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User Topic: You know you are happy to be single when:
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Default  Posted: 7:36 PM, October 12th (Saturday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

Not single yet, but separated.
-No more supporting (him) 100% on projects or life changes only to see (him) rarely follow through (*he DID follow through on *his affair though, so good for *him on that!).

No more staring at the ceiling trying to sleep through the snoring.
No more disgusting cans of chew spit everywhere.
No more relying on someone else to do something I should and could have just done myself in order to not make them feel like a worthless idiot...
No more coddling, holding in my angry words, encouraging and not nagging because I never wanted to be "that bitch" so he wouldn't cheat on me (didn't really work out for me)
Walking out my apartment door without telling ANYONE where I am going or when I will be back.
Knowing that during his 50/50 custody week that he is seeing EXACTLY how my life was before he cheated, what drove me to be so stressed that he didn't want to come home to me, and that HE set off the atomic bomb in our lives. Not me.

I cannot be responsible for another's personal growth.
DDay#1 of a "cheatillion" 4/1/13
Divorce final 11/04/13

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Default  Posted: 8:06 PM, October 12th (Saturday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

-Won't have to listen to endless complaining about everything

Oh God, the moaning. I gave up going out to dinner or a movie because all he would do is complain. WH didn't like anyone, anything, any place. Moan, moan, moan.

I will never have to go through the man-child morning routine again.

Shuffle into kitchen
Dramatically rotate neck
Sigh deeply
WH: "I'm so tired. Did you make me a coffee? Did you print out that document? Did you email x client?"
Me: "Yes, I did all that before you got up."
WH: Groan. Martyred grimace. "Let me have ten minutes peace to drink my coffee." WH shuffles off outside for a cigarette while I finish getting DD ready for school.

Jemima Puddleduck is a trusting soul....
DD 1 Dec 2012; Divorced 11/13; 2 children
Me: BS (47) Him: WH (52) Her: 3 PA's
Ex bought a house, The Money Pit With Mold That Will Never Be Finished. He's living in the basement.

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Default  Posted: 11:55 PM, October 12th (Saturday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

No more constant complaining and pessimism.
No more having to stroke his fragile ego constantly even though I had to stop myself constantly from rolling my eyes when doing so because it was so lame after so many years.
No more having to watch how I phrase comments so he doesn't look like a constant idiot.
No more snoring so loud I had to use ear plugs or sleep on the couch.
I can eat all the seafood I want whenever I want (he hates it).
No more eggshells in my feet.
No more hearing, "your sitting in MY chair!"
I can sleep in on the weekends as long as I want without snide comments after working 70-80 hr weeks.
I can decorate my house any way I want and don't have to consult anyone.
I can eat soup or a salad for dinner without the snide remark, "well that was a nice appetizer, but what's for dinner?"
Sandwiches or leftovers are now an option for a meal if I so choose.
I don't have to clean up his piss on the toilet from missing the bowl.
Less laundry and overall less energy consumption.
I can eat when I want and don't have to revolve my eating habits around him even if I am not hungry (he hates eating alone).
And SO many more reasons! The price of his company was so not worth it!

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BS - Me
XPOS - too many OW/OCs over 20+yrs
Kids - DDs 23,18 -DS20 Deceased
M Dissolved 2013

This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man ~ Shakespeare, Hamlet

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Default  Posted: 8:38 PM, October 14th (Monday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

.. Monday becomes your favorite day because while you start your work week your cleaning 'guy' (yes, not lady..) takes care of your house, a bi-weekly luxury I could have never envisioned while being married with a full-time job and 2 children.. can spend the evening in bed with fresh sheets (and made by cleaning guy...), your laptop, catching up on some work while listening to your favorite audiobook series, having a glass of wine and dipping French bread in your favorite pasta sauce.

Did I mention the sweats, reading the Fine Cooking magazine and... the beautiful peace and quiet in my house, just my kitten snuggling next to me?

Temporarily independent with the whole world at my feet.

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