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User Topic: How did your former WS end it with his or her AP?
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Default  Posted: 3:26 PM, July 26th (Saturday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

WH was found out after months, literally, 8 months of gas lighting me. I pick up his phone while he was out for a run....
There it all was, in black in while.......the whole time he was cheating and I was asking him if he was having an affair he would respond...oh Baby I love you, of baby, I would never do that to you. Bullshit.

The next morning ( we were out of town on DD), he said that he wanted to go home and was I going with him because he wanted to repair our marriage.

I told him that I didn't, and wasn't interested in having three people in our marriage and I would stay out of town for as long as it took. Possibly forever.

He went for a walk, talked to her for close to an hour. I have no idea what he said, however, she continued to call him for months to " just check in". Clearly he didn't want her to sue him, as he was her boss. Finally, he just told her Crestfallen won and you, Horseface, lost! And told her to fuck off. It's been NC , I believe , for a long time.

Married 32 years
OW-Mr. Ed ish! Seriously!
DDAY- 2/21/09
TT until 1/10/10
Working on R and doing well!!

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Default  Posted: 8:02 PM, July 26th (Saturday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

Well first off she was supposed to be my friend. He called her and told her I knew. She says get Deanna and let me talk to her. My husband says that is not going to happen! I don't think he ever told her it was over. She just knew when I found out it was over. I do think she thought we could all still be friends. Silly rabbit!
Oh yes, I forgot - she called him 10 days later to see how he was holding up and he told her, don't you ever fkn call me again!

[This message edited by Deanna at 8:10 PM, July 26th (Saturday)]

DDay - 11/4/09
BS-49 DDay
fWS-46 DDay
EA/PA with childhood sweetheart/ kissed
R - 11/25/09
Life is not a dress rehearsal

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Angry  Posted: 12:24 PM, July 27th (Sunday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

I insisted on dd that he break all ties with her that day or leave. I went to work and he called her while I was work.
Lots of boohooing, I just know. I wish I knew about si and we have done that differently.
She had a friend email him a few days later, she just needed to know he was ok, gag me.
She kept contacting, he kept telling me about it when it happened for 2 months until he took it underground for the next year and a half. He calls it letting I die naturally, I call it an ea and a further betrayal.
That time I was smarter, nc letter, strict boundaries, clear consequences, 16 months later, so far so good.

Married 30 yrs.
dd1 9/10/2011 ea/pa
DD2 3/25/2013 same ow, never stopped email and phone contact.
Putting the past behind us and moving forward together

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Default  Posted: 7:10 PM, July 27th (Sunday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

Sadflower, your H's OW kept repeating, "What am I going to do?" when your H broke it off?

Yup...and as my H was recounting their conversation, his comment was, "I don't know what she's going to do without me to talk to. She'll explode." My response: "Maybe she can talk to her husband and her therapist." My heart ran (and continues to run) ice cubes.

If the e-mails are any indication of their extensive phone conversations, she was full of anger, insecurity, and neediness. You would never guess it, though. She has an administrative job at a university with lots of responsibility. She has won awards from the university and from the local Chamber of Commerce. Everyone thinks she is so competent and in control and wonderful. Sort of a Superwoman. Having read her e-mails to FWH, I know better.

Me: BW, age 66
Him: WH, age 64
Married 19 years
In R.

D-Day: August 14, 2012
9 year LTA with former co-worker and family "friend"/7 years EA+PA, 2 more years EA

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Default  Posted: 7:29 PM, July 27th (Sunday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

My H was talking to AP on the phone, when he got an email from me asking why his email address was autofilling in a weird account name, (A secret account. . .unbeknownst to me. I was clueless!)

He panicked, said the gig was up to her (I think he said, "we are going off the cliff". . . ) he hung up with her, deleted all their emails and the account, and called me on the phone and confessed to me. . . .while I was driving! Yeah. He then asked if he should come home.

He called her on the way home, expressed that it would be the last time they talked.. . . kind of a goodbye call. He maintains that all along she knew that he wasn't willing to leave me/us. Once he came home and we talked, he followed it up with an email, which I read, which said basically, Don't contact me, I will be focusing on fixing things with my family. She followed up with an email saying "ok, but what did you tell her so I know what to tell OP," to which he basically replied "that we've been having an affair since April." (She had expressed earlier to him that they might be able to tell a partial truth.)

Anyway, she tried to pass on some more guilt-inducing stuff through an email from mutual friend to my husband a few days later, and I replied to the AP directly on that one. I said that all communication should come through me. We've had to communicate a couple of times since then, once about her lurking on his linkedin page, but I did it. . .and copied her husband.

My H's AP can't support herself, so I think she is behaving due mainly to that. Also, she has been chucked under the bus a couple of times, so hopefully she'll retain that memory for a long, long, LONG while.

[This message edited by bionicgal at 7:34 PM, July 27th (Sunday)]

me - BS (45) - DDay - June 2013
A was 2+ months, EA/PA
In MC & Reconciling
"Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point to move forward." -- C.S. Lewis.

Posts: 2159 | Registered: Jul 2013 | From: USA
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Default  Posted: 10:19 PM, July 27th (Sunday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

A phone call, some emails, and some texts about a week after D Day.

Worst week of my life, without a doubt. I didn't want to go home after work because it wasn't my safe place anymore. I didn't want to go to work because I couldn't function. I couldn't eat or sleep and WH just kept dragging his feet, wanting to let OW down easy.

I demanded a clear statement of ending the affair followed by complete NC. But then he had to think about how to do it... but then OW was in the hospital (or at least that's what WH was told)... but then blah blah blah until I said that clearly he was having a hard time making up his mind and that I wasn't going to live like this.

So six days after D Day I came home late from work after sitting sobbing in my car outside the house for several minutes. I found WH sitting in a chair in the living room, lit by a single light, still in his work clothes. I had no idea why.

He'd been on the phone with OW for nearly an hour. He told me he ended it with her over the phone. To this day I wish he'd done it over speakerphone with me listening. I have no idea what he told her.

I saw OW's angry texts the next day when WH finalized their "breakup". It was her birthday. WH knew it was sometime around then but had forgotten the exact date.

She then sent me an angry email addressed to him that was all her bragging about the A, including details WH had not revealed.

As far as I can tell NC has been broken once by OW.

Me - BW 36
Him - WH 41
Together 12 years, married 7
3 year LTA with former coworker
DDay 10/29/13
He says he wants to R... can I live with what he's done?

Posts: 165 | Registered: Nov 2013 | From: United States
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Default  Posted: 7:00 AM, July 28th (Monday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

I caught him texting. He hid in the bathroom, deleted the texts and never contacted the AP again.

To be fair, the A was winding down. The AP didn't get the payoff she wanted at the holidays and was upset; he had told her he would contact her in the spring when he had better excuses to go to our cottage for "chores".

We had a few weird, lame so-called "polls" on the phone and I took those calls. I'm sure that if I hadn't caught him, the A would have continued sporadically because, as he said, she was "good for a jump" and he has no character.

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Default  Posted: 10:20 AM, July 28th (Monday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

Well I left for awhile after DDay, until he was literally on his knees pleading for me to please come home. I am know he didn't see OW but I am pretty sure there was lots of her trying to get him to change his mind. Hell she relocated back to MA when she thought she had a chance.

I moved back 1/2/11 and made him text a NC, told her no need to reply as she was being blocked from everything of FWSOs.

I honestly was not sure, had my doubts and was on high alert for months. I finally knew it was real NC when she apparently tried to get me on FB. I didn't know about the "Others" section of messages. I happen to find in about 6 months later and found 2 ranting(probably drunk) messages about how I was fat, ugly, and a bitch. The next one was all about what horrid people we were for blocking her that was when I knew it was true NC.

Him - FWSO
OW - DBC Xwife
DDAY 09/14/11 ONS w/DBCxWOW with 4 mos EA
Solidly in R

Posts: 1005 | Registered: Oct 2011 | From: MA
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Default  Posted: 12:56 PM, July 28th (Monday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

My H's AP has actually labeled my H as a psychopath because he has maintained NC. She sent me a message telling to beware and that I needed to know "his game".

It was apparent that she had done tons of reading since the break-up - both about how to survive the end of an A, and on psychopaths. How could she not know that total NC was the right thing for both she and my H? After all, they were both married (she - for 31 years!!).

I honestly don't understand the mindset of these people. The relationship she had with my H was unhealthy, not only because both he and she were married, but because of all the lies needed to maintain it. In her case, she would have been content to have my H continue to see her "whenever he could" even after Dday. To me, that shows a complete lack of conscience, respect, and moral fiber. And she says my H is the psychopath???

This is yet one more thing I am trying so hard to wrap my head around!

Me: early 50's
WH: early 50's
Married: 23 years
DS: 21 years old
Other DS: 18 years old
D-day: 2/14/2014
H's AP lasted 6 years, but we are both trying hard to R.

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Default  Posted: 1:23 PM, July 28th (Monday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

My WS was attempting to break it off herself when I discovered the text messages. OP was trying to pull her back in... Dday the door slammed shut.

Posts: 7 | Registered: Jul 2014
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Default  Posted: 5:01 PM, July 28th (Monday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

As soon as he was exposed one of my requirements was that he call her in front of me and end it. He did. She tried to apologize later, which I threw back at her and had some of her fellow ghetto trash friends call the house. He "says" he hasn't spoken to her since his NC call, who knows! I did write a very character revealing letter to the school admin. which really pissed her off! So I too got the letter telling me what a loser he was and all the smack he talked about me.... yada yada yada. I must say, based on some of the topics in her "hate" letter I know he did talk about me and very personal things... THAT still pisses me off.

Posts: 364 | Registered: Feb 2014 | From: Florida
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Default  Posted: 7:48 PM, July 28th (Monday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

the day after dday. a phone call on speaker with me in the room. I had already outed her to her H, who was in denial. it's almost comical now, but not really..

mr: unfound knows everything. It's over. Don't contact me anymore.

ow: *sing songy voice* what are you talking about? we're just friends!

mr: I told her everything.

ow: would it help if I talked to her and explained that we're just friends?

(me: SERIOUSLY???? *flames coming out of my ears, walking over, screaming some expletives I can't remember* )

mr: you're on speaker

ow: *pathetic attempt at anger/hurt* she's putting my marriage in jeopardy! I don't know why you're doing this to me *sniff sniff*

(me: head exploding, grasping for phone like a crack head grasping for a dropped pipe)

mr: it's over. *click*

cue off and on attempts at contact for about 2 years.


From time to time, I do consider that I might be mad. Like any self-respecting lunatic, however, I am always quick to dismiss any doubts about my sanity. DK

Posts: 14869 | Registered: Nov 2006 | From: mercury's underboob
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Default  Posted: 8:05 PM, July 28th (Monday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

He didn't, really; she did. She said her BH had found out, and she was going to try to repair her M. But what about our hopes and dreams and plans for M, my SLAWH asked? Well, those really didn't mean anything to her. She was playing. Unfortunately, he wasn't. And he went off the deep end, acting out galaxies beyond how he'd ever acted out before.

Recently, however, as he's been de-fogging and she's still searching for something (she's had another A--EA or PA, he doesn't know which), she's invited him to lunch with a work group while out-of-town on business (several companies get together quarterly on certain project update committees). He declined. A couple months ago, she called him to see which airport (of the 3 available in the metro area) she should fly into for a business meeting at his workplace. He was noncommittal, got off the call quickly, blocked that number (her cell phone had already been blocked), cancelled his attendance at the conference, and told me as soon as I walked in the house (I don't answer the phone at work, so he'd have to text and didn't want to text that). So . . .

He wrote her an NC letter a year ago, but he was the one who kept violating it, so I haven't requested another one. Because of his prior behavior, it wouldn't mean anything and it would have him initiating contact. Also, I think his absence at the conference spoke volumes. If she is clueless (which I actually don't think she is), she'll stop. If she doesn't, it's my turn to take control.

[This message edited by RippedSoul at 8:06 PM, July 28th (Monday)]

BW: 49; SLAWH: 46; M: 23 yrs
DD#1--11/30/12 (prostitute #1)
DD#2--1/29/13 (AP, escorts #1 & #2)
DD#3--9/13 (trolling MILF site)
DD#4--10/8/13 (EA with AP cont'd)
DD: 20; DD: 18; DS: 16; DS: 14
PS: I've NEVER NOT edited my posts

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Default  Posted: 10:17 AM, July 29th (Tuesday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

I find I can't share because I was such a doormat both times that it triggers me badly. I was a little better after the 2d-day for 2A. Practice I guess Still, I was not witness in any way to the end of either A.

What I wanted to contribute was my perspective. When a WS chooses to take the A underground, let the AP down easy or have a "one-last-shagfest" IME it's just the toppings on the sh!t sunday that is infidelity.

To me, the real hurt came from realizing this truly wasn't a "simple mistake". That the slippery slope wasn't fast and sudden, but my husband had deliberately made choice after choice that hurt me. When confronted with the visual of my crippling pain, he still chose the OW and himself over me.

Like TT, it's actions like that after the A that are really hardest to work through. At least IME. Keep in mind it might be because I'm in limbo with someone who has changed, but not participated in R. So as far as I'm concerned he's a "dry drunk" until he faces his issues and actions more fully. So I fully acknowledge that it might be different for those of you in true R.

"Being in love" first moved them to promise fidelity: this quieter love enables them to keep the promise. *CS Lewis*

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Default  Posted: 10:47 AM, July 29th (Tuesday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

(((HollyIsis))) I'm so sorry. I just couldn't read your post and stay silent.

Someday your H will wake up from this dream-world he is living in and I hope that, at that time, you are happy, happy, happy without him.

Me: early 50's
WH: early 50's
Married: 23 years
DS: 21 years old
Other DS: 18 years old
D-day: 2/14/2014
H's AP lasted 6 years, but we are both trying hard to R.

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Default  Posted: 1:21 PM, July 29th (Tuesday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

Well, FWH had been thrown out of our home and wash shacking up with OW in a friend's camper.

We talked for the first time in months. Both cried, and admitted we still loved one another. He called me the next morning and asked if he could take me to breakfast, where there was more crying and more confessions of feelings and regret.

He text me after we parted and asked if there was ever any chance for us, and I said maybe one day, far far in the future ("like, if I am ever an elderly woman with no one to take care of me, I might let you wipe my ass" was what I was thinking).

He then went away for the weekend with OW, her family and friend. He kept calling me and leaving messages and proclamations of love the whole time.

On Sunday, I finally answered. He told me again how much he still loved me and how sorry he was for everything he had done, he'd never forgive himself, what a mistake it was, etc. I asked "Whaere's (OW) when you're talking to me like this?" and he told me she was sitting there at the table with him (another "FWB" scenario).
I heard muffled wailing in the background, which then faded away. I asked who it was, and he told me it was OW being led to the bathroom by her friends (after hearing the conversation we were having, and her friends were very pissed at FWH). I told him to go comfort her and leave me alone, then I hung up. I could tell he had been drinking and I actually felt sorry for OW, who obviously felt more than the "FWB" she was claiming to be, and I was disgusted.

He dumped OW when they got back into town that night, telling her that he "had to try to work things out with Want2help". She maintained that I wouldn't take him back, etc., cried, asked why he hadn't told her sooner (I'm 99.9% sure she already knew she was pregnant at this point), then she packed up and fled to her friend's house, and he began walking towards home (I had both of our vehicles at our house).

Did my FWH have sex with her that weekend? He has maintained that he did not, but I sincerely do not believe him. She has since posted online dozens and dozens (maybe a hundred) pictures of that weekend, and he was ripping drunk the entire time. Now, at 7 years out, I don't know if I even want to know the truth.

She then began YEARS of harassing ME. Only twice ever trying to contact FWH (once to tell him she was pregnant, once to invite him to a party she was throwing for my stepD, which was never received by him).

He has never broken NC, and has been an exemplary model of a remorseful FWS.

BS- me.
FWS- him.
DDay 6/07 (immediately separated)
RDay 8/07
OC born 3/08
OC Adopted 2014


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Default  Posted: 1:25 PM, July 29th (Tuesday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

They never really "ended" it. First she (FWW) got found out. She then told me she would take care of it. She basically slowed things down for a month. I then had to get with him and tell him that I knew. It still didn't stop until his wife found out (continual NC broken by both ends). The last text from him were to touch base later and see where they were at. REALLY? My FWW sent an e-mail ending it and apologizing.

BS - Me 43 WS - Her 41
DDAY - June 2012 (found the texts)
DDAY2 - Next Day (found out who) EA
TT- till 9/2012 (some PA)
Married 20yrs. 2kids
Status: in careful R. Sometimes spinning our wheels

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Default  Posted: 1:27 PM, July 29th (Tuesday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

"cold turkey" is what she said. But looking back, I realize she never really ended it because she wasn't truly remorseful. Pisses me off when I look back at the evidence of her actions vs words. Very sad and pathetic when it is examined.

Me 30s = BS
Her 20s= WW
She had two affairs between 2012-2014 that are confirmed. DD#1 3/2014. DD#2 11/2014.
Divorcing 11/2014
R? = I am still trying to figure that out.

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