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Three things

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capri posted 7/26/2012 00:07 AM

1. The part is here to fix my dryer which means I'm a step closer to not having clothes for 7 hanging all over the house drying! Hooray!

2. Better yet, it's all covered by the warranty.

3. Had my writing group tonight which is the highlight of my week.

4. The end of my teaching quarter is quickly approaching and I'll have more free time.

5. All the kids went to xh's apartment tonight except one daughter. It's wonderfully peaceful here!

capri posted 7/27/2012 23:46 PM

1. I paid off a big bill today!

2. I was invited to expand my teaching to a local arts center and as a result have finally purchased a MIDI keyboard which I'll need for that. I've wanted to replace my broken one for years so I can once again 'write' music by playing it directly into the keyboard, and now I had the perfect excuse. It should be here by this time next week.

3. A friend who lives across town came to trade off kids for sleepovers tonight and the two of us had a really nice, long walk around the park. We always have so much to talk about and I enjoy her company because no matter what happens, she can tell it with a smile on her face and laughing at life and people's foibles.

4. I got a LOT accomplished today.

HillBillie posted 7/28/2012 00:08 AM

1. My students have got my back so hard there's no way I can fall down. College kids are awesome (and much stronger physically than my middle-aged ass will ever be )

2. My living room is the most relaxing haven ever, thanks to good friends who helped me paint and a landlord who said painting was OK.

3. I cut almost 2 feet off my hair and it looks pretty darned good.

tesla posted 7/28/2012 00:08 AM

So far on this trip I have driven 4,200 miles. Here are three things I'm grateful for on this drive:

1. Incredibly beautiful scenery that reminds me this world is a big, wonderful place with infinite possibilities. I will not let stbx and his crappy decisions hold me down.

2. My mom. She invited Teslet and I on this adventure to visit her cousin and aunt. There would have been no adventure without her and my dad's generosity.

3. Teslet's imagination. I was very worried that this long of a trip with a 3 year old was going to be hell. Turns out the little guy is a fantastic traveller and can keep himself entertained for hours. I see many more adventures in our future!

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phmh posted 7/29/2012 12:35 PM

1. Went to a craft beer festival with my parents, sisters, and BIL last night. Had a wonderful day. I am lucky to have a great family.

2. Despite drinking too much last night, I ran a great 10 mile race this morning. Passed a few people at the end, made a new friend (woman in my age group will probably join the team I race for); I almost didn't go this morning as I wasn't feeling well, but now I'm so glad I did!

3. About to head out with my family again; trying to spend lots of time with them while my sisters are in town. There will be no alcohol today :)

thebighurt posted 7/29/2012 21:50 PM

1) Had a nice time with DS's family at an outing. Got ice cream after.

2) Attended a lovely community event at the invitation of xpos's sister who hates him too. She has a near-twin of him for an ex. Really enjoyed all of it. Absolutely beautiful day today!

3) Had a nice talk with DD, who wasn't feeling well but is doing better.

travels posted 7/29/2012 22:08 PM

1) I received benign results this week.

2) I took a day trip with my parents to a lake. There was very little arguing. This is always a good thing with my parents.

3) I was able to spend some time with my nieces today.

better4me posted 7/30/2012 08:19 AM

1)a very good friend was in town for the weekend. Spent time with her and our group of four friends. Got my bucket filled.
2)received hugs and kisses from my friend's 3 year old son yesterday.
3) it rained....ahhhh

mixedemotions posted 8/1/2012 23:27 PM

1. After hearing my story, my landlord's realtor convinced the landlord to let me out of the lease! That means I'm no longer stuck in a place too big and too expensive for my comfort level and can move on to a place that has no bad memories!

2. Within a day of posting an ad, I have many potential tenants including 1 woman who I felt instantly connected to and I think we're going to become friends! She's gone through divorce too and wants to be there for me if I need to talk. There are some really nice people in the world : )

3. Against major odds, 1 spot opened in a class I wanted and I happened to check at the right time so I could switch into it from a different class. The change in schedule means I'm now in a class with a dear friend AND that I'm able to join a group of young professionals on a Junior Board that meets the night I would have otherwise had class!

Life is very, very good to me!

mixedemotions posted 8/1/2012 23:35 PM

I'm adding another because it happened on Monday. I have been sad all week that I couldn't share this with STBX after realizing that he doesn't really care...I should have remembered I have this space to share it!

I went to my internship for the first time on Monday. I'll be working there about 30 hours a week for the next year and it's a big step in my career, so something I'm pretty anxious about.

One of the supervisors who interviewed me was there and said he was glad to get to tell me now what he was thinking in the interview and wasn't allowed to say. He said I'm very smart, I really know my stuff, and I'm ready for a job with them, not just an internship and they are lucky to have me. I've been beaming ever since! I respect their work so much and it feels amazing to be thought of like that. Take THAT STBX and all the mean things you used to say to bring me down!

better4me posted 8/2/2012 23:52 PM

1.) There is a beautiful full moon tonight with really interesting clouds framing it
2.) Sat on my deck just now looking at the moon and listening to the tree frogs
3.) Looking forward to dinner with friends tomorrow night

Bebba1171 posted 8/3/2012 06:04 AM

1) Good buddy is coming into town tonight to play golf tomorrow
2) Just booked a work related trip to San Diego for next week and will get to stay with my little sister.
3) Hada great customer meeting yesterday that should result in a big sale soon.

phmh posted 9/11/2012 19:17 PM

It's been a long time since this has been brought up here in NB!!!

1. We had our big client conference and it was a smashing success. I got a ton of compliments on my behavior, clients gave my bosses positive feedback, etc.

2. I was selected to be the handler for our guest speaker at the conference. He's a famous guy, and rather a personal hero of mine, so this was great. He gave me a huge hug when he met me and we chatted for a few minutes. Then I was joking around with his bodyguards and we just had a great time.

3. I am working hard on expanding my friend circle and being a true friend. This has been rewarded with many invitations, and right now I have 5 things scheduled in the next 2 weeks with different friends or groups of friends.

4. One of our biggest clients absolutely loves me! He's got the ear of my big boss, and he was telling her how fabulous I am. We laughed so much this weekend, and his wife gave me an open invitation to come to their house whenever (I will not do this, but the thought was nice!)

5. I was trying today to think of the last time someone was mean to me. It must have been my XWH, but he's so insignificant now, that I can't even think of a specific example. Life is so great!

Bebba1171 posted 9/11/2012 19:46 PM

Great Thread.

1) Just returned from a quick 9 holes on the golf course. So nice and peaceful. The only noises were a gander of geese flying over and my dogs hunting squirrels. Didn't crack any trees with errant shots which was nice.

2) Went for a nice run in the morning and met up with a lawyer friend who congratulated me on my recent divorce trial.

3)Got news that my new golf cart has arrived in town and being prepared for delivery to my house.

4) My son was over this afternoon. He has been offered a couple free tickets to an Indiana football game of his choice by the University and wants me to take him to my alma mater.

5) I just read a nice post by PHMH who I respect a lot. I am so happy for her new beginning.

Kajem posted 9/11/2012 19:57 PM

1. Finding this thread... I have neglected my gratitude journal and been feeling guilty about that.

2. I had a giggle fest with my 4 month old granddaughter today. Nothing like baby belly laughs to make you giggle.

3. I have the house to myself tonight.. a rarety. I plan on watching a movie no one else wants to watch.. and a bubble bath.

GreenMom posted 9/12/2012 14:42 PM

1. my baby turned 3 yrs old yesterday and we had a good time celebrating

2. I got to spend the afternoon with a good friend last sunday

3. tonight I get a few hours of "me time" and I'm going to make the most of it

GreenMom posted 9/13/2012 12:14 PM

I need to do more gratitudes and less pity parties so here's another post

1. Awesome lunch at the office
2. Home visiting teacher tonight who the kids love
3. Friday Eve!!!!

phmh posted 9/13/2012 18:22 PM

1. More compliments at work. The guy I respect most stopped by my office today to thank me for joining the team. I've been there nearly 5 months and they are still this!

2. Just got back from a great run in the rain, which always energizes me and makes me feel bad-ass since most people don't run outside in the rain.

3. I finally have my second date tonight with the guy from a few weeks ago. We had to postpone a couple of times due to my work, but he was understanding and I'm excited!

tlartclark posted 9/13/2012 20:31 PM

1. figured out why I have been having muscle pains - and its an easy fix

2. Every one of my senior classes today was on point and had insights. Always makes me happy when that happens

3. Had an incredible slice of quiche for lunch.

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blinders_off posted 9/13/2012 21:44 PM

1. I am blessed with wonderful friends. Had a couple of beers with my friend Stephen tonight and didn't mention my ex -- a first.

2. Fantastic weather. Walked 30 blocks downtown, lovely.

3. Came home and rewatched my favorite ACI, life-affirming and highly recommended for all NB-ers. Watch till the very last sentence.

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