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The "Just Sayin'" Thread. A Place to Place Your Random Thoughts

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ImNellNow posted 2/6/2012 12:22 PM

1. If it's so "cute" it makes you vomit, then it should be featured on, not

2. I am unable to get over the sheer audacity of someone I work with. And who should thank HR every day for moving her department offsite/out of go-to-her-office-and-beat-her-about-the-head range. And who should also just quit her job if she doesn't want to do it. Grr.

3. I love Smithwicks.

ETA: Just sayin'. Just sayin'. Just sayin'.

[This message edited by ImNellNow at 12:53 PM, February 6th (Monday)]

StoryHour posted 2/6/2012 12:40 PM

There is cake in the office next to mine. Lawd help me.

Ellejay posted 2/6/2012 18:27 PM

I want chocolate. I want it now. It is 10.55 am in Adelaide, is it too early for chocolate? What is the chocolate etiquette these days? Is having it after 12 noon acceptable because you may have actually eaten something healthier (like breakfast) beforehand. after 3 pm less of a guilt trip? If you have it too late in the evening, it may keep you awake??

Fuck it, I'm just having it anyway.


ImNellNow posted 2/9/2012 11:53 AM

Jessica Simpson comandeered my brain this morning.

I have new volumizing shampoo. On the bottle it says "100% BODY!" Which confused me. Is it for my hair? Cuz it says "body."

I did figure it out eventually.

Just sayin'.

jo2love posted 2/9/2012 16:17 PM

Dear Self,
It's hard to take your glasses off your face when they are on the top of your head.



[This message edited by jo2love at 4:17 PM, February 9th (Thursday)]

deathbybetrayal posted 2/9/2012 21:23 PM

Tired of working 12 hour days. Not complainin', just sayin'


caregiver9000 posted 2/9/2012 21:29 PM

yesterday was an emergency chocolate day. After getting stuck behind someone power couponing... at 7am?? (really? just sayin') I gave in and bought chocolate. Made it through the day but checked the chocolate this am as it ight be needed.

Melted chocolate? ugh. Radiator heat sucks. The steam mirage that happens at my windows when I open them so we can breathe and not die is proof positive. Loss of emergency chocolate stash is a crime against nature. Just sayin'

RS2731 posted 2/10/2012 07:59 AM

Dear PITA Coworker:

When you walk into someone's office and they are on the phone, obviously on a BUSINESS conference call, that is not an invitation for you to pull up a chair and start talking about your personal life.

Just sayin.

ImNellNow posted 2/10/2012 10:24 AM

I see PITA and read it as PETA every. single. time. And rarely are the two acronyms interchangeable.

Just sayin'.

RS2731 posted 2/10/2012 10:26 AM

I see PITA and read it as PETA every. single. time. And rarely are the two acronyms interchangeable.

jo2love posted 2/10/2012 15:32 PM

One of our neighbors is powerwalking with a cape and a bright red cap that looks like cherry.

She made me giggle.

just sayin'

unchained2u posted 2/11/2012 14:20 PM

Nights In White Satin just came on the radio, ahhhhhhhh what a GREAT memory !!!


Sad in AZ posted 2/11/2012 14:29 PM

It's gorgeous outside, but I promised myself I would clean the house...and now I'm on SI...and what I really want is a nap.

Just sayin...

kernel posted 2/11/2012 21:55 PM

Cleaning the bathroom is sooooo much easier when you're only cleaning up after yourself. And sorry guys, but people who sit down to pee make a lot less of a mess!!! Just sayin!

vtach posted 2/12/2012 02:32 AM

Dear boss, I'm not sure of what leadership training you recently attended BUT...squeezing my male coworkers nipple to simulate lactation...not good. Also, when I was relaying some info to you and you grabbed me by my shirt to show what you would have done...not good. Get a grip dude....mentally.

Just sayin....

aesir posted 2/12/2012 02:58 AM

I see PITA and read it as PETA every. single. time. And rarely are the two acronyms interchangeable.

I thought they were always interchangeable. Just sayin'.

Threnody posted 2/13/2012 15:33 PM

Dear Local McDonald's,

How hard is it to pick up a cup, put it under the milkshake dispenser, and pour a goddamned milkshake? You just fucked this up FOR FOUR DIFFERENT ONES. Someone from your corporate office contacted me on Twitter a few months back to offer drink vouchers because of a complaint I made regarding your McCafe training. I turned the vouchers down. Now I'm thinking I should have asked for vouchers FOR LIFE and driven the 15 miles to the next McDonald's to use them. I've put up with enough over the past five years, ever since we moved to this little town.

My requests are simple. They are on your menu. And yet you can't manage them, ever. They're only drinks.

Now I've got three kids who earned a milkshake treat, and who can't drink theirs because you ALSO shoved red cherries down into the drink. Not just set them on top. Shoved. Them. Down. My children are allergic to the red dye. And the Shamrock Shake I ordered? The green dye was all at the bottom. The top of the shake was white. I blended it myself when I got home and it tastes like ass. You put three or four more squirts of that stuff in than you were obviously supposed to. It was the first to get dumped.

You bunch of twisted fucknuts.


Hope you all get zits,

jadedheart posted 2/13/2012 15:51 PM

just sayin'!

Sad in AZ posted 2/14/2012 06:02 AM

I'm getting really tired of hearing Whitney Houston songs...

Just sayin'

jadedheart posted 2/14/2012 06:11 AM

to my two teenagers and their 9 year old going on 18 lil brother. If you do not get out of bed when your alarm goes and I have to yell at you more than 3 times I WILL use that big ole airhorn that is on top of the frig! That should wake your sleep butt right up!

Phoenix519 posted 2/14/2012 07:03 AM

If you're 80 and you're riding a hover 'round in the grocery store please PLEASE don't try to get it into the bathroom. It won't fit.

And the "beep, beep BANG, beep, beep BANG" as you're backing up and moving forward trying to get it unstuck only grates on the already frayed nerves of the person standing in line waiting to get into the bathroom.

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