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Three things

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thebighurt posted 6/7/2012 20:09 PM

Empress NIK, good job of having a positive attitude. Enjoy your weekend and please post so we can enjoy the G2G weekend vicariously.

1. I had a good doctor visit today.
2. Finally have an appointment for my car before my VT trip.
3. 2 beautiful days in a row. Finally feels like June.
4. Finally got flowers for the yard. Now just need the time to do this!

Amazonia posted 6/7/2012 20:14 PM

1. Done with antibiotics = wine tonight!

2. A meeting that I expected to be a huge waste of time turned out to be really productive this afternoon.

3. G said he missed me while he was gone. (Okay, that happened yesterday, but I dwelled on it all day )

tesla posted 6/8/2012 19:56 PM

Today has been very good!

1. Reviewed and feel confident about the concepts I'm going to be tested on tomorrow. (Adding a content area to my teacher's license)

2. Found out I'm getting a job interview that I had put an app in for over a month ago!!!

3. Teslet had a therapy appt today and the therapist said that I'm doing an excellent job helping him to verbalize his emotions and help him work through his feelings of frustration. That just made me feel so, so good.

phmh posted 6/8/2012 20:47 PM

You guys are just so fabulous and amazing. What wonderful new beginnings for all of us! Who would have thought that out of the hell of infidelity, so much happiness and so many good things could occur?

Here, for today:

1. Went out to the bar for drinks/dinner with a friend, and had a great time.

2. My sister is coming in to town tomorrow and we are heading out for a night on the town. I might even get to meet her girlfriend for the first time!

3. Had a wonderful, heartfelt lunch with my boss today, and I know I have made a friend for life.

Six months ago, soon after D-Day, I was in such a pit of despair. I never would have imagined how wonderful life could be once I realized my worth and that I wouldn't put up with being treated as less-than!

jolene posted 6/9/2012 03:33 AM

3 things:

1. I have my son back for my week!!!

2. My lovely sweet boyfriend is back from England, and coming round this afternoon.

3. I made a great impression on someone very important at my job.

Amazonia posted 6/9/2012 06:52 AM

1. Went to see a really fun improv show.
2. Had a coupon for lunch at my favorite work restaurant.
3. Finally found a maxi dress that looks amazing on me!

phmh posted 6/11/2012 20:37 PM

Resurrecting this again since there have been some pretty sad things in new beginnings lately!

1. Went for drinks with a friend. We had a great time, and plans to do this a few times a month.

2. Her boyfriend picked her up after, and offered to give me a ride home so I didn't have to take the bus.

3. Actually had a bit of motivation even though I got home late and went for a nice run, so I'm feeling great!

nowiknow23 posted 6/11/2012 21:03 PM

1. I did not kill wasband, despite being justified in doing so, so I remain free from the threat of imprisonment.

2. I found three homemade caramels in my purse and shared them with DD.

3. It's almost bedtime, which means I survived a very trying day.

deanab posted 6/11/2012 21:22 PM

1) My family who supports me. Just today I've talked to 1 of my sisters twice, the other one once, my mom once and cousin twice. <3

2) My health. I am active and look better than I did on my wedding day 12 years ago! (Still have 28lbs to go though...)

3)Friends. They know what to say, they remind me of my worth when I don't feel it. They make me feel like a hot sexy woman who's got it all... (and although I know this, it's good to be reminded when you got dumped.)

TrainerCarrie posted 6/11/2012 22:23 PM

1. Im alive and healthy for the most part.
2. I have a healthy, happy toddler.
3. I have a family and friends who love and support me.

The rest is just gravy..

phmh posted 7/4/2012 15:33 PM

It's been at least a week since we've done this (I can't find the other thread that was going) so thought it might be nice to resurrect this again!

1. After being very social and busy for a long period of time, I said no to all invites and am spending the day all alone today -- and having a ball!

2. Went to a music festival last night and saw a super hot singer performing -- great musician as well. YUM! Had some great dreams last night due to this Did I mention he's really hot? And youtube is bringing him right into my house!

3. Slept in this morning -- love doing that and it's probably been 3 months since I've been able to do it.

What a great day! What about you guys?

thebighurt posted 7/4/2012 16:41 PM

Thanks, phmh. I, too am enjoying my sole company today and appreciating my Independence. I was invited to a neighbor's for a clambake, but prefer to be home and get some things done and work on me. Besides, it's cooler in my house.

1. I received a number of emails and texts wishing me a Happy 4th of July. It makes me realize I have many friends who care about me.

2. Still reveling in the great birthday weekend I had with family that lasted 4 days. My bouquet from DD's surprise visit still looks very nice. Makes me smile to see them.

3. Doing things to get ready for next week when I will have more get-togethers with friends and have company staying with me. Also doing things to get ME ready for it - working out and eating smarter than during my b-day festivities.

Happy Independence Day everyone!!

nowiknow23 posted 7/4/2012 18:34 PM

1. Up at 6:30 this morning and hit the outdoor antique fair they hold each year in a hay field. DD and I scored a couple of small treasures, and we were back in the AC at home before the heat index turned dangerous.

2. I took a nap this afternoon. Haven't had a nap in ages, and it was completely perfect and restorative.

3. There's a small container of my very favorite ice cream sitting in the freezer, just waiting for the fireworks tonight, which I can see from my bedroom. No crowds, no heat, no bugs, no traffic.

phmh posted 7/6/2012 19:08 PM

I'm doing this again because I like it!!!

1. Got a bouquet of flowers at work today, from work, for my upcoming birthday. I have only been there for almost 3 months, but these guys are so wonderful to me. I mean, work sending me flowers for my birthday??? Pinch me now!!!

2. I burned my finger pretty badly Wednesday night (pretty bad blistering) and I figured out what to do, even walking to the drugstore with my hand in a cup of cold water in order to buy tylenol, gauze, antibiotic cream, etc. Since my XWH is a doctor, I used to defer all medical decisions to him -- I did it by myself!

3. My parents and sister are coming into town to celebrate my birthday and then my sister and I are going to a music festival. It will be fabulous!!!

Amazonia posted 7/6/2012 19:42 PM

1. Got to see one of my best college friends today, as she is in town for her brother's wedding; good to talk to someone who understands me well.

2. Got complimented 7 times (by 7 different people! ) on my dress.

3. Got a pedicure today.

nowiknow23 posted 7/6/2012 20:08 PM

1. There's a cold front coming through - tomorrow's high is only going to be 98.

2. The mesquite chicken I MacGyvered tonight turned out beautifully.

3. My 3-day headache is starting to break.

phmh posted 7/6/2012 20:36 PM

Ama -- you might have the NB record of compliments in one day. Yay!

Hope things have been going better for you!

You are one of my NB heros since you were further along in your journey when I joined, so it's great to see things looking up for you!!!


And NIK, 3 days? You have got to be kidding me! Break soon, headache!!!

capri posted 7/6/2012 20:45 PM

Well, my cyncical side wants to say there were only two good things today.

1. Chocolate to reduce the stress.
2. Wine to reduce the stress.

However, that would be overlooking many good things in between the stressors.

1. I got things put together for a night away in a cooler part of the state (HOORAY!!!)

2. My older kids came home from their half-week away with friends and it was nice to see them.

3. When I got very stressed out, my 11 year old made me tea, and gave me a kiss and hug.

4. I got a child's teddy bear sewn up. Not only am I only touched at their caring for their animals (it's sweet), but I felt good about myself that amidst a hectic, chaotic, difficult day, I just took a deep breath and sewed up the bear that mattered so much to him, and gave him some happiness.

If I get to keep chocolate and wine on the list, I have 5 good things today!

capri posted 7/6/2012 20:53 PM

It's a pleasure going back and reading everyone's three things! You've all given me many smiles.

I'm adding another one:

6. My youngest is on the couch giggling and laughing because the cat is licking him while he's supposed to be sleeping. There's nothing nicer than the sound of children laughing.

Weatherly posted 7/6/2012 20:58 PM

Today was a big day in good things.

1. Aussie and I got engaged.

2. Aussie got a big promotion at work.

3. X informed me he was leaving OW, which I couldn't care less, but the kids hate her, so they were thrilled, and I'm happy they are happy.

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