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Three things

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blinders_off posted 9/14/2012 19:18 PM

1) Awesome laser facial w my fav aesthetician. Thanks, Lifebooker!

2) Took a multivitamin this am, had fresh fruit juice (juice cart on the sidewalk, so convenient), and took a supplement called Calm-Plex, has something called "L-Theanine", anyhow I did feel calm.

3) Work projects falling into place. Thing we're trying for the first time got tweaked at 4pm and magically began working; could save megabucks and time.

4) Found free books on stoop. Thrillers etc. Am about to read Pet Semetary for the first time.

5) Low-hassle sandwich for dinner, with avocado.

6) Took the recycling down.

7) Smoked less today. I think partly due to the supplement.

8) Can read NY Times articles free if you click on links to them from google or google news.

9) Found Burt's Bees lip balm 3-pack at dollar store.

10) management company extended my month-to-month lease for 2 months with zero hassle

11) Working with some really nice people on one project I care about

12) Fresh sheets and duvet cover

: )

phmh posted 9/14/2012 19:40 PM

1. Got a couple of more projects completed at work today.

2. J, the guy I went on a date with last night, sent me a text first thing this morning to tell me what a great time he had :)

3. J and I are going to the Queen rockumentary that premieres next Thursday. I love Queen! None of my friends wanted to go with me, but he's super excited about it since he loves them, too. I was going to just go alone, but this will be more fun.

4. My new sheets and duvet cover that I ordered arrived a week earlier than expected (today!), so I get to sleep on them tonight, after they get out of the dryer.

5. I had to go to a work luncheon thing, and I won the centerpiece off of my table, so I have gorgeous, fragrant flowers on my dining room table right now.

6. Fall is arriving and, with that, sweater weather. Yum!

luv2swim posted 9/17/2012 04:38 AM

1. The puppy appears to finally be house trained (no accidents in the past 3 weeks!)

2. Discovered my local market now carries peppermint chocolate tea that actually tastes wonderful!! .. and has zero calories.

3. Had a great skype today with my eldest child who is loving grad school this semester!

4. Sky tonight is so clear and dark I saw the Milkyway (swoonable moment).

5. Sunday comics!

6. Fresh, local fruit for breakfast ... and there is still some for tomorrow.

GreenMom posted 9/17/2012 08:44 AM

1. Took my kids to the zoo and they had a blast
2. Went to the movies with my friend nad had a great time
3. Got to enjoy some reading with both kids so tired they went to bed early

phmh posted 9/17/2012 20:44 PM

1. You know how certain compliments sometimes mean more depending on who gives them? I received one from a friend that meant a lot.

2. One of my onerous volunteer responsibilities is about to end. Just 3 weeks to go and I'm done forever!

3. At least 7 of my new coworkers are planning to come out to cheer me on in the marathon! I'm not sure if they will actually come, but the thought is nice. Most of the ones who are coming live less than a block from the course, so I have to tell them what time I am likely to run past their house.

GreenMom posted 9/19/2012 09:37 AM

1. Had both kids in bed by 9:00pm so I got to get to sleep early too

2. Got to play a game with my sister last night

3. Took a walk in the sunny fall awesomeness yesterday on lunch break

phmh posted 9/21/2012 20:10 PM

1. Had my third date with a guy last night and had a fabulous time, even if he is a bit of an enigma. Had this happened a few months ago, I would have been freaking out, but now I'm just taking things one day at a time :)

2. Massage tomorrow with my amazing massage therapist.

3. My favorite local brewery has special edition beers and you never know if they're going to make your favorite again. I was at the store this evening and they had my absolute favorite ever -- it had been probably three years since I had it!!! I may have to go tomorrow and buy more, but since I was walking, I could only get two four-packs.

4. My parents are coming into town Sunday and we're spending the day together doing a special even put on by my city.

5. I fixed my bike, so starting Monday, I am a bicycle commuter!

6. I am rocking out to Queen's Greatest Hits right now, and Freddie Mercury has the best voice ever. What talent!

phmh posted 9/22/2012 21:17 PM

1. Today I went to the consignment shop and found a lot of really great bargains. (Work clothes.) I told the lady behind me in line to go ahead since she was buying one thing and I had something like 30 things. She was so nice that she gave me a 10% off coupon to the store, saving me quite a bit of money

2. My parents surprised me by taking me out to dinner. We're spending the day together tomorrow, so I didn't think they'd come up today, as well.

3. Got a massage today, and it was great, as always. I've been going to him since 07 or 08, and we've developed this really great friendship over the years, so it's always nice to see him, in addition to getting the massage!

tesla posted 9/22/2012 21:35 PM

1. Last night Telset and I had a special little outing to an ice cream shop and the book store. We picked up a couple of books to add to the reading pile at bedtime.

2. Had a great coaching day! Love cheering the girls on and helping them plan race strategies.

3. I bought a book for myself and am actually reading it! Pre d-day I was an avid reader. This is the first book post d-day that I've been able to immerse myself in and not get distracted by divorce/infidelity bullshit.

thebighurt posted 9/22/2012 22:07 PM

1. Watched a classic about Ireland in prep for my trip.
2. Watched it with a good friend who has been there and who appreciated the beautiful scenery and music, and we also had a nice visit.
3. Made a veggie pizza, mostly from harvest veggies given to me and it is very good!

GreenMom posted 9/24/2012 08:21 AM

1. Had a fantastic time with one of my good friends over the weekend.
2. Got my garage cleaned out with plenty of room to fit my car and still get at my freezer, yay.
3. Had an overall good weekend between accomplishing things, socializing, and relaxing.

phmh posted 10/5/2012 23:29 PM

How did this get to page 7?

1. Was planning on just staying in tonight, but my friends convinced me to go to this reception where I met an Olympian and ended up having a great time. dinner!

2. My coworkers are just so amazing. They decorated my office and bought me presents for an important event that is happening in my life. They just go above and beyond, and I still can't believe it most days.

3. I get to sleep in tomorrow -- this will be the first Saturday where I could do this since probably February. I am so excited!

inconnu posted 10/6/2012 19:30 PM

1. I spent several hours today doing much needed yardwork with my sons. Then I took them out for a late breakfast. My yard looks so much better, and I got to spend quality time with 2 of my most favorite people.

2. I exercised 4 days last week.

3. The temperature is supposed to drop overnight, and tomorrow the high will be around 70 degrees, instead of the 90 it hit today.

phmh posted 10/8/2012 21:58 PM

1. Got two nice financial surprises today! My old job is keeping me on as an on-call consultant for an additional 3 months, and I referred a friend to work at my new company, which came with a surprise referral fee since they hired her! Plus, I now get to work with my friend.

2. Went to the movies with a friend this evening; got to see a classic silent movie with a live orchestra playing in the background. It was so good, and I know that we'll be referencing this movie throughout our friendship. I love building shared history and memories like that!

3. Today marked the start of my 3rd week as a bicycle commuter. Door to door, it's faster than driving my car, and I get some sneaky exercise in. Score!

GreenMom posted 10/8/2012 22:11 PM

1. Had a fantastic time over the weekend - girls night out, lots of dancing, and sleeping in!

2. Signed a lease last Friday! Excited to move in a month

3. Starting to get back into my groove at work

exhausted lady posted 10/8/2012 22:17 PM

I love this thread! I just posted to a newbie that she needed to start a "Gratitude List" and a "Thinks I Like About Me List. I hope she sees this - Three Things List too.

1) I finally got everything squared away in my house after my annual biker bash celebrating the end of summer (and riding). It was a GREAT party saturday, and I've had several people call me to tell me how much fun they had. I finally got the last guest out the door about noon-ish on sunday. No drunk driving from my house!

2) I got the financial stuff done at the parent's today. It has become apparent that I need to take over paying the bills, and have online access to monitor stuff. Thankfully, things are in place so I can do this. Tomorrow. It was kind of scary today.

3) That damned Texan (my loving nickname for the best FWB on earth) will be here wednesday. I am soooo looking forward to seeing him again! Yeah, he'll be headed back to Texas, but he came through for me when I needed a good friend.

So....from Wednesday thru the weekend, I'm gonna be MIA. Enjoying some long-past due time with him....and just having fun. I'll talk to y'all after I recover.

thebighurt posted 10/9/2012 00:22 AM

Yay for everyone posting here. Phmh for biking and everything else, el for a long awaited weekend, GreenMom, Tesla, inconnu - thanks for sharing things that are great in your life. Things going on in my life now:

2. A GREAT financial planner!
3. My wonderful, supportive children and grandchildren that make me happy every day!

[This message edited by thebighurt at 12:23 AM, October 9th (Tuesday)]

JustDone posted 10/9/2012 15:10 PM

1) DD1 had a fab birthday party last night, got all the kids to the restaurant and back to my house in one piece, and the kitchen is now CLEAN once again...

2) My volunteer 'job' these past 2 weeks with an organization I've been involved with for 10 years had a great event, even with the bad weather, and we finished on time...

3) Enjoying a quiet day (no school :) at home with my 2 kiddies, warm & cozy with my new wood stove fireplace insert.

Ahhhhh, Fall.

phmh posted 10/9/2012 18:48 PM

tbh, I can't wait to hear all about your Ireland trip!

1. Went for a walk at lunch, breaking up my day with exercise and happiness.

2. Planning a bachelorette party for a good friend; it is going to be so much fun!

3. I got invited to the suite at a huge college basketball game later this year. True, it's for work so I'll have to entertain our clients, but exciting that I was chosen!

GreenMom posted 10/10/2012 08:19 AM

1. Dinner tonight with a friend!

2. Good night's sleep last night!

3. Kick ass work out plans for today!

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