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Betrayed Spouse S.T. D. Support

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0115 posted 12/16/2011 23:58 PM

Before the A I was somewhat against it. Now my DD appt is next week.

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 12/18/2011 21:46 PM

re: Guardasil- I definitely plan to get it for DD.

Ya'll, I am struggling tonight!! Fresh new outbreak. I'm going on three months like this and I am losing my mind. I'm on meds, but they aren't working right. I went to an emergency doc this AM- she had nothing, but some lidocaine. She didn't even look- stood across the room from me. It made me feel so dirty.

0115 posted 12/18/2011 22:23 PM

Are you serious?? That's BS!!! I'm so sorry thoughtiknewyou. What kind of freakin' bedside manner is that???

I don't have any advice on what you're dealing with, just a compassionate ear and kind thoughts for you.

I have a Dr appt tomorrow. I've been on the meds 8 weeks now but the warts aren't gone and I still have tons of questions.

Good luck all.

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 12/22/2011 11:06 AM

Well, I had my appointment with a really good Doctor (she teaches at the medical university where she also practices). It seems I have a medicine-resistant strain of Herpes. Well, shit!! They took swabs of the sores, so they can grow the virus in the lab and see which meds it's resistant to and which ones it responds to. She switched me to Famvir, for now, but I am itchy, itchy, itchy. I go back in early Jan. I just pray I don't spend all of the holidays crying and in pain. I'm scared of this stuff!! What I have been through has been really traumatizing. Three months... I can't do it any longer. I NEED for it to go away!!

painpaingoaway posted 12/24/2011 21:17 PM

Oh no TIKY, I am soooo sorry!

I have a medicine-resistant strain of Herpes.
How horrible! I hope you find relief soon.

0115 posted 12/26/2011 12:45 PM

Thought I Knew you,

Did the Famvir help at all? I hope your holiday was bearable. Been thinking of you.


ThoughtIKnewYa posted 12/26/2011 13:17 PM

Thanks for asking!! It's so easy to feel alone in all of this!

I *think* the Famvir is working. I'm not 100%, but I'm not in awful shape, either. Just crossing my fingers that it continues to get better, whether it's from running the natural course of the virus or from the Famvir. I just want to feel normal.

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 12/28/2011 19:40 PM

UPDATE: My Dr. called yesterday AM and I missed her call. I received a call from her nurse yesterday afternoon. She said, "You're calling about the results from your HSV?". I said that I was and she said, "It's negative." and I said, "Do you mean that it's not resistant?", and she said, "No. I mean that there was no virus for them to culture." I stuttered and stammered for a minute and, finally, asked her to have the Dr. call me back because I was really confused. I hung-up and called the first Dr., who gave me the positive results a couple of years ago, and left a message for them to call me.

Nobody called. Nobody called me back yesterday- and nobody called me back today!!!!!!

I don't even know what I'm supposed to be doing!! Do I continue taking this med???? Is it Herpes or something else??? WTF??? THIS is EXACTLY WHY it took me two months to go to a Dr., to start with. They never help me. I just throw my money away and nobody ever helps me.

[This message edited by ThoughtIKnewYa at 7:41 PM, December 28th (Wednesday)]

SeanFLA posted 12/28/2011 20:11 PM

I was tested for all STDs and HIV after I found out she sleep with a military guy who was serving overseas. When i was 27 my 28 year old cousin whom I grew up with died of AIDS. It was one of the most horrific things Ive ever seen. I watched him waste away from 180 lbs to 89 lbs. The movie Philadelphia doesn't do it justice. We were married a year then and my WW saw how it effected my immediate family. It still does. My WW is on birth control so I know protection was not used. When I found out I was so judgemental on her and began screaming at her as to how she could put my life in jeopardy like that. I don't believe she was ever tested for anything. She said she was but I'm sure not for HIV. Please get tested if you haven't.

0115 posted 12/28/2011 21:39 PM sorry for your loss. It's just so sad...he was so young Just words to do it justice.

Thought...I agree...WTH??? My Dr is in health system where I can email ALL my questions. It's nice because he's good about replying to everything. If you get a new Dr, maybe something to think about. Please keep us filled in. I'm praying for you. Have you checked WebMD? Purplejacket4 was also very helpful on another thread...she might have some insight and said I could PM her.
Hang in's GOING to get better and 2012 WILL be a better year!!!

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 12/29/2011 11:38 AM


I FINALLY received a return call. The negative test doesn't mean I don't have it, just that there wasn't any virus on my skin, at the time of the swab. The Dr. was a bit surprised about that because of the amount of inflammation that she saw. So, I'm going back on Jan. 12th and she's going to try again. She said she'll do a biopsy, if she has to, so she can get it.

The drugs for the resistant strains are all IV and can carry some heavy side effects, so they want to know WHICH one instead of just doing it by trial and error. That sounds good to me. I just hope I can hold steady or improve between now and then. I DO NOT want to go backwards!!

painpaingoaway posted 1/4/2012 21:08 PM

Thought, are you okay?

Thell posted 1/5/2012 00:27 AM

Although I didn't get an STD from the unprotected sex my husband had during his affair with our close mutual friend, I just want to add my voice here to the support for getting tested. My husband's initial response on being asked (by my physician) to get STD tested after revealing the affair was that he had only slept with our friend, and she was definitely not sleeping with anyone but him and her husband... which was in fact true. He agreed to it despite his confidence that he had not been at risk for disease.

What neither my husband nor the OW knew was that her own husband was seeing a prostitute regularly. So even in practically the supposedly """best""" (did I use enough quotes?) situation in terms of disease safety, there was still a wide open door to the sexual history of dozens, maybe hundreds of other people.

Not sure if I should tell this part or not, but hopefully it's not offensive to anyone (I do take STDs extremely seriously)... He went to the hospital on the day he got blood drawn for testing on his motorcycle, but he didn't come home for quite some time and I grew a bit concerned. When at last he did get back, he opened the door and leaned against the frame looking pale and badly shaken. My heart went cold. He finally said, "well, I owe you an apology." My heart about stopped. Then, he finished, "it actually really, really does suck to faint." Oy.

Of course, we didn't have the results for several suspenseful days (he was clean in the end), but knowing he'd gotten a tiny bit of karma helped with the wait.

forgivingnow posted 1/5/2012 08:09 AM

Is bacterial vaginitis always STD related?

realgood2u posted 1/5/2012 11:35 AM

Just sent you a PM.

In my case BV arrived with the A. Just sayin'.

painpaingoaway posted 1/10/2012 10:22 AM

Bumping for newbies

southsidecali posted 1/10/2012 18:18 PM

I just got back from a biopsy of some growths down there. I had a Vag inf awhile back but the itching never quite went away, then I noticed some bumps on the labia area and finally got around to working the courage to get checked out.
Based on all I have read I "think" I am leaning towards warts/hpv...I am scared, angry, I want to email him telling him to die a slow painful death.
To top it off we have visitation battle ongoing now, I have 3yr old girl will he infect her through kiss touch??? Ougghhh

painpaingoaway posted 1/10/2012 19:07 PM

I doubt he could infect her, but you definitely need to get all this documented.

I am so sorry!

SkeerdButHopeful posted 1/10/2012 20:06 PM

Question: Do STD's have a foul odor?

0115 posted 1/10/2012 22:43 PM


So sorry you've been given this condition I am in the process of trying to build my immunity to get rid of them...tried zyclara and it worked a little but they're still there.

Skeerd I know BV has an odor...not sure about the others. Sorry you're here are you doing?

Thell...glad it turned out can't be tested for HPV but could still get the warts or the kind that leads to cervical cancer. Be sure to get your Pap smears and I'd keep checking for signs of HPV...mine appeared 9 months after dday. Hope luck stays on your side

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