someone new... you have all the above in a natural way... over time, things change and you lose vision, lose those happiness feeling because what you thought was "better" ends up not being so good... we fake things when we meet someone new.. we don't tell them our natual hair color... about our teeth we got fixed... the bad things we did in history.... and all this comes out over time... We must then fight to keep Desire destroyers from taking place... Both partners in the relationship must be aware... How will both know if you both don't learn these things... please, Retrouvaille is good and will help... do it.

Peace for all!

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ats: i know i may be the last person to be on the side of reconcilliation after all i am not....but i am here to tell you that i don't think you are ready, and i also think that you are not making this decision on a clear head, i think you are angry with her, i think the stress of the weekend put added tension upon your expectations and she failed miserably in your perhaps this was a test of sorts for you....and lets say it that is exactly what it was....she failed this weekend, but not too long ago ats you were genuinely finding some peace and some happiness....your wife is a work in progress...and from what you have posted she is progressing...she may not be progressing at your speed...and granted there are times when it should be on warp speed, after all look at how much time our ws's have already wasted...but that is not realistic...

i think you will regret these actions if you do not take a little time to think them through...throwing a wedding band is not calm and rational...its anger, pure and simple anger...which btw you have a right to feel....but not to act on.....act on your beliefs, act on faith, act on facts, act on time....time is your friend, as much as it is an enemy it is your freind....i just do not want to see you take actions that you will end up regretting...and i don't mean a week from now, but a year from now or 10 years from now....i think you need to give it a bit more time, and you both need counseling....and if after giving it your all...after when your emotions are not so raw and you could be calm and rational, if then you want to proceed to the path of divorce, then go for it...but not until you could honestly say that you will not have regrets about this later....take the path of least regret always...


i am taking my life back, one step at a time!!!!!

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Atsen: I agree with Miracle. Please do not make decisions from an emotional place. You have had an extraordinarily tough weekend. I don't know how you got through it. I had trouble just spending a few hours at a BBQ with inlaws who didn't even know! You had to spend a weekend with inlaws who did.

Give yourself some time. There is nothing wrong with going to the lawyer just for info, but don't file as of yet. As Miracle has pointed out, your posts have been sounding positive.

I suggest, rereading some of your latest posts to make sure of your feelings. You have every right to be angry, upset, devastated, betrayed, etc!!!


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