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A Healthy You! Weight Support Group

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lovehatelove posted 2/21/2014 06:23 AM

I started noticing that I was putting on weight a few months ago when my pants were getting super tight on me...

I don't usually own a scale.. I hate them... I've always been obsessed with the number it shows me... but I decided to buy one to see how much weight I've really gained....

I was NOT happy with the number it showed me... I had never been that weight b4 (only once when I was pregnant with my first) I thought, something has to be done....!!!

I friend of mine lost a lot of weight a few years ago bc she started counting calories... she hates working out, so it made sense to her and it worked...

I decided to give it a try (since I hate working out too) and I'm proud to say that I've lost a total of 12.6 lbs!! JUST counting calories actually works :) I know I should be including some sort of work out regimen into my schedule...... but I haven't found anything that I really like...

I still have about 10lbs b4 I reach my goal... but I know I can do it :)

HFSSC posted 2/21/2014 17:50 PM

At weigh-in this week I have lost 19.5 lbs since November 19th. I've lost (I think) 3" off my waist.

I have a pair of jeans that wouldn't go above my thighs. I can now get them all the way up but can't zip them yet.

Elaine2012 posted 2/22/2014 07:40 AM

I'm catching up on how everyone has been doing. Wow such good reports! I'm happy to report I'm down 2.5 this week for a total of 10.5 since Jan 10th. Really happy that tracking has paid off so well.

I've managed to get to the gym and earned a lot of activity points. I'm biking which has virtual routes to ride. I did 7.5 miles in 40 minutes some of the grades were 30%! I'm considering hiring a personal trainer. I need to look into this a bit more.

Now I have even more reason to get myself fit and in better shape. My DD#4 is going to be married on Jun 21, 2014!

musiclovingmom posted 2/22/2014 09:29 AM

How do you get over feeling disappointed when you step on the scale and what you see is not what you expected? Every time I haven't lost as much as I think I have I want to give up.

My dr and I made some drastic changes to my diet 3 1/2 months ago. I cut my calorie intake to 1400 or less/day and cut out almost all white flour, white rice, corn, sugar and white potatoes. At my 3 month check up, I'd lost 1 pound. To be at a healthy weight for my height, I need to lose 50. It just seems impossible.

lovehatelove posted 2/23/2014 03:46 AM


Don't give up! you just have to find what works best for you..

Good luck! and I know you can do it...


Dreamboat posted 2/23/2014 11:01 AM

I am having major work done on my house so workers have been at my house most of the past 2 weeks. I just do nt feel comfortable walking on the treadmill when they are here and them being here makes me so anxious that I have not been able to force myself to walk in the evening, so I have really slacked off. One more week to go (hopefully only 3-4 days) and it is only painting (so not constant banging) so hopefully it will be less stressful.

Anyway, I walked for more than an hour yesterday and I am about to hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes before taking a shower then grocery shop and all my other "Sunday" chores.

musiclovingmom, have you added any exercise? Sometimes when you drastically cut calories the body tries to "hoard" weight by slowing the metabolism because it thinks you are entering a famine phase of "feast or famine" life. Adding exercise can kick up your metabolism, even just walking 30 minutes 3-5 times a week. Also, the body sometimes shuffles the weight around so you do not see weight loss but you do notice clothes being looser. Don;t get discouraged! Keep doing what you are doing and maybe add some walks into your routine.

ajsmom posted 2/24/2014 09:12 AM

I'm hoping that I've broken through my plateau - finally.

Lost -3.8 pounds last week, though I will admit it was one of the most stressful weeks I've had in a long time.

Certainly not the way to lose it, but I'll take it.

musiclovingmom - don't give up - it takes time for your body to recognize the changes in your diet. Make sure you are eating as many proteins as possible - they fill you up and keep you full. Balance is key - also drink as much water as you can tolerate. Watch sodium intake and make sure you are getting enough fruits and vegetables.

You can do this!!!

lovehatelove posted 2/25/2014 06:38 AM

ajsmom ~ 3.8 lbs in a week? that's awesome!!

I lost 3.7 the first week.. but haven't come anywhere near that since then...

I lose anywhere from .5 lbs to 1.5 lbs a week... slowwwwww process

Livingalie2014 posted 2/28/2014 01:16 AM

I've gained 10 pounds in 5 months. Ugh. It seems impossible to take the weight off now since I feel like I have to run home to hang out with WS. Anyone have luck with myfitnesspal?

rekindle posted 2/28/2014 01:26 AM

How do you get over feeling disappointed when you step on the scale and what you see is not what you expected? Every time I haven't lost as much as I think I have I want to give up.
My dr and I made some drastic changes to my diet 3 1/2 months ago. I cut my calorie intake to 1400 or less/day and cut out almost all white flour, white rice, corn, sugar and white potatoes. At my 3 month check up, I'd lost 1 pound. To be at a healthy weight for my height, I need to lose 50. It just seems impossible.

Are you drinking enough? Are you eating enough protein? Drinking a ton of water (8+ glasses a day) will help you metabolize your food better and help get excess water off of you. Protein helps expel extra water from your body as well, and prevents the body from taking the nutrients from your muscles when you cut calories (and you need those muscles for eliminating the fat). Its also possible you lost more but were retaining more water on the day of your weigh in, so the scale may not have shown your true weight loss. Don't get discouraged!

[This message edited by rekindle at 1:26 AM, February 28th (Friday)]

lovehatelove posted 2/28/2014 03:04 AM

Anyone have luck with myfitnesspal?

YEP! this is what I use... I love it! I've lost 12 lbs!!

I did gain .6 lbs this week :( bc I went over my normal 1300 calories a few days this week....

Hopefully next week I'll lose the weight I gained....

musiclovingmom posted 2/28/2014 08:23 AM

I eat a ton of protein now. Breakfast used to be cold cereal. Now it's almonds. I've made those kind of changes everywhere. I could probably up my water, but I just don't like it and if I drink water that has been infused with anything it gives me an instant headache (always has, I know it's weird). I exercise when I can. I have 3 young children (5, 2, and 10 mo ths) and my H works 70-90 hour weeks - much of that out of town), so making time is a struggle and I have to do it at home until the weather gets nice and we can go outside. All it seems I eat anymore are nuts, proteins (a variety of meats), salad, veggies and fruit. No chips no cookies. A small piece of chocolate if I'm feeling desperate for a treat (usually dark chocolate). Any bread I eat is 100% whole wheat and I try to make my own so I can control the sugar (if I bother eating it at all). I miss all my favorite foods - mashed potatoes and cornbread especially. Plus, the combo of changing my diet and adding solids to my baby's diet caused my milk to dry up before he was even 9 months old (which just makes me so sad). All of that for 1 lb in 3 monts just feels overwhelming. The cost has definitely outweighed the benefit at this point and pretty much anytime I have to make a decision about what I'm going to eat, I just want to cry.

ajsmom posted 2/28/2014 08:55 AM


I know it's easier to say don't get discouraged than to do so, but please, give yourself some credit. You have a lot on your plate and the transition from breast feeding (when you HAVE to eat more) is tough.

A lifestyle change is HARD! I had this grandiose idea I could lose 100 pounds in a year. That was the goal I set. Then my body stepped in and decided that it wasn't going to happen that fast. Here I am now 18 months later, down 63 of the 100 and I’ve learned to be OK with it. Sure, I had a huge loss last week but I average between .8 and 1.2 a week when I lose and that’s OK.

I knew going into this lifestyle change I needed an army, so I joined the Y and Weight Watchers. One of the reasons I joined Weight Watchers was because I knew a couple of things about how this was going to go for me. First, like here on SI, I needed a community to support me. My family and friends are all well-intended but they severely add to my breaks in willpower and I knew if I was going to succeed I needed reinforcements.

Next, though I thought I did, I really didn’t know how to eat healthy. I have learned over these months that eating perceived healthy foods can be very unhealthy for you. I had this habit of eating salad – all.the.time – to the point of near repulsion at the thought of it. Over time, I’ve learned that their plan is what I like to call an algorithm of healthy eating – a combination of some fat, the “good” carbs, fiber and protein and that’s what I now base my diet on. I don’t deny myself a cookie here or there or even a cheeseburger if that’s what I’m really craving. I just adjust my diet for the rest of that week and live! So to you I say – have those mashed potatoes and cornbread – just know that you can’t eat a ton of it – portions are a big part of controlling your diet. Twice last week I had garlic mashed potatoes and still had a loss – it can happen!

I so wish you liked water. I’m fortunate and do and it does make a difference. Have you tried fresh squeezed lemons or limes in it? There is also an online “recipe” for cucumber water – it’s fantastic! As to other foods, Google “MUFA’S” – these are foods specific to targeting fat burning. I would venture to guess there will be some on that list that you would enjoy.

One of the things I’ve learned through WW is to eat as it suits you. I eat sporadically through the day and am pretty scheduled – a banana around 9 a.m., Steel Cut oats at 10 a.m., handful of almonds around 11:30 or so, lunch (typically soup or sandwich with fresh deli turkey on 100 calorie bread thins, cottage cheese, fruit or veggies) before 1 p.m., then fruit or a Greek style yogurt (LOADED with protein – some as high as 15 grams) as a snack in the afternoon. I try to eat dinner (usually a protein, veggies, fruit) before 8 p.m. and usually have another snack like another yogurt in the evening if I feel hungry.

Knowing you have littles around, have you looked at some of the DVD exercise programs? Check out your local library and take a few out to see what appeals to you. Years ago, I did the Beach Body programs and they were fantastic – a full workout in 45 minutes!

Finally, this is a journey not a trip around the block, so please don’t get discouraged by what you aren’t seeing on the scale. Your body is changing and it will catch up to what you’re doing…it just takes time, my friend!

Stick with us – you can do this!

[This message edited by ajsmom at 8:56 AM, February 28th (Friday)]

musiclovingmom posted 2/28/2014 09:31 AM

Cucumber water is the worst for me and headaches. One sip and I'm in pain all day. I've had knowledge and studied healthy eating since I was in jr high. I research the trends and compare that to what I know a body needs to survive. I've got good head knowledge. I don't over do it on salad, but the salad I eat is always made with darker greens because I tend to be slightly anemic. I've always had trouble losing weight - even when I was in college and working out 5 days a week (3 cardio, 2 weights). My mother struggles also (she, her mother and both of her sisters have hypothyroidism, but my TSH levels continuously tests normal). My maternal AND paternal grandfathers had diabetes (that's why we seriously trimmed high GI foods like white potatoes and corn). I force myself to drink at least two 20oz glasses of water every day. I have tried DVD workouts, but never stick with them very long. I get bored. We recently bought a Zumba game for our Xbox kinect and my daughter and I do that for a bit after school most days. I'm sure it isn't as effective as it could be since I always have to make sure I'm not stepping on the baby. Even doing this is a struggle some days because my energy levels are so low. And, I don't sleep well. I know I'll feel better on the other side. I know that I need to be healthy and set a good example for my children. I know this is a marathon. I just get so discouraged. I mean, honestly, how can I be wearing a size smaller pants, but only have lost 1 stinking pound? If my dr didn't want me to keep track of actual weight, I'd throw the damn scale out the window. I've never owned one before because of this specific thing. It is crazy-making.

Newlease posted 2/28/2014 11:57 AM

I have lost 15 lbs since January 1. Still need to get more regular exercise into my routine. I have 10 more to go before I'm out of the "overweight" category for my BMI. I have a feeling this last 10 will be stubborn.

Other good news - I had my health check screening at work today and my numbers all look pretty good. My triglycerides are down a bunch and my good cholesterol is up. My bad and overall cholesterol is a little above where it should be and my blood sugar count is below average. YEA!


Amazonia posted 3/1/2014 01:04 AM

Hey all! It's been a while since I checked in here. I moved and have been less than healthy since then... put back on a few pounds (hard to say exactly how many since my scaled arrived at the new place with a dead battery...womp womp, need to figure out where to get a new one).

I haven't been walking nearly as much here. When I lived in DC, I was easily walking 3-4 miles a day just to get around, sometimes more. Here it's not an option.

SO I bought an elliptical! It's a nice one, the quality you'd find in a gym, a few years old but well maintained. It was just delivered mid week and I got on it the first time today, did 1.75 miles in 30 minutes, burned a hundred odd calories...not much but I was feeling a burn, which is a good sign (or a not so good sign )

I'd like to set a monthly goal for myself. Those who run/walk/elliptical, what are your goals?

x hours/month?
x miles/month?
something else?

Do you have speed goals? calorie goals? any of that?

I'm just not sure where I should start. I walked because it got me from point A to point B.

Livingalie2014 posted 3/1/2014 12:27 PM

Lovehatelove - that is amazing!

I have signed up for myfitnesspal and I'm excited to get started. I had no idea how to count calories and exercise before this!

jo2love posted 3/2/2014 15:50 PM

I'm down a pound this week.

inconnu posted 3/2/2014 16:11 PM

well Ama, I call my elliptical the machine o' death, if that gives you any clue about my relationship with it.

It's funny you posted about yours, because I just used mine today for the 1st time in well over a year. Right now, my goal is just to use it. Over all, my goal is 30 minutes of exercise 4-5 days a week. It may end up being that I only get on the elliptical once a week, because I bought a piloxing DVD that I really like, but I'll just see how it goes. The elliptical is a convenient way to work out - just crank up some music and try to ignore the way I keep gasping for breath.

HFSSC posted 3/4/2014 18:21 PM

Weighed in today... 3 more lbs down. I am at 22.5 lbs down since November 19th. My BMI has dropped from 37.4 to 33.2.

JM is down almost 32lbs.

This is SO cool!

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