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User Topic: Love? F*** that, I Hate the man!!!
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Default  Posted: 10:54 AM, January 10th (Friday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

He'll be texting by the end of the day, mark my words.
Sweetie? It's cricket time. Seriously. Go NC with this waste of space.

You can call me NIK

"If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment."
- Carlos Santana

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Default  Posted: 11:09 AM, January 10th (Friday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

I actually had her phone number, I've had it memorized for three years. But, I sent a group text to she and him of the maternity pic and a screen shot of the baby registry. I said, "Congratulations! I am happy for the two of you. We are no longer together and I could care less, so how about someone admits something now." However, I swapped two of her phone digits so she didn't get it. She then changed her phone number a couple days later. I'm sure that was surely his doing. I would love to forward her a ton of the messages.

His temporary girlfriend off of match, that I am now friends with was told a whole slew of lies about me. He told her that we were divorced two years ago because he walked in on me having sex with another man on our couch. He said that he beat the shit out of the guy so bad that the guy was hospitalized and STBX jailed for four days. He said that by the time he got out of jail I had emptied our house and took our daughter. He also denied our son, said I took our dogs, that I am psycho, that my daughter wants a new mommy because I am not in the picture, that she wants a baby sister, that he decorated our whole house,that he has on rule and that is honesty because he can't stand a liar and he is understanding as long as she is 100% truthful all of the time (that was my favorite), etc..... After she and I talked and told each other everything she called him out and told him what a piece of shit he is and so forth. He then still told her that he truly cared about her and not to believe anything I said because I am apparently psycho and his attorney advised him to tell he girlfriend not to answer my calls because no telling what I am capable of. HAHAHAHA!!! OMG I wish you guys could read all of the bullshit craziness that he texted her, I read them all.

So where I was going with this was, I really really wish I would have texted her! But, because my dumb ass entered her number wrong I missed my opportunity. I honestly feel so bad for the poor women on places like Match that are genuinely looking for a real relationship. As far as the LTA with whore, I don't. She was his friend's girlfriend when they first started talking and she knew about me. In fact, when I first caught them talking three years ago, she called me and said that she and STBX were just friends and he would listen to her vent about her boyfriend/his friend, and she would never get involved with a married man, she'd been cheated on and wouldn't do that to someone, and blah blah blah..... I'm sure since then he has said I'm psycho, he can't get out of our marriage, I got pregnant with our son on purpose (which actually he forced me to get prego and said if I didn't he'd get snipped)... Who knows the slew of lies he's said. He is fucking crazy obviously. And they deserve eachother. He has been cheating on me with several women this whole time. I'm sure she thinks they are madly in love and will end up married, and I'm sure eventually they will, but he also cheats on her all of the time and I hope she ends up miserable with a ruined vagina like me!!!!

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Default  Posted: 2:00 PM, January 10th (Friday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

I feel so confused and conflicted. I have an apt with an attorney today. Part of me hopes that is stays amicable for our children, but part of me hopes that he turns mean again so I am more empowered and don't feel guilty. UGH FML!!!

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