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FaithFool's dating adventures 2017, continued...

FaithFool posted 5/29/2017 13:08 PM

It's the last sunny day of a long stretch of beautiful weather. Forecast for the next week looks ugly.

A gentleman popped up in my matches who looked interesting so I messaged and we're meeting for late lunch on the Smaller Island Near Mine this afternoon.

He's my age, shipwright (builds beautiful sailboats), has an acreage, a place in Baja, a Jack Russell and a very nice looking RV.

We just chatted on the phone, he's a Brit and sounds really nice.

He said I'm the first lady to volunteer to meet him where he is, which is silly because it's the perfect day trip to paradise, but there you go. That's just me.

We shall see.

Will report back this evening.

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ADryHeat posted 5/29/2017 13:15 PM

Go you!!!! Have fun!

Hope24 posted 5/29/2017 13:22 PM

You meet the most interesting guys! British accent?!

Have a wonderful time!

hardtimesinlife posted 5/29/2017 15:59 PM

You have the greatest life ever!!!
How do you get there? Take your own boat? Is it a long trip? Where do you dock?
Inquiring minds want to know...

inconnu posted 5/29/2017 16:55 PM

FaithFool posted 5/29/2017 20:57 PM

There's a ferry, but the bus I was taking to catch it got caught up in a detour and we missed it, so we'll be meeting up another day.

I spent the afternoon in the town closest to the ferry, on the patio in the sun enjoying some fine local microbrew. No worries.

hardtimesinlife posted 5/30/2017 16:59 PM

Lovingmyselfmore posted 5/30/2017 17:09 PM

How exciting!

shakti posted 5/30/2017 17:35 PM

Sounds like an afternoon well spent regardless! When is the postponed match?

FaithFool posted 5/30/2017 17:37 PM

Probably next week sometime.

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