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Thankfulness and Mindfulness - Gateway to Self Healing

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Jrazz posted 7/8/2014 21:28 PM

No matter how far out you are from DDay, training your brain to think about things that lift you up is essential to healing. I forget to do it as often as I should, so I thought it would be good practice for us to step outside the betrayal, even if only for a few breaths. I'll try to keep this up for anyone that's interested, and also for myself.

Five Things I'm Thankful For:


1.) My family

2.) Sunsets

3.) Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

4.) The amazing turning radius of my Suzuki

5.) Lake Tahoe

soccermom9 posted 7/8/2014 21:31 PM

I am thankful for:
1. My relationship with Jesus Christ
2. My children and family
3. My home and job
4. My loyal, faithful chocolate lab
5. Bacon! LOL

plainpain posted 7/8/2014 21:35 PM

I am thankful for:

1. New mercies every morning
2. Chocolate
3. Freedom to choose my life
4. Light
5. Jrazz

Jrazz posted 7/8/2014 21:37 PM

Aw shoot.

tired girl posted 7/8/2014 21:37 PM

I will play

1. HL
2. My kids
3. My girlfriends
4. My dogs
5. My awesome truck!

[This message edited by tired girl at 9:38 PM, July 8th (Tuesday)]

tl502 posted 7/8/2014 21:38 PM

I am very thankful for:
1. My family.
2. Kentucky sunsets.
3. Rainbows. Saw a beautiful one yesterday.
4. My health.
5. My future 1st granddaughter.
Thank you jrazz. I needed this tonight.

homewrecked2011 posted 7/8/2014 21:46 PM

Thank you for this!

1. My children
2. A steady job
3. The house I got in the divorce
4. Many supportive friends
5. Eating chips and salsa at Chili's with my friends!

Want2babettrme posted 7/8/2014 22:20 PM

1. My Higher Power
2. My sobriety
3. My 12 step group
4. Getting with the right therapist
5. My apartment where I am safe from my abusive spouse.

Rebreather posted 7/8/2014 22:28 PM

1. Oreos
2. Wine
3. My fluffy kitty
4. Hiking trails out my back door
5. My boat

Acer0112 posted 7/8/2014 22:36 PM

1. My kids and family
2. Our health
3. Sunsets, watched the must beautiful one tonight
4. Going to the movies
5. Mexican food

painpaingoaway posted 7/8/2014 22:36 PM

1) my incredibly dedicated hardworking hubby
2) my fabulous grand babies
3) my DS that may just finally be getting his life back together (he is supposed to move into subsidized housing this WEEK!!!). Yay!
4) my DD that is such a wonderful person, fabulous mother and an absolute joy to our entire family
5) the majesty and bounty of nature

Neverwudaguessed posted 7/8/2014 22:38 PM

Oh, what a great idea to refocus. Thank you, as you already know I needed this today…

1) The health of my two children

2) The beautiful flowers in my garden that continue to return each year

3) My unborn nephew, due at the end of October

4) Our beautiful beaches

5) The opportunity to discover more about myself as I shift my focus

bionicgal posted 7/8/2014 22:49 PM

1. My son & husband
2. Hope/Faith
3. coffee
5. soccer

HFSSC posted 7/8/2014 22:59 PM

1. My Kingdom Man, JMSSC, who continues to blow me away every single day.

2. Our 2 son's, who are kind and smart and devoted to God

3. My sister and brother, who are the two best friends I have ever had

4. My music ministry through my church

5. A job that makes me smile every single day

918Mama posted 7/9/2014 00:34 AM

1. Jesus
2. My family. All of them! :-)
2. The health and happiness in our home
3. Perspective
4. Summing night swimming and comfy jammies and pizza cookies

Breathing Heals posted 7/9/2014 01:43 AM

1. My health
2. People who love me
3. Having fun with children
4. Trees
5. Laughter

OnAnIsland posted 7/9/2014 02:06 AM

1) my family

2) the views out of my front and bedroom windows

3) the opportunities to explore the world made possibly by first my mother and her work, then by my own adventures, and now by the path my fWH and I have chosen to follow

4) the oceans and coasts by home and those by family

5) venice

KatieG posted 7/9/2014 02:48 AM

1. My amazing son
2. The clouds in the sky
3. My strength
4. People who believe in me
5. My cat

HFSSC posted 7/9/2014 06:01 AM

Oh, and this:

1. SI

2. SI

3. DS and MH

4. SI

5. SI

JustShine posted 7/9/2014 06:34 AM

1) my family

2) thunderstorms

3) homemade ice cream

4) the creek/hiking trails near our house

5) farmers markets

MovingUpward posted 7/9/2014 09:21 AM

Thanks for starting this Jrazz. It is a great way to sow the seeds of hope and joy.

1. My kids and family
2. My SI family
3. My health and the doctors that help me along
4. Getting to travel
5. Humor and the laughs that it brings me

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