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Three things

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nowiknow23 posted 7/6/2012 21:01 PM

Weatherly wins the internets!

phmh posted 7/6/2012 21:13 PM

Congrats, Weatherly! Your two wise sayings in your sig have come to me many times when I was feeling weak!

And capri, I love how you struggled to come up with 3 and ended up with more than double that. Life is good!

capri posted 7/6/2012 21:22 PM

Life is good!

Very much so!

roseguide posted 7/7/2012 16:06 PM

1. Three of my four kids happened to be at the house for dinner today.
2. I made shepherd's pie for dinner. (Kids and I LOVE this but STBXH hated this and I always avoided making it or had to make him something else.)
3. Hiked early this morning in the beautiful NJ forest with my SIL and DD.

thebighurt posted 7/7/2012 16:49 PM

1. Spent time with my grandkids.

2. Feel content to be alone after arriving home (see my other thread).

3. I'm eating better and trying to work out, sore knee and all.

4. I sent a package with home-made brownies and lots of other nice things to my adopted soldier. (OK, that was yesterday, but I didn't post yesterday and this is #4 anyway!)

nowiknow23 posted 7/7/2012 17:03 PM

1. Iowa sweet corn. Nuff said.
2. Packed my bedroom, leaving just what I truly need for the next 3 weeks. (Just 3 weeks!!!)
3. Found almost $4 in the laundry today. That's a decent haul for just 2 loads.

Dawn4 posted 7/7/2012 17:10 PM

Oooo, I need to make a journal and start doing this every day.

1. I'm grateful that I can wake up to a flower garden outside my bedroom window, fresh air that smells like clover, and go for a run whenever I feel like it today.

2. I'm grateful that although I burnt my lunch, I can just cook more! Some people don't have that luxury.

3. I'm grateful for my health. My dad just passed from a brain tumor and my sister just had surgery for breast cancer. I don't intend to waste this gift of good health while I have it!

tesla posted 7/7/2012 17:30 PM

1. Watched Teslet try to figure out how to cross his eyes.

2. Ran 5K this morning...tough race. Last mile was on the beach and oh yeah, it was in the upper 80's by the time the race started. But I did well.

3. Made a pan of chocolate brownies to recover from the race

risingfromashes posted 7/7/2012 17:36 PM

I love reading these inspiring posts.

For me:
1. Glad I have this vacation time at my summer shack enjoying beautiful weather, wonderful food and 2 out of my 3 DD's.

2. Sunsets and birds singing at Sunrise. (side note: naps in the afternoon...yeah)

3. Being accepted to college but more significant is the fact that I am moving forward.

Thank you for this topic.
It puts things in perspective!

Snapdragon posted 7/7/2012 18:55 PM

NIK is right. Weatherly wins the internets! Congrats, Weatherly!!

1. Despite having a broken foot and hobbling around on crutches I was finally able to do some cleaning around this house. Yes, you can vacuum on crutches.

2. #1 notwithstanding, I have a great excuse to lie in bed and not do jack shit in this ridiculous heat. Everyone keeps telling me to take it easy and put my foot up. Wish they would clean my kitchen floor. Maybe i can do that tomorrow.

3. Great contact w/ friends today. Home visits by two local friends. One brought her son and I sent him to my roof to unclog my downspouts. I've talked by skype or text to 5 friends in 3 different countries.

thebighurt posted 7/7/2012 19:31 PM

Sorry about the broken foot, Snapdragon. I'm having a hard time vacuuming and keeping my floors clean, too, but mostly because my vac is broken. My excuse is not nearly as good as yours. Besides, the heat is not nearly as bad here as elsewhere in the country. Hope you get off those crutches soon.

Nice that you keep in touch by text and skype with friends. I do both with family and friends in other countries too. Just LOVE Skype!! The only way I get to see some of my family.

I.will.survive posted 7/7/2012 20:53 PM

1. I sold my house today!!! OK, that one is bittersweet, but totally necessary to move on to my NB.

2. A friend brought over champagne and took me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday (last month )

3. Friends are offering any "help" that I might need, including a place to stay if I can't find another home in 5 weeks. I feel blessed!

notsosunnyhere posted 7/7/2012 21:15 PM

1. I feel stronger and more in control every day

2. I treated myself to new eyelashes this week :-)

3. I leave for a girls only beach vacay tomorrow

heartbroken_kk posted 7/9/2012 09:58 AM

1. While the rest of the country swelters, I am enveloped in a misty moisty fog. I will do a few heavy projects before the sun burns it off.

2. I was rather productive around the grounds over the weekend and completed a few projects and cleaned up the messes from the tail ends of the ones I had going last week. This is an boost from the funk I was in.

3. My garden is spectacular! I have potted flowers that are stunning, tomatoes are starting to get some color, the rabbits haven't eaten everything, and I've had raspberries for breakfast for weeks. Can't wait for the peaches!

capri posted 7/9/2012 10:21 AM

1. It's great to read all the good things in these posts! Tesla, I'm getting a kick out of the image of your son working hard at learning to cross his eyes!

2. I had a great weekend and a really good talk with a dear friend that has given me some new and deeper insights into life.

3. I came away from this weekend overwhelmed, touched, humbled, and feeling very blessed by the people and the outpouring of caring that God has brought into my life.

4. I have air conditioning!!!!!

5. I have a beautiful, big park right behind my house which allows me to take a nice one or two mile walk every morning.

6. While I watered my grass and took my walk, I ran into two neighbors and had pleasant chats with them. It's good to feel some connection.

7. I love the modern technology that allows me to connect with my friends far across the country online and listen to my favorite song over and over and over and....

8. The kids are all gone this morning to various places, so there's no one to finally fall to their knees screaming, "Will you please turn that stupid song off! I'm going to die if I have to hear it one more time!!!"

Bebba1171 posted 7/9/2012 10:48 AM

Excellent weekend

1) We finally got some rain here in Western Kentucky. We have been in a severe drought.
2) I beat my son in golf on Saturday for the first time in a couple years. Been biking and running a lot and my tee shots are going much farther than before.
3) Found out that a man I met at a local nursing home served in the Third Army under George Patton. I am a Patton fanatic and can't wait to go see him again. He loves my dogs and likes to talk so this is a match made in heaven!
4) Booked frequent flyer tickets to take my Daughter to Italy in early January.

roseguide posted 7/9/2012 13:36 PM

This made me cry...

Six months ago, soon after D-Day, I was in such a pit of despair. I never would have imagined how wonderful life could be once I realized my worth and that I wouldn't put up with being treated as less-than!

but also gave me great hope!

nowiknow23 posted 7/9/2012 22:03 PM

1. I have an extremely flexible job and an understanding boss and team who are unfazed by my needing to work from home at the last minute due to the nanny (the 3rd one this summer) flaking out and disappearing on me.

2. Homemade tacos and margaritas with extra salt. Mmm...

3. I can sit on my screened porch again without suffering heat exhaustion.

inconnu posted 7/9/2012 22:09 PM

1. the headache from hell that I woke up with this morning went away after I crawled back into bed for another hour

2. finished a project at work that I've been trying to finish for over a week now

3. got the news that my mom's apartment will be ready for her to move into on the weekend, and she'll be out of my house. woohoo! (I'm a bad daughter and I'm going to hell for this one, aren't I? I don't care! )

phmh posted 7/9/2012 22:25 PM

Yay! So happy to see this thread revived and I really want to comment on so many of the awesome things that have been happening to my SI friends! Bebba -- Patton? That is just awesome! I have been doing a lot of reading on WWII lately and loved that movie. Also, capri, love that you can't ever stop at 3!!! You guys are such an inspiration for turning lemons into lemonade!

My three things, since the last time I posted:

1. Got hit on by a stranger Saturday night. He may have been a bit tipsy, but it was really sweet and funny. I think I may start a thread like this for funny being hit on stories, as I've read others in the past and it would be nice to have them all together.

2. Did a super tough hill workout today -- 10 sprints up a long, steep hill. On the 7th ascent, I passed a guy riding his bike. I always love doing that, but extra fabulous on a hill, and a guy!

3. Had another fabulous day at work. Was recognized and thanked by a couple of the heavy hitters on the team. Kind of exciting to think about what my future there might bring!

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