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User Topic: iphone 4s charge
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Default  Posted: 7:19 AM, December 17th (Tuesday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

Ever since the upgrade to the ios the charge in my iphone is rubbish
Apparently it is progress. Not convinced

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Default  Posted: 7:25 AM, December 17th (Tuesday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

Same here. DS convinced me to do it. But H did it too and he's not having the same problem so who knows.

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Default  Posted: 1:09 PM, December 17th (Tuesday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

I have seen multiple 4's and 4S' in our company not handle IOS 7 very well. I actually had a few people say at IOS 6 because of it.

There is also an Exchange email bug that will drain the battery in under a few hours. To fix it, do the following

- Remove the exchange email account
- go to Settings, General, Reset and choose "Reset Network Settings"
- Phone will restart
- Add Exchange mail account back.

This has resolved countless iphone 4,4s,5 battery draining issues.

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Default  Posted: 11:06 AM, December 18th (Wednesday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

BTW - not true that the battery can't be replaced. It can. It just isn't easy like it is with most phones.

Most techies can do it, though the right equipment is needed. If the phone is still under warranty - go to the Apple Store! If not, tools and instructions (and I think the batteries too) can be found at But - replacement is at least somewhat difficult, and if not done right can mess up the phone, so if you aren't sure about doing it, take it to the Apple store anyway. There will be a charge if it is no longer under warranty.

Having said all that - depending on how old the phone is (I know it's a 4s, but don't know if you got it as soon as it came out, if it's a recent purchase, etc.), what kind of use you put it through, and how "abused" the battery is (leaving it in extreme temperatures, such as a hot car, for example, can really do a number on the battery), the problem may not be the battery at all.


is the best article I've seen on helping with battery life for iOS devices. You don't have to follow everything in the article - if some of the settings are things you REALLY use, keep them. But using the recommendations there to turn off as much "power sucking" as possible should help.

And as someone else said, do make sure to quit your apps once in a while (double-clicking the home button, then flicking the apps up to quit them). I try to quit any apps I'm not actively using - and some are worse about sucking power than others.

A big one: definitely turn off fetch for your mail if at all possible, or at least set it to check a lot less frequently. If fetch is turned off altogether, it will still check for new mail any time you bring up the mail app. Since most people rely on texting for messages they want a quick response to, turning off fetch on mail is usually not a big deal.

If you scroll down on that page, there should be a second article about caring for your battery. That's a good thing to read and follow as much as you can too. You may want to do a couple of full charge/complete drain cycles.

Finally, if you haven't done a full reboot recently, that can help too - especially if you haven't done one since the last time you updated iOS. To do a full reboot, hold down both the power button (top) and the home button (front) at the same time. Keep holding them down until the Apple symbol appears on the screen. Before that happens, you will see the "turn off the device" slider. Ignore it, and keep holding down both buttons at that point. Turning it off with just the power button or with that slider does not do a full reboot of the device.

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Default  Posted: 6:03 PM, December 18th (Wednesday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

Thank you, that was all very helpful.

I'm noticing a difference already with just turning off the location device.

Take up your space (and do it well).

"That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt."

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Default  Posted: 8:38 AM, December 19th (Thursday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

With iOS7 came Parallax. It's what makes your apps look like they're moving in a 3D space when you move your phone. Totally useless except a slight "that looks cool" factor IMO.

It uses battery power.

You can turn it off. I was going to post how, then searching for the name of that "feature" I found an article that tells you how- as well as giving other tips. So here you go:

1. Change Your Spotlight Settings

With iOS 7, you can now search for anything on your iPhone using Spotlight. All you have to do is pull down on your Home screen and you can search pretty much every part of your phone, from notes to music, to mail.

It's convenient, but it also takes a lot of battery power to index all of your stuff. You can change exactly what Spotlight looks in when you use it for search by going to Settings, General then Spotlight search. From there you can choose what you want to index and search.

2. Turn Off AirDrop When Possible

iOS 7 now allows you to quickly and easily share files with your friends' iPhones. This is only available for iPhone 5 and newer. It's a great new feature, but it doesn't need to be on when you're not using it. To turn it off, go to your control center by pushing up from the bottom of any screen. From there you can disable AirDrop until you want to use it.

3. Turn Your Brightness Down

This is a classic way to save battery life, and it's been made even easier with iOS 7. Instead of going through Settings to get to your brightness, you can change your screen's brightness from the Control Center. Just pull up from the bottom of any screen.

4. Turn Off Parallax

Remember how people are getting motion sickness from iOS 7? This is one of the reasons why. The aspect of iOS 7 that makes everything look a little bit 3D and makes your background move around behind your apps. It also drains your battery. To turn it off, go to Settings, General, then Accessibility, then Reduce Motion. Turn Reduce Motion on to stop the parallax effect.

5. Turn Off Bluetooth And WiFi

This is another old one, but remember that if you're moving around and not using your WiFi or Bluetooth, these things are using up your battery. You can keep these features off until you want to use them to save some battery. You can turn these on and off in the Control Center.

6. Disable Auto Downloads

Your iPhone now downloads app updates from the App Store automatically, draining your battery. This feature also automatically downloads purchases from iTunes and the App Store you've made on different devices to your iPhone, which you may not want. To stop this and just update your apps and music manually, go to Settings, iTunes & App Store, and scroll to Automatic Downloads. There you can turn Automatic Downloads off for music, apps and books.

7. Turn Off Frequent Locations

Your iPhone wants to learn the places you often visit to give you "provide useful location-related information." This is takes up a lot of battery life and may also make you feel uncomfortable privacy-wise. To disable it go to Settings, Privacy, then Location Services. There, scroll all the way to the bottom and hit System Services. There you can also turn off Location Based iAds (ads from Apple based on your frequent locations). Then go to Frequent Locations and turn that off, too.

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