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My new video thread ... post em here ...

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Jpapageorge posted 4/15/2012 03:38 AM

For those who are losing motivation:

booger bear posted 4/15/2012 04:07 AM

Nickelback ...

Drowning Pool ...

Staind .....

Audioslave ...

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booger bear posted 4/15/2012 04:15 AM

this is all Nirvana ...

ok must try and sleep ... will get into the Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam tomorrow ...

and I guess go back an label the ones I have posted so far ... that would help huh ???

booger bear posted 4/15/2012 12:58 PM

ok so let's start with Pearl Jam ...

booger bear posted 4/15/2012 13:06 PM

Chili Peppers ......

booger bear posted 4/15/2012 13:18 PM

Offspring .......

Stone Temple Pilots ..... ... I am sure David Letterman was sooo happy to have them on his show

Sponge ....

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booger bear posted 4/15/2012 17:09 PM

My fave station from home ...

my other fave station from home ...

booger bear posted 4/15/2012 19:24 PM


ok I swear I am done ... will look for regular videos ...

Jpapageorge posted 4/15/2012 19:38 PM

Hehehehe, first she posted a link with Sandra saying b***s now BB is posting links about b**h. Shouldn't the link for nirvana follow b***s and b**h?

booger bear posted 4/15/2012 19:59 PM

can you have a stacked thread in your own thread ???

and sometimes nirvana follows and sometimes it is

well it is just not there ...

Jpapageorge posted 4/15/2012 20:36 PM

Since there is a theme to your choices, how bout the love of Bob:

lingerdog posted 4/16/2012 12:43 PM

From honest trailers. Awesome look at Twilight.!

jo2love posted 4/16/2012 13:04 PM

Linger - That was awesome!!!

lingerdog posted 4/16/2012 13:52 PM

jo2love, I thought so too.

booger bear posted 4/16/2012 19:50 PM

omg .....

that was priceless ...

Jpapageorge posted 4/17/2012 22:31 PM

Some of the best movie lines ever.

Warning strong and sometimes foul language:

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stilllovinghim posted 4/18/2012 08:10 AM

Gonna throw this in the mix 'cause I'm sleep deprived and like Plankton says, "I LOVE messing things up!"


jo2love posted 4/20/2012 08:51 AM

Oh. my. cuteness!

HardenMyHeart posted 4/20/2012 10:46 AM

This morning the classical music station was playing John Philip Sousa's song, The Washington Post March. Sometimes I forget just how uplifting his music is.

A great song:

booger bear posted 4/20/2012 19:14 PM

Full Metal Jacket ... Love that one

Fuck you, THAT'S, my name ... Buwahahaha

thank jpapa I was laughing hysterically ... I so many nicknames now for various people in my life ...

can't wait to use thunder c**t on someone ...

Phew !! He's right I do smell ...... Plankton

and he has such a beautiful voice made me sleepy ...

volume up a little to loud on the puter when the march came on ... beautiful scenery .....

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