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Three things

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Dawnie posted 7/10/2012 14:45 PM

1) I wake up every day next to my new husband who adores me and is FAITHFUL

2) I have a healthy happy 17 year old son who is soon to be venturing into the real world as a police cadet (and hopefully paying his own bills soon?? )

3) I have a good stable job and am able to work from my home 3 days a week....

Life for me is dam good!

tesla posted 7/10/2012 19:04 PM

1. stbx and I were supposed to try for our second child this summer. I would have liked a daughter. I have been a little sad about this...but today at practice (got a job as assistant coach to a high school team) I realized that I now have 18 daughters who look up to me and value what I have to say. I have a small part in helping them become independent, confident young women

2. The weather is considerably cooler and the breeze through the house is pleasant.

3. Found a cute sweater on clearance for $8!

inconnu posted 7/10/2012 19:13 PM

1. finally got the radio in my car set to tell me the artist and song. I've only had the car 8 months. Amazing what reading the instruction book can do for ya...

2. got the 2nd part of the looming over my head project at work done

3. had white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream for dinner

better4me posted 7/10/2012 19:13 PM

1. Made a delightful dinner of sausage and peppers and whole wheat spaghetti
2. It was a beautiful day
3. Had a conversation with my best friend

phmh posted 7/10/2012 19:27 PM

1. Got an offer on our marital house that we accepted today. I'll still end up losing over $100K on the house, but I have to think of it as sunk costs, and at least I won't have to bring money to closing. Cash-wise, we'll just about break-even. And it's one less tie to XWH and one step closer to true NC.

2. Had another great run with my friend this evening. (He's married and much older, so this is just a true friendship with no weirdness.)

3. My parrots are finally getting acclimated to our new apartment and have been so unbelievably adorable this past week. I'm so glad I was able to keep them throughout the divorce and moving into an apartment.

NeverHadAChance posted 7/11/2012 09:07 AM

I've been MIA for a bit, but I want to play too!

1. I'm having brunch with two of my oldest friends on Sunday and I can't wait.

2. I'm taking another friend to a yoga class on Thursday night. It's her first time, my second!

3. With my boss out on maternity leave and severely understaffed center, I'm managing to hold it all together this summer! Go me!

nowiknow23 posted 7/15/2012 15:35 PM

Feeling exceptionally grateful today for things that I sometimes take for granted.

1. On a daily basis, all my needs are met, and I usually have far more than I need.

2. I am surrounded by friends, family, children, and love. It is an embarrassment of riches.

3. I am breathing, healthy, and free from persecution. I am in control of my life every single day.

Life is beautiful.

phmh posted 7/15/2012 16:06 PM

In NIK's vein, my first thing:

1. I have fresh, clean water available to me to drink. I don't have to worry about diseases from it or spend hours every day procuring it.

2. Last week at work, twice, I laughed so hard I cried. I'm not sure when the last time I laughed that hard was (used to do it a lot) and the fact that it happened at work was great.

3. My finger is almost healed from the bad steam burn I incurred last week. Although it was super painful at the time, it's been interesting watching the new skin grow. Science is pretty cool!

phmh posted 7/17/2012 19:44 PM

1. Work has been going really, really well, and I just found out today that I get to move into an office from my communal workstation. I've only been there 3 months. This is fabulous!!!

2. It was in the high 90s - low 100s all day today and 5 minutes before I went out for a run, it dropped about 20 degrees. Beautiful night for a run -- great company, great scenery, etc. Perfect timing!

3. My work sent me flowers for my birthday, and they are on my table, so beautiful and fragrant. They make me happy every time I see or smell them!

phmh posted 7/22/2012 16:57 PM

Had a bad day yesterday, so am reviving this:

1. I thought I might be in for some expensive car repairs, but it turned out not to be the case (so far!)

2. Finally got around to upgrading from my dumb, flip phone to an iphone. Work will pay for it and service. I was dragging my feet because I didn't want to be connected 24/7, but now I'm actually excited about it.

3. My parents were unexpectedly in town yesterday so we had an impromptu lunch. I have such amazing parents and it's always great to get to spend more time with them!

tesla posted 7/22/2012 22:44 PM

1. My kid is a great little traveller (still got a week to hope I didn't just jinx myself!)

2. I have incredibly supportive family.

3. I love running at dawn surrounded by mountains.

better4me posted 7/22/2012 23:59 PM

thanks for reviving the thread pmh....I could use a reminder

1) helped a friend who was having a hard time--payback was good, she's supported me through my tough times.
2)there are tomatoes on my tomato plant on my deck(they're green but it was planted late and there is still time!)
3) got some work that I had been putting off completed tonight. Yea ME!

wildbananas posted 7/23/2012 00:05 AM

1. I found a BN card in my closet with a balance on it and got a new book

2. I had a Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream cone

3. I made tie-dye sheets with my oldest girl banana and one of her BFFs

It was a good day.

thebighurt posted 7/23/2012 00:25 AM

3 things from the past week:

1) I spent a beautiful afternoon with some of my grandchildren and we all had a good time. Another day, we spent the evening together. Another great time! Xpos didn't want these kids around but I have fun with them. He calls them "brats".

2) Still reveling in my "win" Thursday against xpos. Sure felt good and it seemed proof that he is desperate for money.

3) Had a great talk with s-i-l. Very affirming.

4) Had several compliments from IC and commended me on some things I did.

2_4giving4_2long posted 7/23/2012 05:46 AM

Oh My...Good Idea !!!!

1. I finished painting 2 pictures. And I Like em

2. Was called a "MILF" and at first offended then DD told me to embrace it as a guys dumb way of saying you're pretty. Still don't like "MILF". I am BEAUTIFUL!

3. Had a great conversation with God and settled that I am good.

T/J? or ETA??

When talking to others or oursleves Say, "I am..... postive words. I am loved!! I am love. I am strong. I am healthy. ETC.

944man posted 7/23/2012 07:43 AM

1. Only a few weeks til football season

2. My fav. time of year upcoming: fall, marzen style beer, cool breezes, fall colors.

3. Me, kids, and SO are all healthy

phmh posted 7/23/2012 21:32 PM

Thanks to everyone who is posting -- so fun to read all of these good things!!!

1. Went for a run, and was so, so sweaty. Felt cleansing, mentally and physically.

2. Moved into my office at work today. My view is even better than I realized!

3. Went to the library and they had the next Daniel Silva book in. Yay! If anyone is in to mindless spy novels, I'd recommend his books. They're great!

dkv921 posted 7/24/2012 05:39 AM

1. like many others...i got to wake up next to my SO this morning.

2. Even better -- i got to sleep next to him all night...

3. I am working toward a significant promotion at work with a significant pay raise...

phmh posted 7/25/2012 21:45 PM

Had another fabulous day!

1. We had a huge rainstorm last night, which we really needed, and it was great to be in that half-sleep state this morning listening to the rain fall.

2. I had dinner with a former coworker who moved away -- we've known each other over 10 years now. We're both low-maintenance friends (we can go months without talking but when we do it's just like old times) and I feel so lucky to have her in my life!

3. All 3 of my parrots are fabulous, but there is one in particular who always hated XWH and loved me. With XWH out of our lives, my parrot is so happy, and it's been so wonderful to see him come out of his shell more. He was abused quite severely in his old home, but he is just so happy and loving now. What a pure, gentle soul.

gonogo1 posted 7/25/2012 22:30 PM

1.Had a fabulous camping trip alone
2. Stopped by friends house for tea and showed them my favorite swimming hole
3.Stopped by my cabin and just enjoyed the view .

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