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Three things

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InnerLight posted 5/31/2012 20:20 PM

1) life affirming dream starring magical creatures

2) paid my mortgage and had money to do it including $12 towards the principle

3)just feel happy

phmh posted 5/31/2012 20:21 PM

Yay! So much fun to read everyone's successes! And post every day or as often as you want!

For me, today:

1. Had a big meeting/party after work and I met 10 new people today -- always good to network!

2. There were lots of vegetarian options at the work dinner, and they were delicious (I had forgotten how much I love cornbread!)

3. The items I requested from the library last week came in; I didn't have time to pick them up tonight since work ran late, but now I have something to look forward to for tomorrow!

tesla posted 5/31/2012 20:43 PM

I'll play again! I love reading about everyone's 'three things'

1. Able to get out of the house for a cup of coffee with a friend.

2. New position came up in the school district that I'm qualified completed and submitted another application.

3. Teslet and I are snuggling and watching an episode of "Curious George" before his bedtime.

inconnu posted 5/31/2012 20:49 PM

3 things for me today:

1. got a great text this morning at just the right time from SO about..well, private stuff

2. had a package with 2 new books from amazon waiting for me when I got home from work

3. when I came on SI tonight I saw a great update post from someone I worry about

phmh posted 6/1/2012 19:45 PM

I had another fabulous day, so I'm going again! (Maybe I should just get a blog!)

1. Just as I was psyching myself up to go out for an after-work run, I got a text from a friend inviting me to meet her for a killer hill workout. So I got socializing in and a better workout than I would have done alone.

2. Now that I'm cooking for one, I frequently have leftovers, so I get a delicious meal tonight without having to do much work (since I already did the work!) Also, I will only get compliments on my cooking since it's just me :)

3. After I got a little too tipsy Good Friday, I gave up wine until June, which means there is a bottle with my name on it for tonight. Yay!

See you tomorrow -- with the day I have planned, it might be tough to narrow it down to three :) My NB is fantastic!

nowiknow23 posted 6/1/2012 19:52 PM

Today's three:

1. Kicked ass with the management review I had to lead today at work. Complimented by my director and the group VP.

2. Got to share a big tub of popcorn (hold the "butter") with DD as we took in the matinee of "Snow White and the Huntsman." She loved the movie, I loved the special effects, and we got to spend the afternoon together.

3. Realtor set up two more showings for this weekend on top of tomorrow's open house. Fingers crossed!

noone posted 6/2/2012 00:31 AM

1)After a long, hard week at work, as much as I love my kids I'm REALLY enjoying and thankful for some alone time tonight.

2)Even after what I said above I am thankful that this weekend I will have BOTH kids home.

3) I'm thankful that as it warms up this week that I have central AC here to sleep comfortably.

4)I'm thankful for my cheetos and green apple vodka that I am relaxing with tonight.

5)I'm thankful and proud of the kids I have especially when my DD and I went out to dinner tonight and she told me she is thinking that after she graduates (she's in college) she is thinking of working for the UN as a translator.

6)On nights like tonight, even though there are times I still miss my WexSO, I'm glad not to be dealing with his drama.

7)I'm thankful for SI and for all the support and laughs I have found here. I don't know what I would have done without you.

8) I'm thankful that I have this list and I know with a little more thought I could add to it.

[This message edited by noone at 12:32 AM, June 2nd (Saturday)]

sadsmile posted 6/2/2012 01:14 AM

1) came across this thread, makes me happy!

2) closed 2 large deals we've been working on and a third closed unexpectedly

3) it's a friday!

tesla posted 6/2/2012 19:50 PM

Here's my three for today:

1. Teslet and I went to the farmer's market and picked up some chocolate donuts (veggies too...but you know all Teslet cared about were the donuts )

2. Planted some raspberries and tomatoes in the garden.

3. Ran 5 miles at a great pace.

Amazonia posted 6/2/2012 20:30 PM

1 finally got to see G
2 didn't cut any tendons or nerves
3 got to drink lots of fab sangria at the church potluck tonight

HappilyUnMarried posted 6/2/2012 20:35 PM

1. Saw my DS19 play baseball today. He's had a long, hard time since his dad left with his first whore. It was amazing bragging about his 3.65 GPA to other moms. Just felt great to be proud of my son again!

2. Had a good hair day today!

3. Have a second date with a very neat guy.

kernel posted 6/2/2012 22:35 PM

1) helped DD shop for work clothes (her college grad gift from me) we were very successful and had a grand time
2) shopped for niece's HS graduation gift - we got her a laundry basket full of useful and fun stuff for college - using SI member's ideas from Off-topic
3) did my exercising this morning before we shopped, so relaxed after all the shopping

All in all, a really good day

persevere posted 6/2/2012 22:58 PM

What a GREAT thread!

Since I'm behind I'll start with big recent highlights:

1) Got a contract on my house, just got an offer accepted on a new house that I really like

2) My son graduated HS yesterday - YAY! We had a fabulous party afterward. First family event I've not thought about XWH not being there.

3) My daughter just heard from her BF who is just finishing basic,and hasn't had his phone for two weeks. She is on cloud nine right now.

Life is feeling pretty good right now...I'm very grateful.

nowiknow23 posted 6/2/2012 23:15 PM

Three things for Saturday:

1. Got an offer on my house!

2. Got an unsolicited and unexpected apology from one of wasband's relatives who vaporized from my life after Dday. Although I know better than to let her back into my life (she is BP, NPD, and incredibly unstable), it was an apology I never thought I'd hear, and it set something free in me that I hadn't realized I'd been holding in.

3. My DS and his GF surprised me and DD with a bonfire - complete with sparklers - to celebrate the offer on the house.

SunnySideUp posted 6/2/2012 23:47 PM

In the order in which they occurred today

*woke up to SO telling me 'I love you soooo, sooo much' (he still gives me the goosebumps)

*went and got 2 new tires for my car-much needed

*went yardsaling and for a grand toal of $11, I got 4 Harley-Davidson sweatshirts, a candle, a boogie board for SO, a new set of mini blinds, a solid onyx jewelry box and a Gucci knock off handbag for summer

*(sorry but cant leave this one out) the sun was shining and the sky was blue-a beautiful day on the Jersey Shore

phmh posted 6/3/2012 00:10 AM

I am actually posting Saturday's on Sunday morning because I just got in!

1. Spent the morning volunteering at an ultramarathon. My ex ran it and when I saw him, I was just indifferent. It was great.

2. Went to a fabulous party for my former employer and reconnected with old friends and coworkers.

3. I looked great at the party and received tons of compliments. Yay!

phmh posted 6/7/2012 18:15 PM

OK, been a few days. Who's up for another round?

1. I am reading a fabulous book. It makes me smile and chuckle at least every 2-3 pages. I am very fortunate to live so close to a branch of a first-class library system.

2. At the grocery store today, there were no dandelion greens (for my lizard.) I asked the produce guy (who was rather hot but probably too young for me!) and he found some in the back.

3. I wore my very favorite skirt to work today, which would have been enough of a happy thing on its own, but then a senior manager stopped by just to compliment me on it. I love my coworkers!

nowiknow23 posted 6/7/2012 19:26 PM

Today is a struggle, as the automotive gods continue to toy with me and my bank account mercilessly. However, I'm gonna give it a try.

1. The work day is over, and I have tomorrow off.

2. Tomorrow is payday.

3. Tomorrow is the start of g2g weekend. Can't wait to meet some SI folks in person. WOO HOO!!!

phmh posted 6/7/2012 19:40 PM

Today is a struggle

I think those are the days we need to do this the most!

I am sending you lots of good automotive vibes, and your three things are all very nice and wonderful!!!

Bebba1171 posted 6/7/2012 20:01 PM

1) Took my son to Indiana University for a Future Problem Solving Competition - thirty years after I graduated from there.
2) Had dinner with him at Nick's English Hut. Feasted on a Stromboli Sandwich which was a huge luxury back in my college days.
3) Toured the campus, bought some souvenirs and told a few stories from my deep dark past


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